Hello and a Very Warm Welcome to Everyone!!

Hi I am Pamela Sarkar. I am a mother of a son and a wife….who works full flegedly at home. But many a times I felt like doing something other than being a boss at home managing everyone. I love to read and write just about anything. So few years ago I started writing and blogging about food recipes. This year thought to transform my passion into a website and thus launched Improv and Explore. Improv means continuous improvisation our life improving in every sphere possible. Explore means experimenting and conquering new heights and testing limits. Thus the name Improv and Explore…knowing the unknown.

I usually blog about food recipes being a complete foodie but recently thought of starting reviewing different makeup products and looks as it’s my new found passion. Plus I do travel a lot so thought to include travel posts too. I already post my travel reviews in Trip Advisor on a daily basis and got much appreciations from there.

My main purpose honestly is to do a qualitative job. I am not always free to do blogging on a daily basis. After a 24×7 job at home and with cooking, other household chores and managing my son , I feel drained out most of the days. But yes I promised myself to be more frequent in my site from now on. I will try to be more active and to deliver more and more posts.

Please understand that all the ingredients and products used are bought by my own and my husband’s money and in no way sponsored by anyone else for promotions. I am not associated with any PR companies. All the recipes used in my blog are either completely mine or inspirations from great humans in my life whom I come across. I cook them at home myself only and then blog about them. My makeup products are used by me only and then only I review about them. My travel expenses are bared by my husband only and they are not financed by any other sources.

Of course I would love to get PR promotions paid and unpaid both. So feel free to contact me in case you like my blog site via email.

Hope you guys have a good read.

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Pamela Sarkar

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