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How are you all doing these days? Situation everywhere, especially in India is very grim these days due to the severe 2nd Wave of COVID19. Some days are such that it becomes too hard to even leave the bed. And then there is social media – which is best left untouched due to brutal reality shown on a daily basis. But, well life moves on. In spite of death and suffering, one has to go on with their daily routine, to live, to love, to earn, to eat, to sleep and to survive. 

Today’s post is about something dear to my heart. Before getting to the point, I would like to take you all back to the time when we used to use soaps like Lux, Lyril, Neem, Nimyle, Palmolive, Breeze, and alike. In my childhood, in teens, and even a decade ago, I never knew what artisan soaps were, let alone use one. Actually I, back then, never explored the world of artisan soaps. It’s in recent times that I got to know about it and understood it’s true value after using some.

What Artisan Soaps are? 

Artisan Soaps are soaps that are made by skilled artisans(skilled craftsmen who create by hand) crafted by hands. They are highly qualitative, distinctive in form and created in small batches. 

I have a friend Atreyee Metay. She lives in Mumbai and her passion is making high quality artisan soaps. Yes my friend is an artisan and she believes in crafting unique soaps at home with her own hand. She being a stay at home mom and works from home mostly, she creates these unique luxuriant soaps in small batches. Some she sends to her friends and some she utilizes for her own family. Me being a friend, I got lucky and got to use her hand crafted luxuriant soaps. Other than making magical soaps, She has her own blog where she writes about natural healings, essential oils and also handmade soaps and candles. You can check out her blogs at .

She took utmost care while crafting them and imparted knowledge to me while doing so. There are mostly four types of soap making processes. Mostly Cold Process, Melt & Pour, Hot Process and Rebatch. I have a few of her Cold Processed and Melt & Pour Soaps, which she keeps on gifting my son and me. My son is especially fond of her soaps, which are mostly crafted through the melt and pour technique. I keep on asking for the cold processed ones as the goodness of ingredients can be preserved better and it doesn’t have detergents in cold processed ones. 

Sharing below some of the bars that have been gifted to me by dearest Atty!! 

🔴 Dark Diamond, this one’s for oily and acne prone skin. It acts well for detoxifying the skin too.

It worked exceptionally well. It can be used on the face and body too. 

🔴 Touch of Tenderness is for sensitive skin. It tenders the skin. Moisturising and nourishing the skin are its key features. 

🔴 Grandma’s Beauty Recipe is my favourite one. With besan, neem, ambehaldi, chandan, honey, multani mitti, orange peel powder and goat milk – it is the all rounder soap. With this magical recipe, that has been passed down through generations,  it is an all-in-one beauty bar. 

🔴 Orange and Walnut Soap is one of the very classiest soaps, that I have ever used. It’s rich, luxuriant, it lathers up beautifully keeping the skin soft while exfoliating and removing all dirt and grime. It is made up of Saponified Oils of Coconut, Palm, Olive, Pomace & Castor, Shea Butter, Walnut Shell Grounds, Sodium lactate, Orange Essential Oil, Mica and Titanium dioxide. It is a cold press soap and properly made and then cured and then sent across in a proper paper packaging. The fragrance it imparts is to die for. My bathroom smells all orangey.  I am exceptionally fond of this soap. It gives a spa like feeling with every wash. 

🔴 Himalayan Salt and Charcoal soap acts like a body scrubber and controls body pimples. I used to face it a lot. Thus wanted something to treat it. When she said she can help, I asked her if she can send one across, which another friend, Ruby, did as she was having an extra in her stash from Filla de Lavanda only. 

🔴 Other than that, Atty has gifted Rik, my son, many melt and pour soaps. Rik absolutely adored them due to their exciting fruity fragrances, which were mild yet distinct. 

When I use these handcrafted soaps, my bathroom smells of fruits and flowers. The bath time becomes luxurious and relaxing. It rejuvenates each and every sense, waking them up with tender, love and care. They are absolutely long lasting, another trait to fall in love with!!! 

Here goes my soap story.

What is yours??? What do you use to cleanse yourself? Do you use something special for your relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experiences? What do you think about artisan soaps? Share the ones you used in the comments below and you can also share if you are interested in soap making at home? 

After a long day, it felt good to share my experiences with you all. 

Thanks for reading. Will be back soon with more such experiences. Till then – Mask Up, Stay at Home & Stay Safe Always. Follow Rules and Protocols to save yourself and your environment!!! 



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