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Finally I am back with a review of yet another product related to Beauty and Makeup this time. We all know along with a good base, a nice shadow on the eyes and a lip colour and of course some blush and contour, a highlighter is a much needed product to uplift the look to a glow glam one. There are many highlighters in the market mostly in powder form. And there are a handful of good liquid highlighters too. Liquid highlighters have multiple uses and is a very user friendly thing.

I was looking out for a good liquid highlighter and was thinking of buying the one from a high end brand as that’s the only most reliable option. A high end brand will demand a lot much higher price tag and I was looking out for a reasonable one. Luckily I saw my very favourite skin and hair care brand AULI Lifestyle launching a brand new golden liquid highlighter and within a week being a part of #AuliTribe I saw the product in a well wrapped package lying on my doorstep. And of course I was super happy and excited to try it out. As you all know I try out my products for 4 weeks before reviewing, well the same happened this time too. I did give a quick first glimpse of the product in my Instagram stories.

So without further adieu, lets focus on the work that I have in my hand.



Brand’s Claims & Information :

“Illuminating Face & Body Highlighter
Ingredients: Shimmer + Aloe Vera Gel + Synthetic Gold Mica Pigments + Synthetic Pearl White Mica Pigments + Distilled Water + Essential Oils

Description: This product has been intricately designed to highlight areas such as your cheekbones, brow-bones, nose, shoulder and other parts of your body that play off light. When lights hit the applicated surfaces, it makes it more pronounced, bright, and leaves a golden tint on your skin.
The ingredients used in this product are chemical free, and non toxic. It does not contain any harmful metallic components that may cause damage to your skin, like many such highlighters in the market.
Direction Of Use: Apply a few drops of this illuminating liquid on the high points on your face, and body, post makeup or whenever you want to glow for the heavens.”

Quantity : 30 ml
Price : Rs699

My Thoughts :-

Packaging :

The liquid highlighter comes in a glass bottle with a dropper cap. The golden colour of the product gives a lush rich texture and class to the product. On the bottle a label is adhered on which the brand name, quantity ingredients, direction of use, expiry all written properly. I quite like the packaging. It’s hassle free and user friendly. Yes it’s a glass bottle so one needs to be careful enough while travelling with it.

Texture :

As it’s a liquid highlighter, so it’s obvious that it is runny in texture but not too much. It has golden shimmers packed in the liquid. It’s not at all sticky.

Application technique :

Best is to take a drop and pour it on the back of the palm. Now with your ring finger take some and start dabbing on the required areas. You need a very little amount to start with. I would suggest to start with less product and gradually build it up in order to control the amount of shine required for particular looks. It’s very important. Another would be to pour on the required areas like nose, forehead, chin and above the cheeks – very little amount – and blend it in dabbing motion. That’s it.

My Take On Auli Gold Digger :
I love highlighters in general. Be it for morning look or night, a highlighter is a must. I have used quite a few highlighters from well known cosmetics brands. And this is the first liquid highlighter for me. But I have tried some more liquid highlighters too at stores and either some didn’t blend properly or came out too flaky. But luckily this particular product faired really well surprisingly. Its not sticky, not too runny, the shimmer particles in the liquid are not patchy at all. It is easy to play with as you can build up from less to more. It has got no strange fragrance at all. What I love about it is that it has got Aloe Vera gel in it along with essential oils. The ingredients list is very clear and transparent->
“Shimmer + Aloe Vera Gel + Synthetic Gold Mica Pigments + Synthetic Pearl White Mica Pigments + Distilled Water + Essential Oils”.

It works as face and body highlighter too. If you are going for short dresses, then don’t forget to apply it on your legs to get a glowing tanned and well nourished legs. You can blend some of it on your shoulder when wearing sleeveless or halter or off shoulder or one shoulder dresses. You can easily mix it in some foundation to get glowing dewy finish. It comes in a 30ml bottle which is easy to carry anywhere. Priced at Rs699 I think it is cost effective too. I am super impressed and happily surprised. Over all I am very much satisfied. All I can say is currently I only use this highlighter.



  1. It has Aloe Vera and essential oils which protect our skin.
  2. Available in India easily.
  3. A very little amount is needed to start with so the price seems to be perfect according to the quantity and quality of this liquid highlighter compared to many other brands in the market.
  4. Easily buildable from minimal to over the top dazzle.
  5. Non-sticky, non-greasy comfortable texture.
  6. A user friendly multi purpose liquid highlighter.

CONS : A tad bit too runny may be but its negligible a disadvantage at all.

I am in love with this product. Just a bit of Gold Digger changes the outcome of any look at any given time of the day and night. A must have in your stash. I highly recommend it.

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