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I am back again with a fresh set of reviews about various products of a Home made Local Skincare brand, who are no more local or national anymore and spreading their wings outside the national boundaries, crossing oceans and mountains. I am going to talk about Auli Lifestyle today. Let me share some knowledge about Auli. It was founded by Aishwarya Biswas and she is the managing director of her brand. Her moto is “Self Love and Care”. According to her, Auli is just not something to look good and pamper, it is a lifestyle and wellness statement.

“Let Us Make Something Very Very Clear…

Your Skin!!!” —- Aishwarya Biswas, Founder

According to the Company, sharing some information from their website for a better clarity.

Auli Lifestyle’ has been conceptualised and created by the effervescent Aishwarya Biswas. Her passion for wellness essentials, pamper packages and in fact every single product is an echo of not just her heart and soul but also of her expertise and experience. A well-known face today, in the beauty and fashion products’ industry, Aishwarya wears a humble feather on her cap as the winner of Lakme Sananda Tilottama in 2001. She then went on to complete her graduation from NYU, with no less than a double major. She capped off her academic achievements with a post-grad MBA from one of the most premier globally-ranked business schools alongside a short stint at the London School of Economics. Aishwarya is also a Trained Image Consultant from the iconic Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and has left a significant global footprint. Having lived in 5 countries and having worked at senior management levels for over a decade for top corporate houses; she brings her formidable corporate and world experience to her unique line of branded, organic products. Infused with her unadulterated sense of ‘joie-de-vivre’, ‘Auli Lifestyle’ products are a lush and tempting testament of her passion and knowledge – a wide range of skin products and healthy living methods that will keep you shining; feeling like a million bucks and diving back in for more!  Affordable, unique, Indian and lush; defined by just 4 letters – “AULI”.


To see a woman growing out, creating something by her own expertise and knowledge, made me proud and it inspires evry soul out in the world like us, who wish to achieve something for quality and qualitative living.

I have been using their skin care range for more than a year now and thus thought of penning down my thoughts and views about them. It is completely my thoughts and it is not a sponsored review at all. I bought it on my own money.

So to start with, let me tell you all, that they have products for almost all the issues that you might be facing related to skin and hair. Yes they have hair care products too. Among their huge list of products, I have used 6 products till date and one thing I can say that I am not at all disappointed at such affordable range. I tried out Magic Potion, Squeaky Clean, Glow Bug Soap, The Dew Toner and Mist, As Good As New Night Facial Cream and Eye Spy Soothing Under Eye Jelly.


To be very honest, I never maintained any specific skin care routine my whole life. I can’t use just any moisturisers as I hate feeling sticky, so I am very choosy and picky about them. I usually depend on natural home made DIYs, like turmeric, honey, chick pea flour, yoghurt, milk, etc. thanks to my mom and aunt and grandmom and their regular use of besan and haldi on me, I feel my skin didn’t need much. Out of all, I usually used to use aloevera gel, vitamin e capsule, almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil on my face and sunscreen of course. Last year after hearing a lot of reviews in few Facebook groups, I thought of trying out their cult product Magic Potion , which ia a concoction of Aloe Vera Gel and Turmeric Extract. Both being my two most favourite ingredients, I just couldn’t stop myself from trying the product out. More importantly, the colour of the product attracted me a lot – which is a beautiful clear blueish green shade and it smelled of aloe vera and so refreshing.

If you ask me why I love aloe vera gel – well aloe vera gel helped me in general to keep the tan away mostly. It helped me profusely to get rid of sun burn, peeling and getting rid of pigmentation. So the benefits of aloe vera gel are endless at least for me. Now turmeric works wonders in general too. That’s why, people use haldi in ubtan on the day of marriage. It gives a glow on the face instantly if used daily. I remember my mom used to make a paste of raw turmeric when I was a kid and she used to apply on my face, arms and legs before taking a shower. It worked as a natural scrubber and exfoliated and heeled the young skin from all the pollution and dirt outside. When rinsed with a warm towel, all the dead skin used to shade off making me feel rejuvenated. So I am very touchy about both these ingredients.

Coming back to Magic Potion, I ordered it up and when got delivered, started using it up twice daily most of the time. I never skipped using it before going to bed. I have combination skin tending towards more oily side. So the gel formula, helped in maintaining the face non-greasy, non-sticky yet hydrated. With regular application, my skin felt brighter, clearer and soft and supple sans any pigmentation. It suited me perfectly. Magic Potion comes in 3 different quantity – 50 gm, 75 gm and 150 gm at Rs300, Rs475 and Rs850 respectively. I quite like their packaging with transparent bottles and golden lid. It works great as a primer before any makeup on face.


The next product I tried out was their scrubber made of natural ingredients. It is the Squeaky Clean. I ordered it along with the Magic Potion. I used to scrub my face with it first and after rinsing it off, used to apply Magic Potion. The key ingredients of this product are honey, cane sugar, apricot kernels, almond oil, mandarin extracts and essential oils as mentioned on the label of the bottle. The scrubber is oil based so having oily skin, I used to rinse it off with a foam based cleanser. It is best for dry skin people and winters too, I believe as the oils inside the product will help to maintain the moisture of the skin in dry climate. This comes in one size, i.e., 75 gm at Rs525. It clears the skin properly yet doesn’t dry out the skin. The micro mini sugar granules help in exfoliation yet it doesn’t hurt at all and it slowly melts in after massaging it on the face. I love the smell of it and kinda feel like licking it off. It has a good packaging with golden lid too. It is advised to use twice or thrice a week. You need to take a very little portion of the product and scrub it on face for 30 seconds and then rinse it off or those who have dry skin can keep it like that with just splashing water on the face. All in all a good product to try your hands on.


My next purchase was the Glow Bug soap bar. Well there are in total three variant of Glow Bug — Honey and Lemon; Charcoal and Calamine; Rose and Saffron. I went for the Honey and Lemon one. The key ingredients are honey, lemon, lavender and essential oils. All the ingredients are rich and have loads of benefits for sure. After using the Squeaky Clean, I used to follow it up with Glow Bug soap bar. The soap is a bit drying. So I would say this particular one is best for oily skin people, i.e., me and best be used with squeaky clean too for optimum result. They come in one size – 150 gm  priced at Rs750 with ingredients mentioned on the label too. I give my thumbs up as it does the job perfectly.


So the next product I tried out was As Good As New Night Facial Cream. The brand had a pop up stall at Quest Mall, Kolkata and I went there to test a moisturiser out for my skin and after consulting the owner herself and trying it out on my face, bought this cream. I usually used to scrub my face with squeaky clean, followed by a rinse with Glow Bug soap, Magic Potion and then this cream. You need a Pea size amount to apply it on your face and the consistency is very thick. To be honest, I don’t apply it regularly as I have this OCD of feeling lotions on face too sticky even if they are not and I start sweating a lot too just like that, so what I do – I usually apply it and after a while, rub off the excess to avoid the sweating and stickiness. But it is a me thing only. If you follow the whole routine religiously, then trust me you will get to see the good results within a month. Your skin will give a natural glow and it will be very soft and supple. The key ingredients of this product are almond, shea butter, beeswax, herbal extracts and essential oils. With these natural ingredients, your skin is bound to feel soft and as good as new. It comes in the size of 75 gm at Rs750 with a transparent lid and ingredients mentioned on the label. It smells beautiful. You will feel like licking some off.



I have been looking for a good eye cream to treat my under eye and around the eye dark circles. Being a picky person, I don’t quite easily trust on just any product. But as it was Auli and with that new launch, I was hundred percent sure to give it a try. I am using it for quite some time now (guilty of not being regular of course thanks to my lazy self) and I would depict my honest thoughts about it. It didn’t really took of my dark circles but I won’t blame it on the product but my night owl self plus excessive stress. Stress and less amount of sleep leads to dark circles and unless the lifestyle is altered, getting rid of these are next to impossible. But I would say, the dark circles under my eyes are fading away. But on the lids, it’s still reigning beautifully. The most important effect that Eye Spy gel  has to offer, is it’s cool and calm feeling as soon as you apply it on your eyes and gently massage it for better absorption and also by relaxing the muscles around it. It also took care of any puffiness around the eyes. The key ingredients are aloe vera, herbal extracts, eucalyptus oil, cucumber, essential oils and Vitamin E. if you go through the benefits of each and every ingredients separately, you will understand the goodness of the product. Aloe vera, cucumber keeps the eyes cool after a hard day of work, mobiles, laptops, television, dust, pollution. Eucalyptus oil is a natural antiseptic so it maintains the safety of the area around the eyes. Vitamin E is in general very much beneficial known by all. It is available in one size, i.e., 75 gm and priced at Rs650. The package is cute with golden lid. It has a very mild smell that of aloe vera. It’s always advised to do a patch test before applying it on the eye area as they are very sensitive.


It is the Distilled Rose Petal Water Toner & Mist. It is available in one size and that is of 100 ml, which means it is travel friendly and is priced at Rs475.  It has a fragrance of rose and it refreshes the face with few spritz . it tones your face after your scrubbing and cleansing routine with few spritz. It works as makeup setting mist too keeping your makeup at point always. I keep the bottle in my bag and whenever I feel tired I spray it on my face, to get the instant glow and freshness back killing the dullness. It is a must have and I won it in a contest in Instagram hosted by a dear friend and a great YouTuber.

Other than these products , they cater a huge variety of products including, skin care, hair care, bath and body, organic food freshly made to order and couriered in all parts of India (cookies, murabba, brownies, green tea, pure honey, almonds, cupcakes, ground coffee).

They give consultancy too, listening to your issues and then referring the products needed accordingly. They have different types of kits which deals with specific problems like Halo Hair Kit, Men’s Starter Kit, Women’s Starter Kit, Anti-Ageing Ritual, Dry Skin Ritual.

So I would give both my thumbs up for the products I have already used. I will be using soon their hair care kit too as they have some great reviews on the net.

Before anything, I would say something very important, as I believe myself on that too. It is very important to know your skin type and then the issues if you have any and  then working on it after proper consultation. With major issues, I would always suggest to consult a dermatologist first. Each and every product works differently on different skin types and in fact for different individuals too. Good skin depends a lot on the genes, the lifestyle you are in, your sleeping pattern, your food habits, your liver and digestion process too. So what suited me, might not suit you and vice versa – and so no products are bad unless it’s harming you completely. So use it to know it, to experience it yourself. My review is to inform you about all these products and their works. Rest it’s up to you completely.

I will Rate – 4/5 to Auli Lifestyle. And am sure they will progress exponentially with great quality.

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