Hello there fellas!!! Today’s dish is to honour my Mommmy Dearest. This is one of the many dishes cooked by my mom, that I have grown up eating frequently. I never shared much about my mom, so spare me a minute or two telling you guys about my mommy dearest. I won’t say she has been my strength and all, come on, all mothers are the epitome of strength, energy and longevity for every children. I wont say she has been my best friend. No, never…. My mammam,that is, my aunt has been my best friend. I would rather say, I have never seen a cancer survivor and a patient, with such tremendous life force and power to live, not just for herself but for her family, mostly me and my son. She has been a great cook. She never taught me any cooking at home before marriage, as I never felt the need to cook then and I was pampered to the T when I was unmarried honestly. But she used to cook various delicious dishes for us and for innumerable parties that we had organised at our home frequently. Then I never showed any interest but I guess I have always observed a lot, so got them subtly saved in my brain which came very handy in my later life.

My sole reason for cooking is my hubby hands down. I learned cooking from my mom in law and still trying to learn more and to understand the balancing of spices and seasonings depending on my hubby’s taste buds mostly. So coming back to my mom, she used to cook this bhapa dim or steamed egg curry, which not only tasted divine but also cooked in no time with easy technique. After the tasting, every one used to ask for the recipe, and used to get shocked to learn the fact that it’s so easy to cook. This recipe , you can cook it up in no time with already available kitchen ingredients. Onions, Ginger, garlic, chillies, boiled egg and curd….that’s all you need and some oil to cook it up. Nothing else. Isn’t it simple. Trust me it’s that simple a dish. In making simple dish, this very one proved that less is indeed more. So let’s get down to the ingredients and procedure to make this awesome delicacy. Just can’t wait.


Onions : 4 medium sized, finely chopped
Garlic : 9-10 cloves if small, finely chopped
Ginger : 1 1/2 inch long, finely chopped
Green Chillies : 5-6 pieces, finely chopped ( use chillies according to how hot you want it, avoid it if serving to kids or you can reduce the amount in that case)
Eggs : 4 hard boiled and pierced with a fork or a knife so that the spices get inside the eggs
Curd : 150-200 gm
White Oil : 4-5 tbsp ( you can use canola, soybean or sunflower oil)
Mustard Oil : 1tbsp
Salt and Sugar : for seasoning as per taste.
Turmeric Powder : 1/4 tsp just to give a yellow tinge ( you can avoid it too no issues)

P.S. This dish cooks in the oil and water of the curd, so when you are going to cook, keep that in mind and use the curd according to that measure. Just don’t blindly follow me, use your measurement and ideas too.


1. Finely chop the onions, garlic, Ginger and green chillies. Try not to use pastes. I really have no clue if you use Ginger or garlic paste, in case, you don’t have it in whole to chop, how they taste. I guess it wont taste bad. Just that this dish when get cooked give a texture, where you can identify each and every ingredient separately on your tongue leaving a great effect as a whole too. So try to follow the way I am mentioning.

2. Boil the eggs. Pierce them in order to infuse the spices inside the eggs.

3. Beat the curd with a whisk or a fork till smooth.

4. Now take the utensil in which you will be cooking. Place it on your kitchen top. Clean it with a paper towel.

5. Now put all the chopped ingredients into the pan. You can add the turmeric now too.

6. Now pour the beaten curd into the pan .

7. Now add the white oil into it and season it with salt and sugar. A bit of sugar to balance the taste of the curd.

8. Now mix all the ingredients properly.

9. Now put the kadhai or pan on the gas oven on high. Add the boiled eggs into this mix. Mix everything properly.

10. When it starts bubbling, lower the flame, cover it and let it simmer in low for about 15-20 minutes Max.

11. Do check after 15-20 minutes. You will understand when it’s perfectly cooked. Taste the seasoning. And let it rest under the lid for another minute or two.
12. Drizzle some mustard oil on top of it after removing the lid and serve it hot with steamed rice or paranthas or even roti/chapati.

Try it out guys, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a sure shot hit dish among all age groups. Simple yet gorgeous. Plus it’s healthy and not at all spicy. It doesn’t involve in gruesome labour of stirring and stirring and stirring the spices at all. You can say it’s user friendly. All these ingredients are readily available at home any time. So make it in your kitchen. And let me know, what you think about it in the comment section. Like and comment and do follow my blog for much more stuff.

Bidding Adieu!!! Stay blessed and safe. Catch you guys soon.


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