These two words literally depict the story of the protection bonds worldwide !!!

A father protects both his daughter and son and also thinks about the safety of his wife, parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents and also friends when situation demands!!! A friend be a girl or a boy protects her/his friends from bullying in college. That sister who is all alone protects her brother, that single mother who takes care of her children all by herself, that mother-in-law who stands for her daughter-in-law against her own son’s abuse, that wife who fights and protects her husband from all judgements, that husband who blatantly supports and thereby protects his wife, those two sisters who can kill to save each other, that stranger man in the metro who voiced out and protected that stranger girl from continuous gawking and touching from another stranger, that policeman who fought to save the old man, those armymen who fought days and nights to protect the civilians……………… aren’t all these come under the category of Protection Bonds!!?? Unknowingly or knowingly aren’t all these relationships get a name with a common ground—- Protection??!!!

Yet the very day of Raksha Bandhan is limited to brothers and sisters and only they get to celebrate it by tieing a knot. Isn’t this is more than that!!?? Why limit the periphery when so much can be done with just two words. Why don’t everyone get to celebrate this day!!!!

Moreover by limiting this bond just to brother-sister relationship, isn’t the Society Pandits openly suggesting everyone to do whatever violence they wish to on the other??? Like that brother who protects his sister actually beating the shit out of his wife???? Aren’t this things getting legalised indirectly!!!

I wish we donot limit the periphery and open it up for everyone. For that change is needed but that can’t be done by any law or the Government. This change can only be brought upon by “US”. If we start practising and believing in this then one day this inequality and this biasedness will surely go away gradually may be in 10 years. If we give proper upbringing to our next generation , I believe a good solid change will come and Our Earth would be a much better place to live in happily and peacefully.

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