Hello everyone!!! Firstly, thank you all for all the appreciations that you guys shower on me for such a long time. My Facebook Page Improv and Explore crossed 100 likes and I am really stoked and a bit overwhelmed in a good way. Even though I am my favourite yet I never thought my page or my blog would get so much love from you all.

Secondly, today on 23rd December, 2016, I got a great news ( at least it is great and huge for me ) that Big Basket store, the online application for grocery and alike stuff, selected and published two of my favourite recipes in their Big Basket Flavor Book, i.e., in their website. Few months ago, I submitted two of my recipes – chicken bharta and laccha parantha – in their website. And today I got the great news on my mail account. It’s like Christmas gift pouring in a day before. So I am doubly stoked. LOL!!! And when I shared it in my facebook profile, every one of you, congratulated me for my little success!! So Thank You, that you all took out some time from the busy schedules and peeked in to bestow me with love and blessings.

Now coming to today’s post – this recipe didn’t have a name few weeks before. But now it does. Well let me elaborate. Many a times, when I become very much tired, yet I know I have to make something appetising enough to pamper my tastebuds and hungry stomach and hungry soul, I used to rub chicken pieces with salt and pepper ( black pepper more) and sometimes with a bit of soya sauce and lemon juice too. And then used to shallow fry for 4-5 minutes on each side. Then used to gorge in just like that or sometimes with chopped chillies or spring onions with some steamed rice or noodles tossed in soya sauce only. It’s my style of comfort food. I can eat it day and night without getting bored. And it’s healthy too compared to junk food or greasy food.

Few weeks ago, my Chef cousin brother  Babindada , came down to my place with my Boudi( sister in law) and both of them were hungry and as they came just after lunch time, so I was running low with food choices that I could have probably served. I checked my freezer, and there were yhe chicken wings with skin lying amidst a lot of other stuff. Took it out and shoved it in the defrost mode on the Microwave oven. Took it out and marinated it with salt abd pepper, lemon juice and soya sauce quickly. Rested it for 10 minutes as my brother was literally moaning out of hunger. So quickly cooked the wings. While doing that, the ‘chef’quality sprinted to life in my brother and thus I got to know that with the addition of honey, that simple chicken- my comfort food in gloomy days- can actually turn or i can say be called as The Brazilian Chicken Wings.

So Thank You Babindada, you are my inspiration and my walking talking recipe book. From then on it became sort of a staple at home every week.

So here I present The Great Brazilian Chicken Wings.


Chicken : 4-5 wings (with or without skin) / 300 grams normal pieces with bone

Lemon Juice : 2tbsp

Soya Sauce : 2 tbsp

Honey : 1tbsp

Salt and Black Pepper for seasoning

White Oil – To fry (I have used Canola here)


1. Clean the chicken pieces be it wings (with or without skin) or normal pieces with bone. Pat them dry. Score the chicken pieces with a fork so that the marinate penetrates well into it.

2. Now in a flat bottom bowl take the chicken pieces and add lemon juice, salt and black pepper powder (fresh would give more taste) and soya sauce.

3. Mix them well together. Chill them in the refrigerator for minimum 15 minutes.

4. Take them out whenever you are ready to eat. Take a flat bottom pan and heat it. Pour white oil or canola or even olive oil if you wish to. Heat the oil well.

5. Now one at a time put the chicken pieces into the pan and shallow fry them by lowering the flame to medium and covering the pan too. 4-5 minutes on each side maximum you need. Donot overcook them, else it will lose its juiciness.

6. Bring slightly charred brown colour but be careful do not burn them.

7. Now when it’s almost done, drizzle some honey on it and coat them in on high flame and toss them properly. Switch off the flame immediately else it might get burn and give a bitter aftertaste. The honey is used to give a glaze to the chicken.

8. Now you can chop some green and red chillies or spring onion greens and sprinkle on top of it as garnish.

9. Serve it hot in starters.

Recently I saw a video for the same in Tastemade facebook page, where it’s been deep fried. There are many versions of Brazilian Chicken Wings but I prefer shallow frying over deep frying. Moreover it’s Brazilian Chicken Wings, but there are times when you are running low on chicken wings and guests are almost at your doorstep. On those times, you need to think really quick and come up with some alternatives and imaginations. Same thing happened to me and keeping true to the original recipe, I changed the cut of the meat. But yes instead of wings, you need to use cuts of meat with bone in order to maintain that juiciness throughout.

Hope you guys like this little recipe of mine and try them at home. Thanks again for your love and appreciation. Sometimes it overwhelms me but in a good way. And yes if you think my recipes have fault then also please do share. Trust me there is no end to learn new things. Appreciation and criticism both are heartily welcome here.

Signing off for now!!!

Yours faithfully,

Pamela Sarkar.

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