Hello Friends and Family!!! Hope all are doing well!! Am sure many of us aren’t doing great but have to live and fight on!! Hugs for them along

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Well yesterday, all of a sudden a very important guest arrived on a short notice. Had chicken in my refrigerator thankfully. Took them out, defrosted them in the microwave and get into work with them. This recipe needs small bite sized pieces with bones. So hubby dearest helped me out with the bashing and cutting the flesh and the bones with the chopper. He enjoyed doing that which made me wonder , what exactly he was thinking then!!?? My face!!??😂😂
Anyway this recipe is a family favourite one. I learned about it from my Mominlaw many years ago. This recipe is best for beginners as it doesn’t involve high end techniques. Very easy and quick to make it at home and it tastes amazeballs!!! So let’s start cooking and before that lets introduce the ingredients!!!


Chicken – 400 gm (with bone and cut into bite size pieces)
Butter – 75 gm (minimum)
Black Pepper – 2 tbsp (or as per taste and freshly crushed)
Salt – as per needed / 2-3 pinches
Water – to sprinkle 1/4 cup (approx)


1. Cut and clean the chicken pieces into bite sized ones keeping the bones intact.

2. Now heat a pressure cooker without the lid of course. Add the 75 gm butter in it. Lower the flame so as not to burn the butter out. You can use canola or white oil too with a small dollop of butter in it if you are a health enthusiast or prone to diseases and concerned about those calories.
3. As the butter melted away, add the chicken pieces into the cooker. Toss it in the butter.

4. Add freshly crushed black pepper powder. MIX!!!

5. Now while adding salt keep it in mind that the butter is pretty much salty itself. So after adding 2 or 3 pinches, Mix them again and check the seasoning. With salt less is always better. You can always add in more salt as per taste and convenience.

6. MIX MIX MIX!!!! Now sprinkle 1/4th cup water. You need to remember that chicken releases water in itself. So 1/4th cup would be more than fine. Again mix them properly. All were done on high flame.

7. Now shut the cooker off and let it release 2 whistles on high, and 2 to 3 more in medium flame. After that turn the flame off.

8. THATS IT JOB’S DONE!!! Let the Pressure Cooker release its pressure naturally. Give it some standing time.

9. Pour it in a bowl. You will see a lot of juices been released from the chicken. It would be a concoction of the juices and the melted butter with the peppery flavour in it. And the aroma of butter and pepper….Ummmm….it would be so much magical…every corner of your kitchen.

10. Serve it hot as a starter with a dollop of butter. It’s pure art how the butter melt in the hot chicken. Do not forget to accompany it with forks and spoons both. The forks would make it easy to grab the pieces where as the spoon would help to scoop up the juices from the bowl to your mouth. Just writing this made me hungry.

Friends please do try it out. All the ingredients are always readily available at home all the time. Trust me it’s the most easiest and simplest and quickest starter you can ever cook in your kitchen. Trust me this dish is actually a party saviour and a life saviour. It doesnt take a lot of time to prepare or cook and doesnt involve a lot of utensils too. Best recipe for beginners, both female and male, especially for the office goers!!!

Now save this recipe and charm and amaze your friends and family and those special friends, by cooking this for them. Trust me you will get loads and tons of appreciations.

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