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Soft Boiled Eggs – Easy Way!!! 5/5 (3)

SOFT BOILED EGGS!!! Hello All! I am back with a quick recipe. I am an Egg Lover by heart. But I don't like hard boiled egg that much compared to the soft boiled ones. My son doesn't eat the yolk part of hard boiled eggs at all no matter what as that dries his throat [...]

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HILSA/ILISH PATURI Ilish/Hilsa is an essential part of Several lives of South Asia. When I was researching about Ilish, I came across many interesting facts and though to share it. It is collected mostly from Wikipedia. It amazed me completely to know that Ilish/Hilsa not only plays important role in West Bengal, but also in [...]

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CHILLI MUTTON  I am back again with another interesting and hot favourite recipe from my kitchen which was passed down by my Mother-in-law. I try to make it like hers and I fail. Today's one is another version of her famous Chilli Mutton with my twist. In her recipe, she transforms the mutton dry fry [...]

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HOME MADE PASTA FROM SCRATCH Hello Friends and Family!!! Have been trying to nail the homemade pasta for a long time. Finally did so thought of sharing it with everyone. If I can then definitely you all can do too. Before starting I checked onto some YouTube videos to know the correct technique. Saw a [...]

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