Hello Everyone,
Are you all enjoying the winters??? I am and that means not just the chilly weather but also the food which is full of Vegetables these days!!!

Today’s post’s heroine is CauliFlower (phoolkopi) — an absolute hit and favourite product at home among all the family members. And to top it I use it as a whole as in at Rs 20 per piece, CauliFlower helps in varied ways to create items in a meal!. From the florets to the stems to the leaves….i use them all!!! In today’s post, I used the florets and with some addition of sambar masala and lemon juice and curry leaves…..created this aromatic Cauliflower Rosha!!! Okay so let’s get started!!!

Ingredients :-
Cauliflower – 2 whole cut into average size pieces
Potato – 3 medium sized cut into cubes
Onion – 2 medium sized chopped and made into fine paste
Garlic – 8 to 9 cloves again made into fine paste
Tomato – 1 medium size chopped
Green Chillies – 2 – 3 slitted
Lemon Juice of 1

For Tempering :-
Curry leaves – a handful
Nigela Seeds – 1tsp
Mustard Seeds – 1tsp
Fenugreek Seeds(methidana) – 6 seeds

Powders Used :-
Turmeric – 1 tsp
Kashmiri Laal – 1tsp
Sambar Masala – 3tbsp
Pav Bhaji Masala – 2tbsp

Salt and sugar as per seasoning.
Water – 1/2 cup
Mustard Oil – 3 to 4tbsp

🥔 In a deep bottom Pan boil some water and add the cauliflower florets into it. Lightly blanch them for a minute or two and then strain them.
🥔 Now in a pan , heat the mustard oil and fry for couple of minutes, the blanched florets with turmeric powder and salt. Keep it aside.
🥔Now in that pan add all the tempering items mentioned above in and let it splatter.
🥔 Add the potatoes. Fry on high heat for a minute .
🥔 Now add the onion paste, fry for 30 seconds on high.
🥔Add the garlic paste then and sprinkle some water and fry again for a minute.
🥔Now add the chopped tomatoes and fry them on high.
🥔Add the powders mentioned above and sprinkle some water. Start Browning them. Add salt and sugar as per seasoning. Add in the green chillies too.
🥔 Fry them all, lower the heat and cover cook it till the potatoes are tender.
🥔 Now after the potatoes are cooked and you can see oil coming out of it, add the fried cauliflower florets in to the pan and mixed them all in. Sprinkle some water and mix them well and fry on high.
🥔 It is a dry curry so try to reduce if there’s a lot of water or juice in the pan.
🥔Check the seasoning. Now add the lemon juice in it. Mix them properly on high heat for 30 seconds.. and it’s done.
🥔 You can add more chillies or lemon juice as per your taste. It tastes a bit hot a bit tangy!!!

🌶🌶🌶Eat it with rice or roti or paratha or puri!!! With some halved onions (though considering the price Rs70/kilo, I am saving on onions), mixed pickle and chillies….It not only satisfies the tummy but also the soul!!!

If you like it then don’t forget to share it. Leave a comment below and let me know your version too.

Signing Off for Now!!!

Stay Blessed, Stay Beautiful Always!!!
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