In another words Chingrir Pur Bhora Kakrol Bhaja aka Fried Teasel Gourd with a Filling of Shrimp


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Hope you all are trying to stay physically sanitized and emotionally sane too in these trying times. The pandemic is not only responsible for a world wide mass death but it is also crippling our world economy. Each and every country around the world is suffering massively with deaths and recession. God only knows how all can recover from this devastation!!! But even then inspite of all these, we cannot forget to live. We cannot forget to smile. We cannot forget to eat and love with all our heart. We should remain empaths and humble and grounded no matter what, treating all equally.

So thought of sharing one of my favourite recipes today. I have learned it from my mother and mother-in-law. This would be Chingrir pur bhora Kakrol Bhaja aka Fried Teasel Gourd with Shrimp Fillings. This I have learned from my mother. This can be done without shrimps too. Many uses the seeds and the fillings of the Teasel Gourd itself to stuff later on with mustard paste.

Let’s get started with the recipe!

Ingredients & Process :

Teasel Gourd – 6 large sized, peeled and halved and then boiled in a pressure cooker (switch off the gas after one whistle)

Prawn – 10 to 12 pieces (small in size)

Black Mustard – 3tbsp

Poppy Seeds(Posto) – 1tbsp

Yellow Mustard – 1tbsp

Green Chillies – 4 to 5(as per heat preferences)

Cornflour, Flour, Nigella Seeds(kalo jeere), turmeric powder, white oil, baking powder, rice flour, water, salt – for the batter

Mustard Oil



White Oil

🍽 Now first peel the teasel gourd and then cut them into perfect or almost perfect halves. Then boil them – > put them in a pressure cooker with water. Put the lid on and let it come to a whistle on high. Switch the gas off and let the steam release on its own. Take them out and submerge them in cold water for five minutes and then scoop the insides of the teasel gourd out. Mash these in a separate plate. Keep aside.

🍽 Clean the prawn pieces properly.

🍽 Take a grinding jar and add the black and yellow mustard, chillies, poppy seeds, little salt and water and make a smooth paste.

🍽 Now in a bowl add the paste, the prawns and some parts of the mashed insides of the boiled teasel gourd, a bit more salt(check before adding) and drizzle some mustard oil too. You can add chopped green chillies if you wish to. Mix everything properly. And start stuffing the teasel gourd halves in the cavity formed after scooping out it’s insides. Keep aside.

🍽 Now in a separate bowl add 4tbsp flour, 4tbsp cornflour, 2tbsp rice flour, half tsp baking powder, a pinch of baking soda, salt, turmeric powder, nigella seeds, white oil and start mixing adding water. I keep the batter in the middle of not too thick and not too runny as I don’t like too much coating around the main vegetable. But if you want it to be thick you can keep the batter thick too. Many add besan,i.e., chick pea flour in it too. I personally dislike besan coating thus I prefer to avoid it always.

🍽 Once the batter is ready. Now heat a pan, add one cup of oil. Start dipping the stuffed teasel gourd into the batter, coat all the sides properly and then keep them in the pan. Fry them properly all the sides managing the flame. It should get a beautiful golden brown colour. Now you can also deep fry them by increasing the amount of oil too. I have tried both and both the results were similar.

🍽 I usually serve them with Steaming hot Rice.

It tastes delicious everytime I make it and my family enjoys it too.

Those who don’t eat prawns, can skip it and use just the mashed insides of the teasel gourd by mixing with the mustard paste and the rest of the procedure is same.

Try this out surely at home and do let me know. If you already have tried it then do share your technique too in the comments below.

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Will be back soon with more delicacies!!!

Meanwhile don’t forget to wear masks, use sanitizers, wash hands with soap and drink lukewarm water with lemon and honey everyday. Think positive and don’t dwell in negative. Stress will weaken your body and will allow virus and bacteria to attack you. Practice breathing exercises at home. You can get them in YouTube. Eat healthy food. Donot diet now!!! Eat vegetables, egg, fish, meat, fruits, milk, curd!!!

Together with right precautions we can and we will win this situation!!!

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