This is my first post in 2017. I with my family wish all of you and the whole world A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope with the new year comes more happiness, health , wealth, prosperity, love, pampering, care and more adventure in every single person’s life.

A very good morning to everyone. Here comes another post from my kitchen recently made like yesterday. Crumbed Fish Nuggets Two Ways….one crumbed with Punko and the other dusted with Flour mix. I made it with the Basa Fillets which were lying in the freezer for quite some time. Thought to utilize them in the beginning of another year.

Basa Fillets – 2 ( cut into bite size or two knuckles of our index finger from the tip)

Soy Sauce Light – 2tbsp

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Coriander, garlic, green chillies, salt, black cumin seeds…all mixed and blended in a blender- 2 tbsp of this mix

Punko Crumbs – 1 cup

Cornflour – 3tbsp

Rice flour – 2 tbsp

Baking powder – 1tsp

Baking Soda – a pinch

Paprika – 2 tsp

Oil to deep fry

Lemon juice  of 1 lemon

Cut the basa Fillets into the desired size. Now put the coriander mix, paprika, light soya sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper into a bowl and mix it properly. Taste it whether it needs more salt or heat or anything else. Donot put more salt as the flour mix will have some more too.

Now let it marinate for 15 to 20 minutes.

Now take a bowl and add the cornflour, rice flour, baking powder and soda, some paprika, salt and pepper into it and mix the dry ingredients well. Now take two plates and spread out this mix on on plate and on another plate spread out the punko crumbs ( if you don’t get it then just use bread crumbs ). Now take the basa fillet pieces and separate them in halves. One half is for the punko crumbs and the other one is for the cornflour mix.

Now heat the oil on high and let it smoke out and be ready for deep frying. Now coat the pieces in the flour mix lightly and then put them on the punko crumbs and roll them properly so that the crumbs get stuck properly. Arrange them in a plate. And deep fry them till it turns golden in the oil. Fry them on high. Basa is a very soft fish and won’t take much time to get cooked. ( after slathering the crumbs on the pieces you can refrigerate also for ten minutes so that the crumbs get stuck properly) After frying drain the excess oil on paper towels and then serve it with dips or sauce.
Now take the other half and dust them all over properly with the flour mix and fry them in the oil. Deep fry them till they turn golden. Drain the excess oil on paper towels and serve them hot with dips and sauce and some salsa or salads on the side.
There are two dips that i whipped up quickly. In one i added mayonnaise, tomato sauce, salt and pepper, paprika powder and some chopped spring onion greens. And mix them properly. In the other one, i added mayonnaise, red chilli sauce, salt and pepper, spring onion greens and half teaspoon of the coriander mix. Mix them well. I was on an experimental mode. You can add some mustard sauce too or just serve them up with Kasondi ( mustard sauce ) and it will taste equally good.

You can add betki fillets if you can’t or won’t use basa ones. I am a fan of basa thus i buy them mostly all the times.
Hope you all like the recipe!!! Without much intoduction a very quick, short and crisp post. Well about the punko crumbs, I had no idea it even existed, until my Chef Brother Chef Indranil Roy brought some for me. It is easily available in New Market in Kolkata. Best just type the words on google and search for them and their availability. It adds another texture to the dish and a little different than our usual bread or biscuit crumbs. Do make it positively as it’s very easy to work it out in the kitchen. Do keep an eye on the salt content as it can easily go over the top ruining the dish and the delicate fish too.

Bye For Now. Will be back with another post soon. Thanks for all the love and affection. I repeat that I am highly grateful and always feel overwhelmed in a good way to see so much appreciation. Money matters but it can’t buy the warmth that I feel from so much appreciation.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in Instagram also along with being in Facebook. Do follow, like, share, subscribe and comment below.

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Pamela Sarkar.


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