Hello Everyone after a long time.  Many things happened in my life while I was away and that is the reason why I couldn’t come back as I was not feeling like from inside. But to hell with that….My Life and I need to style it up. So am back and with an interesting review.

Today am gonna talk about a DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit to make Lip balm/Lip Colours and Cheek Tint created by Sutra Essentials run by a dear Facebook friend Deepika Das whom I met through a beauty group. Sutra Essentials deal with homemade fresh and natural skin care, lip care and hair care products which are mostly customised according to the need of the customers. Deepika Das propose a free Consultation with her willing clients and then she make the stuff needed according to the need of her clients. This thing attracted me. I was going through hair fall problem so I whatsapped her to which she asked a suitable time to talk and then she called me up and we had a long chat over phone about what my problems were and what I am looking for from her. Then within 5 days she dispatched the products and she didn’t charge shipping extra and the payment mode is money transfer to bank account. And after using it for more than a month, I can say my hairfall has reduced definitely. I liked her politeness a lot.

So coming back to this, well she pinged me up and approached me to test the kit on myself and help her promote by providing honest review on the product. Last week I got my package and on saturday I thought of trying it out myself. She has three YouTube videos as tutorials which I followed to do it myself.

So here’s the Lip-Cheek Tint DIY Kit details. This kit includes the below

1. Butter- 15gm. You can choose 1 from below listed options.

* Kokum butter – is easily absorbed into the skin leaving skin soft and supple.
* Mango butter – protects against UV rays and it is a real treat after sun.
* Shea butter – increases collagen production, removes scars.
* Cocoa butter – has excellent moisturising properties. It’s good for dry skin.

2. Oil – 10ml. You can choose 1 from below listed options.

* Cinnamon oil- almond oil infused with cinnamon. Moisturises and plumps lips.
* Argan oil – high in Vit E. It is light oil that gets easily absorbed without making skin oily.
* Jojoba oil- it is similar to skin sebum, penetrates deep into skin and moisturise.
* Shea oil- makes skin supple and aids healing chapped lips.

3. Pigments- 2 * 2gm. You can choose any 2 from below options.

4. Vit E oil – 3 capsules, works as preservative.

5. Arrowroot powder – 10gm – to control shine and mattify tint.

6. Empty Containers – 3pcs of 7gm capacity.

[First 6 are base colors, last 2 you see are for affects. Golden gives a shimmery effect, silver gives pearl effect to the lip tints.]

I have opted for the two circled colours and the pearl finish shimmers along with Mango Butter and Argan Oil for my kit along with three empty containers and arrowroot powder.

So I started experimenting like a kid and got real messy which was in fact real fun.

So according to the tutorial, I at first melted the mango butter in microwave and it takes more than a minute to melt. You can take the butter in the empty container and keep on stirring vigorously with a toothpick or icecream stick or alike narrow stuff. It will eventually melt that too in couple of minutes. But yes it wont melt into a transparent consistency like that of the micromelt one. I tried both the techniques myself.

Next after getting the melted butter, I added it in the empty container and added one Vitamin E Capsule given in the kit and 2ml or 7 to 8 drops of Argan Oil and mixed them properly.

Next I added 1gm or 5 pinches of the pigment of my choice  (the first one was red for me) into the oil mixture and started mixing them up. You have to concentrate on mixing them properly else it become lumpy. And you have to keep on adding the colour slowly to get more intense pigmentation. It depends on what colour you want and how deep it should be. After mixing I saw a beautiful red colour coming off on my hand as a swatches. Its a bit messy considering the colours spread all over.

Next I mixed the arrowroot powder. Basically you can use this if you want more matte finish or not. And then you have to stir until the powdery stuff get dissolved properly. And thats that my very first DIY Kit ready. For my second choice, I opted for the pink metalic one. It might not look metallic from the pic but its a bit metallic in nature. I followed the same steps and just changed the colour combination. This time I took less amount of colour than the red one. In fact I added a pinch of red in it to give a slight red undertone. As it was a metallic one and being me “a matte lover” , I couldn’t stop myself from mixing the arrowroot powder again into it to get an almost matte texture.


Next one was done on complete experiment basis and to create a nudeish shade mostly. I followed all the basic steps. Instead of the coloured pigments, I added a dollop of the pearl shimmer powder to it with half a pinch of red and pink colour into the butter oil mixture and kept on stirring. Added a little bit of arrowroot powder and stirred till all get infused and mixed properly. Surprisingly, it gave a beautiful light pinkish shade which looked very pretty.

In general the shades have butter and oil in it so they are pretty much creamy and inspite of using arrowroot powder it wont go complete matte. However you can make it matte further by dabbing lightly some white powder on your lips. It takes away the moisture making it dry and look matte. The third shade the light nude pink one has loads of pearl shimmers so its more translucent than opaque and it works more like a gloss.

I wore them on my lips one by one. They were pigmented but if you expect them to be long-lasting then you might get disappointed as they are not. But yes these are easily maintained as you can do touch up anytime with your fingers. These are not at all drying and maintain the moisture no matter what. So when I was removing it from my lips, I noticed that something was tasting odd on my lips. I guess it was the arrowroot powder but thats okay I believe.  And the most important part in the DIY process would be keeping them in a refrigerator to harden. Here I saw another thing, that when I took the containers out, after some time the tint were going back  to its normal shape that of intensified liquid. And I believe that’s because of the butter used.

The containers with black lids are sturdy and spilt free. Yes I checked them out. As these lip kits are multipurpose so you would want to carry it in your bag sometimes. Yes I used the world Multipurpose. Till now I was talking about just the lip part but you can use these as blush on too very easily. Just rub your two fingers on the product and tap on the apple of your cheeks, from the centre till the temple. Donot rub. Just tap and the heat of your skin will help to spread the colour uniformly.  I have used a shade as blush on too. They give subtle flush and thats better as you can build up as per your desire. You can use it as a subtle highlighter also – you need to prepare it with the pearl or golden shimmer one without any colour or max a rose tinted one to get a rosey highlight.

That’s the fun of DIY kits, you get to play around and carry out experiments as there’s not much to lose but to gain at the end. These tints are well pigmented that’s a plus. If you ask me about the staying power then have to say that they won’t be staying for long as they are very much creamy so with water or food, it will go off leaving a nice stain on your lips. That’s not that bad at all!!!

They are priced at Rs.700 for the whole kit where you get 3 colours (2colour+1texture), 1 arrowroot powder, 1 type of butter, 1 type of oil, 3 Vitamin E Oil Capsule and 3 Containers in a nice pouch. As it’s launched recently in June, so its on discount for the whole month of June and priced at Rs.500.

Isn’t it a great deal!!! So don’t wait and go grab the deal. Follow the link below to know more about it.

I would like to thank Deepika Das for gifting me this in exchange of my honest review. I take my sweet time always before putting up a review. And I would always share a very honest review as people should be aware with only truth about these products as based on that only they might go ahead and invest in it for further use. So I am very particular about being honest no matter who is at the other end gifting me or paying me for the same.

The Youtube Links are for the tutorials:-

This is how to connect with them. You need to message them in their facebook page and they will revert back. The link is given below:-

This is the facebook story of their launch with details:-

Pros & Cons :-


1. Very Handy.

2. You get to choose and carry out your experiment with colours and the texture.

3. It’s very creamy and not at all drying.

4. Absolutely natural and you got to see what’s going in your product.

5. Well pigmented and leaves a nice stain after meals.

6. At Rs.700 you are getting many colours as per your choice and you get to choose the butter and oil too.

7. The owner is really polite and tries to help out as much as possible.

8. You can use it as a blusher and a highlighter and build up on the pigmentation from subtle to deep.


1. It’s not easily available as in stores or in any websites. But if you message them then they do revert back ASAP.

2. It’s not long staying as the base is creamy and also not completely matte.

3. I didn’t like the taste may be due to arrowroot powder.

4. As it’s of butter base, so in hot and humid weather even after solidification through refrigeration, it will melt a bit.

Over all I would give it a 3.9/5 rating.

Go Grab the Deal and Let Me Know how you like it.

Signing Off for now!!




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