Hello Everyone…..how are you all in Kolkata enjoying the sudden nip in the temperature today??? Well I did use my hoodie jacket today and son too wore his sleeveless sweater, a part Of his school uniform. By the way dont forget to cover your ears and head too, chances are there that you might catch cold due to all the rain and chill.

SO with the advent of the winter or should I say occassional cold days and nights (thatswhat we experience in Kolkata) everywhere, the barbeque, opentandoor and alike equipments and techniques must be all cleaned up!!!

This is the time of the year for at least us and the people who leave in warmer climate to arrange picnic, bonfire, campfire, barbeque and alike meets!!! And if you notice every word depicts the story of our relationship with food and how we blended and bonded in through food.

And who can beat the ultimate love affair of finger licking good food grilled live, loads of gossip and the chilly weather outside with some fire around the corner. On those days, how to deal with the food story???

Don’t worry, refer to my this post and am sure it would come handy for every one here. And am sure many of you already are aware about it. SO these in the pics were done last year in winter at our locality with friends. I did the marination of everything. The pastes were made by house help of a friend as per my instructions and the grilling stuff were done by my hubby’s expert friends. My hubby of course did the last marination tasting job. My food are incomplete without him!!!

🔪Used Chicken (leg and breast pieces), prawns, cottage cheese aka paneer and vegetables to barbeque on the barbeque tool with charcoal and other stuff.

🔪Made two types of marination. Divide the proteins and veggies and paneer into half.

🔪One was for Tandoori style. For this took hung curd, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, ggreen chillies paste, Kashmiri laal powder, turmeric powder, coriander and cumin powder, Tandoori Masala powder, shahi garam masala powder, black pepper powder, salt and white oil. Mixed them well and rubbed them all over the chicken pieces, prawns and veggies and cottage cheese properly after piercing them lightly with a fork.

🔪The second marination was with ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, coriander paste, onion paste, green chillies paste, cumin powder, coriander powder, black pepper powder, salt and white oil. Mixed them all well and rubbed them all over properly on the remaining pierced-with-a-fork half portion. Of course kept them marinated as long as possible.

🔪Marinate them as long as you can. I did them in the morning. And of course the grilling session took place after 9 actually.

🔪Among the vegetables I did use broccoli, beans, capsicum. You can use carrots, potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers and mushrooms too. The veggies take a bit long to get grilled.

🔪Then grill and char them on the barbeque tool above the charcoal. It doesn’t take a lot of time. And the end result were mind blowing with the juicy, tender, finger licking good smokey charred meat and veggies.

Trust me it’s absolute bliss.


🍗You can very easily make it into a whole meal especially for the kids.

🍗Take some chapati on a plate. Now chop some of the veggies and some fresh cucumber and onions and chillies and corianders. Slice some chicken pieces. On the chapati add the chicken pieces, the fresh and grilled veggies, add a dash of lemon juice, sprinkle some black pepper and some salt. Now you can make some guacamole or sour cream or Greek yoghurt or English mustard or simple olive oil dressing and add them on it and can have it just like that. Replace the chicken with juicy prawns and paneer.

Let me share another story. We were in Seattle, USA this year in June at my sister-in-law’s place. That was summer time then and most of the households took out their barbeque gears to enjoy the warm sunshine out on the deck with some crisp wine or some chilled beer.

So there I saw how they grill the proteins, be it chicken, pork, lamb or even beef. They enjoy to grill the proteins in barbeque at their backyard or deck. Once we went to a friend’s place there.

We had barbequed herb crusted lamb rack done rare medium, grilled tandoori chicken. At my sister-in-law’s place we did barbeque party, where her husband marinated the pork chops and chicken legs in simple barbeque sauce, sriracha sauce, soya sauce, salt and black pepper.

They were marinated over night and the end result were tender juicy and yummy meats. It was fun to sit down around the table with empty plates and hungry tummy and soul for freshly grilled meat.

With some corn on the cob, freshly grilled bell peppers and onions and mushrooms and may be some rotis aka tacos aka Indian flat breads or even some buttered rice….trust me it’s all types of Healthy eating at par. The pictures of the barbeque were taken at my sister-in-law Angana Ray and brother-in-law Rajarshi Ray’s place and Upashana di’s place.

God my mouth is watering just while writing. Try them and be the star of the party. If you have some new idea then do share them in the comments below.

Gotta go, 12% charge left!!

Love Pamela.

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