Hello Friends and Family!!! Have been trying to nail the homemade pasta for a long time. Finally did so thought of sharing it with everyone. If I can then definitely you all can do too. Before starting I checked onto some YouTube videos to know the correct technique. Saw a video by Gennaro Contaldo, the Italian FoodGuru and Jamie Oliver’s friend, and liked it for the simplicity.  Followed through and trust me it’s a success. Let’s get into the recipe of my version of Homemade Pasta!!



All Purpose Flour : 300 fans

Eggs : 3

Flour : To dust


Tomatoes : 3 chopped

Garlic : 14 cloves

Extra Virgin Olive Oil :  3tbsp and some more to drizzle

Butter : 1tsp

Mixed Herbs : a handful

Oregano : 1/2tsp

Parsley : chopped or used from bottles in dried herb form.  I use that.

Salt and Pepper for seasoning


Flour : 2 tsp

Milk : 1 cup

Cheese : 2 cubes

Butter : 2 tsp

Extra Virgin Olive Oil : 2 tbsp

Chicken Mince : 100gm

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Mixed Herbs : 1/2 tsp

Oregano : 1/2 tsp

Parsley : 1/2 tsp


Butter : 3 tbsp

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Oregano and Parsley to sprinkle


Chicken Mince : 100gms.

Garlic : 3 to 4 mashed and minced

Butter : 1tsp

Salt and Pepper for seasoning.



✔First take 300gms flour in a bowl. Add 3 eggs. The ratio is 1 egg for 100gm flour.

✔Now start mixing them. When it becomes crumbly spread it on kitchen top or any flat surface and start kneading everything in to a soft dough.

✔When the dough becomes pliable wrap it in a cling film and keep it for 30 minutes to rise.

✔After 30 minutes, take the dough and knead it once more. Now take the amount you need and wrap the rest in a cling film and refrigerate it. You can use it for a week.

✔Now make balls from it. And start rolling it out on a flat surface with a Rolling Pin.

✔Now to get good Pasta, this is the tricky part. If you don’t have the machine then you have to do this part in order to get good Pasta. I did as I don’t have the Pasta machine.

✔Now roll out and stretch as much possible the sheet. Now fold it again and again. Again sprinkle some flour and start rolling it out. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times till you get paper thin texture. To check the texture just blow from the side of the sheet. If it ruffles then you have got the right texture.

✔Now I made few different types. Papardelle, Farafelle, Diamond Cut, Raviolli Sheet, Angel Hair….all these types you can make at home.

✔ For Papardelle : cut out the sheet in vertical flat strips for this one.

✔For Farafelle : first cut the sheet in to thick flat strips. Then again cut it into rectangular shapes. Now take one rectangular strip, pinch in with your fingers the middle part. And give small pinches with your nails (of course sanitised) on the sides.

✔For Diamond Cut : instead cutting the thick flat strips into rectangular ones mentioned above, cut them diagonally into diamond shape.

✔For Raviolli : for this cut it into a big rectangular flat sheet. Now put the stuffing along with some cheese of your choice in the middle of it. In one big sheet you can make 3 or 4 ones. Fold it in and cut them into 3 or 4 parcels. Seal them with some Cornflour slurry. Press the stuffing to the middle.

✔For Angel Hair : cut an inch long flat strip. Dust with flour now fold it in and cut them vertically with very thin strips. Now dust it some more with flour and let loose.

Actually I was not sure of the outcome as it was my first time and as it was a fiddly job so forgot to take all the pictures. I was very much sceptical about the outcome but once it was out I really was happy so sharing it all as I always do.

✔Now after getting your desired shape, boil some water with some salt. Put the Pasta in the boiling water and it needs 3minutes to get the Al Dante texture as they are freshly made. Over cooking them will make them hard and chewy which we of course do not want.

✔Cook the Pasta when the sauce is ready. And add the liquid too as it would give a silky smooth texture to the dish.



✔Dice the tomatoes and chop the garlic.

✔Now heat a frying pan, drizzle in the olive oil and some butter. Add the chopped garlic and tomatoes and fry them.

✔Season them with salt and pepper.

✔Now add the boiled pasta and Toss them in the sauce. Sprinkle mixed herbs, parsley and oregano and serve hot.


✔Heat a Pan. Melt the butter in it. Now fry some chopped garlic.

✔Add the minced chicken in it and fry them with some salt and pepper.

✔In a cup of lukewarm milk mix the flour in. Now pour this in the pan and keep stirring on low flame.

✔Add the Farafelle Pasta. I used this one. You can use any. Mix it in. Drizzle in some olive oil. Sprinkle the mixed herbs and Parsley and oregano on it. Grate some cheese in it and toss them all.

✔Serve hot and garnish with some grated cheese and herbs and Pepper.


✔In a frying pan pour some butter and olive oil and add minced garlic and chicken and fry them. Grate some cheese in it. This will be the stuffing for the Raviolli. Put them into the sheets and add some cheese pieces. I used processed cheese. You can add Ricota or Mozarella too. Make the parcel and boil them in water. You will see little pillows coming up and it’s perfect.

✔In a separate frying Pan, add butter (you need butter more as the sauce is named after butter). Melt it. Now keep the flame in medium. We won’t burn the butter on high. It should happen gradually. Sprinkle some pepper and salt. Keep in mind the butter is already salty.

✔After 2 to 3 minutes, strain the Raviolli parcels and Toss them in the butter sauce in the pan. Serve hot with pepper, oregano and Parsley sprinkling on top. I grated some cheese as I like it. It’s really difficult to make Raviolli look good on the plate.

P.S. You can use prawns or lobster in the stuffing too.

So that’s it. You can make various types of pasta as there are more than 300 options. You can make any type of sauce be it made from scratch or bottle made. Mix and match and do explore as per your taste bud.

Trust me the Joy of making your own pasta is beyond words. Yes its hard work. But nothing can be achieved without hard work right.

Won’t take any more time. Do check the pics and do leave a feedback in the comment section. Spread the news and shower some love to my posts.

Thanks a lot. Much love and Happy Durga Puja to everyone. Sharodiar Shuveccha Sokoler Jonno Roilo.











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