The word ‘independence’ means the state or quality of being independent;freedom from dependence. The word ‘freedom’ means the state of being free, unconstrained,frankness, openness and unreservedness. Why I am mentioning the definitions?? Well to analyse the fact that are we really independent in true sense considering the present scenario of Independent India. Yes we are free from the inhuman oppression and captivity of the Britishers. But just to fall prey of years of corrupt politics, backward regressive mindset, all possible varieties of taboos and violence. Mahatma Gandhi fought nonviolently to gift us independence and in that very country violence are displayed on every alternative minutes. We are freed from Britishers but we still are captive by our own demons. Most of the population in India nurture regressive mindsets leading to gender inequality, child oppression, domestic violence, rape and terrorism. The most important taboo that India preach on a bigger periphery is gender inequality. Even though society pretends to accept women as openly as men but in actual these are just words. Men are superior to women– we are captive of this phenomenon. Unless we abolish this mentality we don’t deserve to be called Independent Indians. Women men should be given the freedom of living without any societal pressures to perform in certain ways. Independent India should be that country where humans irrespective of gender could breathe , live, work, laugh freely, openly, unreservedly. This will lead to progress. India is a developing country. But due to her regressive mindset and corrupt selfish politics, the growth cannot be felt in true form. If we look back, in ancient times, we were more modern and progressive minded and that was the reason behind so much transformation from the neanderthals to the humans of 2016. On the eve of the 69 th Independent India, we are witnessing several bans dictated by our respected Government. But why??? We are an independent nation, banning should be viewed as an illegal phenomenon. But no, our Government chose to regulate and redirect the ways to live and breathe in India. This is sheer hypocritism. I believe the only way to eradicate all this violence and oppression so to enjoy true freedom is by formal basic education. Education not to be an engineer or doctor or a scientist but education for learning and socialising about humanity, about being human. The fight should be against preachers of inhumanisn versus humanism and to win we need to fight it out overcoming the inequality in gender, religion, classes of society and politics. That day when we can concurr our inner demons, our inner illiteracy, our inner conservative soul, that day when we can finally override every possible inequalities, that day we will experience and cherish the true meaning of independence and freedom. We should celebrate independence and freedom every day and not just one day for the sake of treaties signed. I hope to see India rising above all these fiasco into a country ruled by freed humans. That day that era that country would surely be called Independent India.

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