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Today’s post will be a quick one. This dish – Kachkola khosha Bata aka Raw Banana Skin Mash – thats what I call it – is a hot favourite at home. I am married in a household who are PurbaBongio (Bangal- people originating from Bangladesh and came to India after participation). After marriage, I got to know so many different uses of each and every parts of vegetables like potato, gourd, raw banana, cauliflower, etc. Seen my mother in law using the skins or leaves or stems to make an amazing dish. So this dish is about it passed on by my Aunt in law. It is made by the skin of raw banana. It’s simple comfort food and trust me you won’t need any other dish to feel your tummy and soul if you get a big dollop of this mash. So let’s get started!


Raw Banana Skin – 1 bowl of Peeled out skin from 4 raw banana

Mustard Oil – 4tbsp

Salt – as per seasoning

Turmeric Powder – 1/2tsp

Water – To sprinkle

Green Chillies – 2 (or more if you want more heat)

Nigela Seeds – 1/2tsp


🍽 Wash the raw banana skins, cut them in small pieces and put them in a pressure cooker and boil them. It would need 4 whistles max on high.

🍽 Now let the cooker release the steam on its own and strain it.

🍽 Now put them in a processor with the green chillies and some salt and churn it up into a coarse mash or paste.

🍽 Now heat a pan with 4 tbsp of mustard oil. Add the nigela seeds and let it splutter.

🍽 Now add the paste, the turmeric powder and some salt that’s needed and start reducing and Browning it on high and then on low. You need to go on doing this. You will see oil is releasing and then you start stirring the spatula keeping the flame on high. You will see that the paste will become more composed and will give out a semi solid texture instead of runny. You can sprinkle water little bit to give it a good texture.

🍽 Stir it for one more minute on high keeping in mind not to burn it. Serve it with steamed rice and some green chillies and drizzle some mustard oil on top of it to get the extra punch.

So that’s that. Cook it and get to know how full it is with rich flavours. Simple ingredients give amazing dishes and this is an example of it.

With winters coming, more like these delicacies would be cooked in my kitchen and I will surely try to post them all here so that everyone get to know and try them all at home.

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