A much awaited post and dish that I tried again yesterday for dinner with Chicken Bharta . I recently shared the pics in a social group and every body asked for both the recipes. I already blogged about Chicken Bharta http://wp.me/p4Bvoj-1n ,so I thought it’s high time I update about Laccha Parantha.  Actually I tried to upload it with captions in Facebook but somehow it wasn’t working out and it took all my patience and I finally am pinning it down speedily as I have to teach my son for his exams too. So here goes the recipe.


Refined Flour 



Warm water

White oil

(Measurements varies person to person)

1. In a bowl take the flour and put some salt and ghee in it. Like with 300gm flour add two tbsp ghee and mix it. Now add warm water and start mixing and kneading into a dough. Rub white oil on it and cover it and let it rest for fifteen to thirty minutes. Now knead it again for five minutes and make some equal size big balls out of it. 

2. Now roll out the balls in to big discs like rotis after sprinkling some flour.

3. Now with the help of your fingers spread some ghee even on top of the rolled out discs. Sprinkle flour on top of it. 

4. Now start pleating the opposite edges like saree pleating with the discs. 

5. Now pin in the pleating from one end to another and secure the end underneath .

6. Now flatten the pinned in disc and dip a bit into white oil.

7. Now roll it out with help of that oil like you roll purists usually. I have seen many to roll with flour in this part. But recently I saw in a restaurant using oil to roll out. Trust me the result vary a lot. I will always prefer rolling out with oil rather than flour. 

8. Now heat a tawa or girdle or a frying pan where you usually make your rotis and Paranthas.  Now put the rolled out Parantha on the hot tawa. Dry fry it till you see brown spots on both sides.

9. You can now see the lines on the parantha properly and it’s a delight really. Now put white oil or ghee or butter on each side and fry them further till you know it’s ready. 

10. Your Laccha Parantha is ready.

You can serve it with any kind of mughlai side dish. I had it with Chicken Bharta yesterday. You can have it with simple mixed pickles too. It’s absolutely heavenly. Yes it’s bit of hard work but the end result is completely worth it. Yes it’s very much oily and might be considered unhealthy but once in a while it won’t hurt I guess.

so guys make it at home and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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