Hello Everyone! Today I am back with a very important product that can become an essential part very easily in our daily lives. Yes I am talking about wipes which we resort for every alternative minutes considering the amount of pollution in the air these days and also due to the ever changing environment and weather conditions. And wipes are needed the most for the babies.

Being a mom myself,  I know how much it freaks me up everytime when I think about my baby’s hygiene and safety. It is very important for parents to keep a close eye on what’s being appliedand used on our babies. And special care is needed for genital areas as they are prone to infections the most. Daily care is needed for babies especially the ones who are very small after each time they urinate or pass stool. There are cases when babies are hospitalised due to urinal infection. So it is our utmost duty to find good products which are safe and healthy to use on our babies and spreading the awareness tags along as well.

So I stumbled upon this brand MOTHER SPARSH who are 1 and half years old. I saw the product that they came up with and they are wipes for babies which they created very carefully. Reading the description got to know how they made it with mostly water. So couldn’t stop myself from investing in and there was a good offer going on , that of 3 packs at Rs.498 only.

When I received the pack, I checked the labels and came to know that the wipes are made with 98% water and are paraben and alcohol free. Plus they are hypoallergenic which prevents skin rashes on babies and keep them clean and safe. Next I used two on my face first before I tried the same on my son.

Trust me guys it wasn’t soapy at all nor it left a tingling sensation like an astringent which is common with other wipes. I was really feeling fresh noticing the dirt and grime the wipes took away. I have used 3 on my son. It didn’t feel harsh at all thankfully. It has a mild fresh frangrance nothing chemically. Being a mom I am really happy with this outcome and I feel it’s perfectly safe for all skins especially the sensitive baby skin. The sheets are soft too. Even after wiping the face, the sheets remained soft and moistened which is a good sign. Most importantly it leaves the skin soft and supple.

The packaging looks user friendly with easy open and reseal option whichhelps the whole package to retain moisture.

So from my side I would give two Thumbs Up for this product.

So After Summing All Up :

1. It’s easily available in Amazon.

2. It retains moisture in the skin.

3. It gives a fresh feeling to the skin making it soft and supple.

4. It’s friendly for babies.

5. It is made by water so feels like simple watered cotton balls on skin. It’s paraben and alcohol free.

6. It doesn’t feel soapy at all which is the most important good thing for babies.

7. Its hypoallergenic so prevents rashes.

8. It’s easily opened and resealed due to the packaging.

9. It’s cost effective due to per pack 80 pieces of wipes.

10. Not only it’s a great wipe for babies but it takes care of adult skins too.

I will easily rate this product 4.5/5 .

So all the Mommies, if you are searching for some good wipes which are soft like cotton and safe and not soapy and harsh on your angel’s skin, your search ends here. Do try it out. And if you have used it already, let me know in the comments.


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