MURG NIMBOODAA (Lemon Chicken)

HOLA!!! Ramadan Karim to all!!! As this is the month of Ramadan and gruesome fasting, a month of extreme passion for religious sentiment highlighting ones inner most abilities to control the urges of all materialistic stuff in life. Well I am not a Muslim, but thought that why not dedicate an easy on the stomach kind of a recipe to this holy occasion. This recipe is really light and easy to digest, without lacking any flavour at all. Yes this dish depends mostly on the flavour of the juicy lemons. The acidic tang overpowers all the flavours but mostly it gives that much needed kick to a dish or any dish, be it sweet or savoury, that enhances the whole dish to another level. And to be honest, lemons or lemon juice are the healthiest of the fruits used. Lemon juice also help to kill those extra kilos in our bodies, and it is full of vitamin c so more the merrier. And the name of this dish…I made it up like just now! Well the poet, lyricist…in me got a bit filmy and creative. 


I got inspired from a dish that I came across in Facebook, and then customised it on my own ways, incorporating few this and that!!! Try this one out and do let me know the story, how you made this recipe your own one in your own ways!!!


Chicken – 300 gm 

Onions – 2 medium size

Garlic – 7-8 cloves

Ginger – 1 1/2 inch long

Lemon – 1 whole (big one)

Cumin Powder – 1 1/2 tsp

Coriander Powder – 1 1/2 tsp

Kaffir Lime (Gondhoraj Lebu) – 1 whole ( used both the juice and the zest)

Coriander – 2 sprigs finely chopped

White Oil – 4 tbsp

Butter – 1tsp

Green Chillies- 4-5 pieces slitted ( more if you need your curry hotter)

Salt and Black Pepper for seasoning



Clean the chicken pieces and soak the water.

2. Now make a paste of the onions , ginger and garlic separately. Now strain the pastes in the strainer separately . 

3. Now roll the lemon on the kitchen top before cutting into halves as that helps to ease up the lemon and release more juices when squeezed. After cutting it, squeeze out the juice and keep it separately. Do the same with the Kaffir lime too. Keep the juices in separate containers. Grate the skin of kaffir lime for the zest. Don’t be harsh on the grater. Only grate the green part. The yellowish white part will make your dish bitter so be cautious to avoid it. 

[From clockwise starting from the upper middle : ginger juice, garlic juice, lemon juice, onion juice and kaffir lime juice]

4. Now in a bowl pour the juices of onion, ginger and garlic pastes, cumin and coriander powder, salt and black pepper powder as per taste and the juice of lemons and mix well. Now add the chicken pieces and mix thoroughly and keep it aside for an hour or at least half an hour.

5. Now in a deep bottom PAN, heat three to four tablespoon oil. Now put the chicken pieces one by one in the PAN and fry them both the sides till five minutes on high flame as this will help the chicken pieces to retain its own juices. Now pour the marinade. Check the seasoning. Add two slitted chillies in it, cook it in high till bubble appear and then turn the heat to low and let it simmer for fifteen minutes or till the chicken becomes tender. 

6. Now after fifteen minutes, add the kaffir lime juice and the zest along with few lime leaves (optional), mix them properly, and let it simmer for another five minutes. Reduce the gravy if it’s too runny on high flame. Then turn off the gas. Put a dollop of butter, a tsp lemon juice, two slitted green chillies and the chopped coriander and some crushed black pepper and cover the lid and let it rest For five more minutes. Let the aroma get infused in the gravy and chicken. 

7. Serve it hot with Indian flat breads that’s chapati or laccha parantha.

Hope you guys love the dish. Let me know in the comments section below or in my Facebook page. Happy Eating and Cooking!!

Warm Regards


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