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Hope all of you are doing well and of course trying the hardest to stay at home, maintain sanity and helping family members with daily household chores in this present scenario. COVID19 has struck upon us vehemently and we all are trying to live everyday without getting infected. Situations are not good out there as we all know. India being a developing country with huge dense population, situations are more critical to manage. On one side people are dying out of hunger due to nationwide lockdown, on the other people are dying out of this deadly virus. People are in a very bad situation where they need to choose between food, money and health. The tricky part is no matter what you choose, you will end up giving up your life.

I, myself, is going through a tough time. Why if you ask! Well no , it’s not about food but its about own mental sanity. Watching people die everyday, watching people cry in hunger every moment, hearing stories of people walking hundreds of miles to reach their families at home, to see people and kids especially having only one meal in a day, doctors, healthcare workers, police, COVID19 patients’ families getting harassed – well how to maintain sanity I don’t know honestly. And then comes the passion of cooking as a respite. As long as I keep myself distracted by creating new dishes, i feel sane and less cranky. The moment I sit down, I feel irritated and all the thoughts start pouring in. Its very very overwhelming indeed. It’s really a very tricky situation.

But then life moves on and I do have the need tp get up everyday to cook, if not even for myself, but for my little son, my life. I tried many recipes and will be posting one by one here. Many of them are available already in my instagram handle and facebook page and group. So thought of penning down some here too.

Today’s main protein is our dearest “Mutton”. Mutton was not available for more than 14 days. But now thankfully it is out there in our local shops again. So as hubby dearest bought quite a kilos of mutton, i wanted to bring in variety and so keep on trying new dishes. Today will sgare the recipe of Mutton Chaanp, the way you get in restaurants like Zeeshan, Arsalan, Shiraj, sans small bite sized pieces. Read on if you wish to know more about it. Long back i already tried doing Chicken Chaanp, recipe of which is in the link below:



Mutton – 1 & half kilo(with fat)

Onions – 600grams made into paste

Garlic – 150grams made into paste

Ginger – 130grams made into paste

Curd – 400grams

Powder – Turmeric – 2tsp

Kashmiri Laal – 4tsp

Cumin – 2tsp

Coriander – 2tsp

Shahi Garam Masala Powder – 2tbsp

Kewra Water – half cup

Rose Water – 1 cup


Kesar/Saffron – few strands soaked in warm milk

Salt & Sugar for seasoning

White Oil & Ghee


White Paste –

Cashew Nuts – 40grams

Charmagaz/Melon Seeds – 40grams

Poppy Seeds – 30grams

Black Pepper Whole – 12 pieces

Dried whole red chillies – 5 to 6 pieces


For Tempering –

Bay Leaves – 3

Whole Dried Red Chillies – 4

Cinnamon Stick – 3 (1 inch)

Cloves – 10

Green Cardamom – 10

Black Cardamom – 3

Mace – few strands

Nutmeg – very little


  1. Marinate the mutton pieces with all the ingredients from Group A and Group C. Add some salt too. Keep it in the refrigerator for minimum 3 hours.
  2. Now in a pressure cooker, heat white oil and ghee half and half. Add the tempering ingredients in Group D and let it leave a good fragrance. Add some sugar granules too.
  3. Now add all the mutton along with the marinade into the tempered oil. Cook on high flame for next 10 minutes, to seal the juices of the meat.
  4. Now keep adjusting the flame from high to low and repeat for next 20 minutes and brown the spices and the mutton pieces so that all the flavours get inside releasing a beautiful golden brown colour. Check the seasonings and add salt if required.
  5. Now add 1 cup of warm water and cover the lid. Let it whistle 5times on high flame and then reduce it to low flame and cook till tender which would be done in another 15 minutes, according to a normal pressure cooker. Cook your mutton as you do in a pressure cooker.
  6. Now after it releases all the pressure on its own, transfer back the gravy into a wok and keep the mutton pieces aside so that it doesn’t go all mushy and over cooked.
  7. Now on adjusting the flame from high to low and repeat, reduce the gravy. In this way, the gravy with get more brown and reduced too. I close the pan with a lid while doing this as it splutters a lot. Keep a tab on it or else You might burn it down completely. Keep stirring. Sprinkle some water and keep reducing the gravy adjusting the flame.
  8. After some time, when you start seeing the gravy looking similar to granulated gravy, then you will know your Chaanp is almost ready. You just need to pay attention to the texture it is forming into.
  9. In case, you think it needs a bit more Kewra and Rose water, then do add it.
  10. Now before serving, in a pan, take some ghee and shahi garam masala powder, heat them, add the gravy into it. Fry on high. Add the mutton pieces. Fry on high flame. This will give out the final texture of Chaanp.

Points To Remember :-

a.) Keep in mind to notice the texture it is going on changing due to the reduction of the gravy.

b.) Keep the mutton aside in order to avoid over cooking.

c.) Add Kewra water & Rose water according to preferences please.

d.) Many does this with Chhatu/Sattu or any kind of flour. But I prefer this way and doesn’t want any interference of any random ingredient.

e.) Patience is the key — so hold on to get the Chaanp like texture and taste.

Serve these with Biriyani or any kind of Naan, Tandoori, Romali ,Parantha.

Hope this recipe helps every one here reading and following me. Trust me, your family members wont ask for hotel bought ones.

Coming Soon with another recipe.

Signing off today. I hope you guys will try it out and please please please let me know how it tasted for sure. Tag me in case you post in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook . It really feels great when I see friends trying my recipes at home. So keep me posted. Links of my social media handles given below.

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Will be back soon!!

Till then Stay home, Stay Safe, Sanitise always, Wear Masks when going out, read less WhatsApp Articles and news, watch one news channel to know more, don’t spread rumours, eat healthy food, feed dogs and cats, do your own household chores, pay salaries to your helping hands, save water, Pray Hard!!!



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