A much awaited recipe that I felt like blogging down. I know many of my friends already cook this thing up in their kitchen after hearing the recipe from me and for those who ain’t aware about the recipe, here it is for all of you to know, to try out and relish at your home. It’s a big hit in my kitchen at least and my friends go gaga about it too.

My Mom used to cook this dish. She told me that she learned it from her brother, who cooks up yummilicious recipes. Her brother , i.e., my uncle learned it from his Goanese friend decades back, when my Mom was small. She used to tell me stories, how on those days my uncle used to cook in oven which was made of mud and the fire was ignited with coal and wood and my Mom told me that the dish tasted divine. I don’t know how it tasted back then, how divine it was, but I surely make my Man pretty happy at home by cooking it as he always ask me to repeat it on every Sunday dinner, as we usually consume mutton on Sundays only. So basically I got this recipe from my Mom. I wouldn’t have taken the recipe, but she, many a times, cooked it up for us, especially for my husband, when we used to visit my parents. So kinda forcibly I had to learn it up, and thank god I did learn it, as it surely bring smile and satisfaction on my face as it’s not only just tasty but easy to make too and sort of healthy, considering it doesn’t involve loads of spices and simmering.

Why the name!? Basically the mutton pieces are to be cooked in lots of black pepper powder and, it sort of, will be roasted only in a PAN though. So let’s get started with the recipe. I have attached pictorial description too for easier understanding.



Mutton: 500 gms

Onions: 4/5 (medium size)

Capsicum: 1 ( large, 2 if medium sized)

Tomato: 1 (medium size)
Green Chillies: 4/5 pieces ( depending on how hot you want it)
Black Pepper Powder: 3 tsp ( depending on your taste)
Salt : to taste
Ginger-Garlic Paste: 1 tsp 
Oil : 1/2 -1 cup ( you can use canola, vegetable, olive oil, butter or ghee)


1) Take the mutton pieces and put them in a pressure cooker. Add ginger garlic paste in it along with salt and water into it. Cover the lid and boil the mutton till tender. When I boil mutton for this dish, I usually let the whistle blow for six times straight in high flame, then let it simmer in low flame for the next 12-15 minutes. Let the steam release on its own. Take the boiled mutton pieces out of the pressure cooker and let it cool. Keep the mutton broth aside.




2) Now slice the onions into rings and separate the rings out. Slice the capsicum in ring shape too. The same goes for tomatoes too. Slit the green chillies from the middle.

3) Now heat a PAN. Pour some oil. I have used Canola oil here, you can use ghee, butter, vegetable oil &/ or olive oil too. My Mom used to say that my uncle used to cook it in ghee as told by his Goanese Friend.

4) Now fry the onion rings first. Stir it up for a minute or two or till the onions are semi tender or translucent. Do not put salt in the beginning. First of all, because later the salt quantity might go higher up and the dish become inedible. Secondly, salt will make the veggies tender quickly, making them lose their crunchiness. Keep the fried onions aside.


5) Now Fry the Capsicum up in that same oil, where you have fried the onions.  Do not fry them for long minutes but only for like 45 seconds. Let it remain crunchy. But yes if you are one of those, who like their capsicum to be tender and soft, they might fry it for longer period of time. Set it aside again, the capsicums.


6) After taking the capsicum out, add the ringed tomatoes and fry them just like you did with the onions and capsicums. 

7) Take the tomatoes out and add those slitted green chillies and fry them for a couple of seconds. 

8) Set all aside, and now add the boiled mutton pieces into the PAN in the oil . Now you can and would have to add up more oil as per requirement in the PAN.  Stir fry the mutton pieces. Fry them till they turn reddish brown. Well you can fry them all up together to save time, and honestly whenever I am in a lazy to the core spree, I do that in real, but yes that might lessen the crunchiness due to the heat emanated from the fried veggies. So basically, when you think like going all elaborated and have time to spend in the kitchen…you can follow this elaborate recipe. Else you can opt for the quicker one if its like you have planned to make it and went to take a short nap and woke up after three hours. Well this stuff happens, we are humans and hey napping ain’t a crime. Taste wise it would be same just a little less crunchier and may be it will lose the beautiful colour of greens and reds and Browns a bit, but more or less no other alteration. So you see how handy my recipes come!!!


9) Now in that very PAN where the mutton were kept after frying, add all the fried ingredients, i.e., the fried onions, capsicum, tomatoes and the green chillies too . 

10) Now mix all the items properly, turning and tossing everything from time to time and keeping on stirring them on high flame.



11) Now you need to put salt and black pepper powder into the mix for seasoning. The amount of black pepper powder has to be more in order to give the taste of this recipe. Fry all this on a high flame and in the mean time add some of the mutton broth, like 1/2 tbsp of it, into the PAN and let it simmer and boil for couple of minutes.

12) Now check out the seasoning before taking it off the gas. Mix and cook for the next one minute or so. Voila, Mutton Pepper Roast is ready to serve and hog into , forgetting about all ridiculous diets and websites promoting them.

You can eat this with both rice ( like jeera rice, pulao and alike or simply steamed rice) and roti (Indian flat bread) or parantha( Indian flat bread fried in oil).

I have given a detailed pictorial description so that you all understand what exactly I did. Hence, the reason behind so many steps and such a long post.

Hope you all enjoyed going through it. And I sincerely hope you all or at least few of you all, would try out this one and share with me the picture and how it tasted and all in the comment section of this blog. Eat, click, pose, drink, like, comment, share  this bog if you think this blog gave you hope, brought a smile on your face and made you happy!!! Do make it. Am sure you’ll love it!!!

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