Today’s food recipe post is an impromptu one freshly made in the morning. Actually for a day my son is not doing well and having fever and cold and cough. Thankfully after blood tests, the reports came clean yesterday. As we all know how badly these cold and coughs kills our tastebuds. So trying to create something different and tasty with lots of black pepper and different elements, so that it’s palatable for the little one. And trust me I love this kinda food too. So made this for both of us. And the outcome is really yummy.

This dish has no name as was an impromptu one.

Omelette with chicken livers, mushrooms and noodles!!!




Eggs – 2

Boiled Noodles – 1 and 1/2 cup

Chicken Livers – 1 or 2 pieces cut into small ones

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Fish Sauce – just a dash

Mushrooms – 5 pieces chopped

Onion – half of a medium sized one sliced

White Oil – 1 tbsp


✔ In a bowl beat two eggs and keep it separately.

✔ In a pan, pour one tablespoon. Heat it and put the chopped chicken livers on high with some salt.

✔ After a minute put sliced onions and stir fry it. Then add chopped mushrooms and stir them and fry them for 2 minutes with some salt and black pepper in them in medium heat.

✔ Now add the boiled noodles and mix it all along with a dash of fish sauce.

✔ Now after 30 seconds on high, pour the beaten eggs on them and spread the egg through out the pan by revolving the pan around.

✔ Now sprinkle some salt and pepper again on top and cover it with a lid.

✔ Cover cook it for 5 minutes on low heat.

✔ Serve hot.


P.S. I avoided chillies as its for my son who is only 9 years old. You can add chopped sausages, salami in it too. You can add chopped spring onion greens or coriander too if you want too or some parsley or basil!!! Feel free to experiment with the toppings you wish to add in as per your choice and taste buds. I added his favourites only. In case you don’t have fish sauce, skip it. I have a bad habit of including fish sauce as I love its taste 🤑🤑😁😁 Skip livers if you are not comfortable with it.


Do try it and let me know how it turned out for you. Share your feedback in the comment section and do add in if you have some suggestion for me to include in.


Thanks and Love


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