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How are you all doing? Well I know it must be same for all – scared for COVID19, scared for the uncertainty, scared for the financial crisis, and scared for what will be going to happen in next 2 months! 2020 is hell of a year undoubtedly. But then again, amidst this all, life moves on. Nothing stops time and life. Inspite of Corona, when the Universe didn’t stop expanding for a minute, how come we expect Life to stop and take a breath.

So that’s why, the shopping spree, even though purely online, didn’t die down. And that means feedbacks and reviews are all in the line to get articulated and posted to share and care.

Today I will be talking about Fragrances, of course you all guessed it by the heading!! And might be wandering which brand I might be talking about – Dior or Dolce Gabbana! Well these brands are already established and of course great. But today I am going to share the story about someone who transformed her dreams to a career on her own choice and talent.

I am talking about Shreya Sarkar, a simple woman. I came to know her from Facebook Communities. As many of you know, I have a little Facebook Community – #MakeoverLifestyleStories. There was a grand meet, that was organized last year in July. The theme was Disco and around 70 women met and had a grand party. More wanted to join but we had a limit due to the space crunch. Anyway, I met her on that day. It was only for 10 minutes but I still remember her clearly. She sponsored gifts that time for our dear members. I will always be grateful to her. She again gifted members in our Picnic that we organized with 30 women members in Bawali Farmhouse, in outskirts of Kolkata only. Wondering what she gifted???

Well her creation – her magic – her self created Perfumes!!! Yes she creates Perfumes herself. You might think, what’s there to rave about it as there are innumerable such brands. But I would say, yes there is a lot to say about her Perfumes. She started from Facebook Groups, promoting her perfumes and Coming on Lives. She participated in many exhibitions organized by groups like #BeingGorgeous and #BTM . And from there, there was no looking back for her. Yes the groups gave her the platform, but it was her talent and determination that made her successful. At no point, did her quality ever been compromised after achieving such heights and that was commendable.

Slowly we bonded. But being a blogger, I am very strict and I keep personal and professional lives separate. Honestly speaking, I am not a perfume hoarder. Rather I should say, I used to be one but not anymore, thanks to my son who didn’t like the smell of perfumes at all from childhood. Yes my son couldn’t take these smell at all. He used to feel dizzy and nauseous most of the times. So we couldn’t use, especially I couldn’t. In my teens and even in my college days, I remember hoarding local perfume brands from gift shops. I used to see my parents and my uncle and aunts to buy expensive ones from brands like Dior, Channel, etc. But these local brands used to attract me more. And after all these years, I understood I am still the same old me, loving local brands and feeling the urge to curate them.

I remember telling Shreya about how I wanted to buy her perfumes, as I tried her pocket perfume Gifty which was a gift in that group meet last year, yet was skeptical as I didn’t want to waste it as I might not be able to use it due to Rik. But then I bought one – Cigar and she gave another pocket sample – Jaybee. I loved them both of course. I am very picky to be honest and as it was an online shopping and due to different reasons couldn’t visit any exhibitions, I was confused on other variants. Meanwhile my dear friend Sneha, gifted me Eros. It was again beautiful. Then I really wanted to buy few more stuff and finally few weeks back, got my hands on Maravilosa, which was a recommendation by Samhita and a Cream Perfume – Deborah too. And along with that I got a beautiful gift from her and its name is Dulcet.

Let’s discuss the perfumes in details please!!

Cigar – The name is quite famous and many local brands used that name too. But hers is definitely special with a customized fragrance. It is a masculine perfume to be exact. The fragrance is musky and woody and very strong too. A little amount can create a powerful aura around you. And the most important point is that it stays very long which surprised me to be honest.

Eros – The name suggests itself – romantic, exotic and erotic – that’s how I would define this smell. And it made me nostalgic as it reminded me of my teen years and gift shops and local perfumes. The fragrance has a flowery note in it, it is very sweet. It’s like love at first sight!! And of course again stays super long. And the bottle looked so sexy with pinks and purples on it. I am Thankful to Sneha for this gift.

Gifty – Another perfume that reminded me of my high school days, crushes, birthdays, perfumes and memories. I need to restock it again for sure. And a little spritz lasts so long thus even if it was a small pocket perfume, still lasted over a year. It has a sweet flowery smell. Very romantic and aww worthy.

Jaybee – Even though came in small size, this is another one which again lasts so long. It has a musky note. Strong and beautiful at the same time.


Maravilosa – Samhita, my friend and sister from another mother, kept on saying that I need to buy this for sure if I purchase any fragrance. I had to listen to her. I placed the order without actually knowing the smell. And oh My My!!! I am pleasantly surprised. It is such a delightful smell. I instantly fell in love with it. It is very feminine indeed. I would say, buy it to experience it, to feel it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed at all. This one too is very long lasting.


Dulcet – This one is special. My Favourite undoubtedly! It has a beautiful feminine note to it. It came in a beautiful bottle too. I fell in love with that too. It stays for forever. It hugged my skin, making me smell beautiful, loved, cherished and warm too. It felt romantic and beautiful. Buy it to know it, to feel it and to experience it.

Deborah – This is a new launch. It is a cream perfume. A very innovative concept for me. I was intrigued to try it out. And I was not disappointed at all. I would say, this is my most loved one and a hot favourite too. This one came in the variant Deborah. It is flowery and feminine. It is a strong fragrance but the note is subtle enough, nothing overpowering. And stays again a long long time. I applied it on my wrist yesterday and washed a lot too yet there is still a hint of it after 24 hours. Thats very impressive for me!!!


Now there is a surprise waiting here. Thats not all that she caters. She has recently started creating cereals and protein bars, completely made at home, which means they are healthy for us. I bought Fruity Oats as my son loves muesli and oats in breakfast. I prefer to give him this in the morning loaded with fruits and dry fruits, milk and honey. I thought of trying her stuff out. And I am glad I did it. It tasted good and fresh. I ate it myself too. I am really happy with the purchases.

Her perfumes come in various shapes and sizes. You can get pocket perfumes and in bottles of 30ml, 60ml, 100ml. You can get amazing room freshners too from her.

Another interesting thing is how she invests so much of time to her passion, to make it better from yesterday every time. She recently created beautiful boxes, that she fondly termed as dressing her babies. She had to suffer a lot in this journey, she has been blatantly copied and faced a lot of hardship. She has a cute little kid. To see her journey with her baby, her life and how she is growing up each day – is inspirational in itself. I have immense respect for her. I wish her more success in life. You deserve all the appreciation.

I would say try it out to know what the brand Shreya’z Artistry Perfume is all about. If you have already tried then let me know in the comments below. Adding the links from where you can purchase or can contact her.

Shreya Sarkar

Shreya’z Artistry Perfume

Contact her in – +91 98364 92097

Her Facebook Group –https://www.facebook.com/groups/2328907587439980/?ref=share

Her Facebook Profile –http:// https://www.facebook.com/shreyasartistry.perfume

To catch her Live with her bonanza offers, you can join her group and my group too in Facebook, link of which is given below –https://www.facebook.com/groups/1710441192369262/?ref=share

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have bought products from her and the gift was her choice.

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Signing off with the hope of a safer and better Earth, considering the on going Pandemic. It’s a request to all Kolkatans and people in West Bengal, PLEASE STAY AT HOME, USE MASK, CARRY SANITIZER, PLEASE DO NOT GO PANDAL HOPPING. We need to survive this year first and then we can enjoy many more Durga Pujos in the near future.

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