Size Zero!!!! Whats that?!?! Oh My God!!! Does that even exist?? I mean thats okay, but isn’t it horrible to be size zero…just nothing…i mean zero is nothing right!!! Yes that was the reaction i practically showed,the very first time i encountered the terminology “Size Zero”. I practically fainted seeing the Size Zero waistline. It was so short, like it can actually pass through a bangle.

No…i am absolutely not jealous or envious of them. Why i even thought so?? Umm because there are people who think every fat, over weight, bulky and obese people are jealous of size zeros. Yes, i am one of the above. Happily fat and over weight and bubbly kind of a woman. Very much happy rather. I think being fat suits me and honestly i am very very lucky, yes lucky, i have to mention that, because i never faced criticism due to my over weight anywhere from anyone….be it friends from school, aunties and irritating kids from neighbourhood or typical conservative and broad minded relatives…and especially not from my family. Even i have to admit that i never faced complications in love affairs due to that….never i heard any of my boyfriends complaining about what i was like….and faced no problem in the time of my marriage!!! Oh, by the way, i had a love marriage and my dearest husband and his family accepted me just the way i was. I am surely blessed when i found all around me men and women face critical analysis of their bodies from everybody they meet.

There was a time when i was exercising and due to that reduced five kilos, my best friend told me that she doesn’t like me minus the five kilos. The exact words were, “Pom it doesn’t suit you! You look far better and you glow with those fats!!”said my best friend Pinks. My mom,my cousin sister, my dad and my granny used to say that i won’t look good if i reduce a lot of kilos. My aunties and gramps used to say that this is just baby fat till i got married!! I got married in 22. So just imagine how much they pampered me.

I won’t say that being fat or over weight is a great job. Of course not. But if you are even fat or over weight, that doesn’t mean that you are entitled to hear bullshit criticisms about your own body. I wont say being a size zero is wrong. If you are size zero without any effort, then its okay. But if you lived an anorexic life to attain it, then i have to say that i pitty you, even if the purpose behind it could be your job description or so.

I love to eat good qualititative food, i dont sleep early, i don’t drink loads of water, i don’t exercise in the morning everyday, i sometimes skip meals….basically i dont live a very disciplined life. So??? This is my life…my only life….where i get to decide what i intend to do or so. So if in greed to have the perfect figure, i have to sacrifice all my habits, whether good or bad, then it would be like living in a cage, a prison on someone else’s wish and rules. Why should it be when i am the sole owner of my own life?? I know doctors even who doesnt follow a disciplined life but of course lecture their patients to follow rules and live  discplined lives. I know nutritionists writing diet charts for obese patients even though they themselves are over weight.

For me a disciplined life should be of rules and disciplines strictly laid down fairly and logically by the owner of that life. Both a fat person and a size zero person are open to various kinds of diseases. Yes doctors and various researches predict that obese people are more prone to fatal diseases. Its okay, there is nothing wrong in keeping a tab on our own weight growth rate. What i believe is that losing or putting on weight should entirely be that particular person’s decision and it should not be affected and pushed due to some critical analysis by some relatives or that to impress  or get opposite gender or to fit in the so called society or to stop from making fun of yourself by others.

If we think that society will accept only when you have the perfect figure, neither fat nor anorexic, then i would say there is no need of such society whose existence depends on physical attributes. After all,its not like that perfect figure doesn’t have to endure the pains of heart breaks, diseases, betrayals and breaking of trust. And trust me when that society acclaimed perfect figures encounter all the above mentioned pains, they mostly endure them in solitude. So how does it really matter what the society has to say about the physical attributes of individuals. At the end of the day its you who has to face the mirror. If you love what you find out there, then rejoice it and cherish the feeling and work hard to maintain that feeling. But if you doesn’t approve what you see in the mirror, then you should start working hard to attain that thing that would make you love yourself. But no matter what you see in your reflection, fat, ugly,beautiful,skinny or whatever, you have to understand that and above all accept it and respect it and then start working on maintaining or attaining the goal in life. Thats really important.

One thing that men and women face the most is rejection for their marriages depending mostly on physical features. Oh my god, she is dusky and not fair, he doesn’t have a fit physique, he is too much dark in complexion, he or she is very short, oh my god he or she is fat and over weight, she doesn’t have sharp facial features, oh no she is not like miss universe and he is not Tom Cruise. I mean seriously!!!!!!????!!!!

What is the guarantee that the person choosing, deciding and criticising is miss or mr world???!!! Even if i consider that person being nearly perfect in every way, what is the guarantee that person won’t change into an obese cancer or diabetic patient after 10 years. So then should his or her spouse reject him or her on that basis of changing into imperfection!! So why rejecting and hurting sentiments without actually communicating at all. Thats sadistically gross. And to top that, these rejected brides and grooms keep on thinking that they actually are of no worth and value, as if marriage is like a measuring parameter to account their worths. Seriously!!! You really think its worth it. People think that marriage is the ultimate stepping stone. I mean how many times we use this typical words “stepping stone”. The very first was when we sit for Class10,then for Class 12, then when sitting for the ultimate Graduation Exams. No the list is still going on…..then comes the vital decision making time whether to choose marriage or Post-grads or being an employee in a good firm or starting a new business altogether. Stepping stone is a term referring to a monumental step taken towards a new life…the very first step towards transformation. Thats what i believe. So how could possibly there be so many stepping stones. And practically i dont consider “The Marriage” to be the stepping stone at all….its mere a phase, a way of life,which has been passed on from generations to generations that we need to marry to kick start our life with a legal companion. As if before that companion, we live merely a gross life without anyone to understand or support. Then why this enforcement upon individuals that he or she has to marry in order to presume a healthy social life. Of course the whole credit goes to our society. If he or she is not married then either they are homosexuals or they are inferior in quality or extremely snob and proudy or they are over ambitious and are greedy to earn money or of bad character. I wonder, even if he or she is all of the above, still why the headache of society whether he or she is married or not.

No this article is not about Marriage but about being fat or skinny…mostly being fat, as for skinny people there are still chances to get fatter easily, but yes its difficult to shed many of those extra kilos, when one keeps on thinking about gorging on that extra pure dark chocolate pastry or dominos extra cheese stuffed garlic bread and pepperoni pizza with a cheese bursting base. But i had to mention marriage, just to make those hurt, fatty and skinny batch realise that its not the end of the world. I would recommend everyone to buy the DVD of Ranbir Kapoor starrer movie Yeh Jawani Hai Diwaani, where he clearly objected on our cliched monotonous life of following a routine everytime every moment. Its high time we break that routine and spread out our imaginations to push ourselves to know our limits to handle extreme adventurous life. And thats only possible if you have immense respect and love towards your own self. So in order to achieve what you want irrespective of our so called guiding society, we need to shed our inhibitions, that too all kinds,of being fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful, tall or short…..and breathe the fresh air that is full of positivity,progress,freedom and love.

And there, all you fat,over weight,obese and skinny, size zero people start loving yourself and show and feel the self love and self confidence that yes we can conquer and rule the world just like that. No i was not born confident about myself , but yes these things never mattered much to me. But yes i did have inhibitions once, but after gaining experience and maturity, i did shed those mental blocks and not extra kilos from myself and now along with this article, I myself started believing and following whatever i wrote above. I have to admit i am surely feeling great and am ecstatic about my glowing self. So keep loving yourself and that will make others appreciate and love you, and if they don’t, even then who gives a damn!!!!!!!

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