Love is a strange thing. It gives an out of the world kind of feeling. When in love, one can happily endure every sort of pains also! When she was in love, she gave away everything possible that was with her! But when she got rejected, still she didn’t lose hope from life! At least, that’s what she told herself! Time passed by and she grew stronger and stronger claiming everything in her way– be it academic degrees or extracurricular activities. Her parents and near and dear ones felt proud of her, never knowing how much numb a person she  had turned into! Many proposals came and passed by, never causing much thrill!

Then came a person, who became her friend. He was not like the rest of the guys…he was more like the arrogant,daring,ruthless,fearless,rude,short tempered kind of a person! He was also very stubborn, determined and persistent about what he wanted in his life! He had an attitude and voice to convince people very easily. He was a great orator and a manupulator. He can dance and was completely mad. He was not the perfect man but what mattered to her most was that he was there with her. She felt very comfortable around him which made her in spilling out everything in her heart! She was herself surprised by her confession! This went on…he gradually pulled her out of her grief,despair and numbness. She started feeling everything that died years ago in her. She tasted the feel of touch, started gettting dependant on his words. He was like her talisman. One fine day, she realised that she was unconditionally, selflessly and irrevocably in love with him!

After a while, it was December again, their marriage was fixed and she was on cloud nine but still was nervous. She always thought that how could she be so lucky that all her dreams came true. She doesn’t deserve anyone so good! If that was the case then she wouldn’t have suffered rejections in her life long back! But still she clung to the fact that yes she was loved by a gem of a person…her personal Knight in a shining armour! The D day came and went, her personal Knight with varied shades scooped her away into perpetual light where she hoped that the sun never sets and its always bright and beautiful every moment of forever.

But do you all think that its true….i mean is she still in light and that she still living the best dream she ever can dream in actual…..??!!!…….

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