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Anyway, today’s post is an absolutely new venture for me. This is the start of reviewing various products, especially ones related to makeup in my blog site.

Today I am going to review about the very famous lip products catered by the famous U.S.A. cosmetic brand the Colourpop Cosmetics. The products are Colourpop Lippie Stix and Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip . Honestly, for the last 4 years I have been converted to a makeup lover and I try to do experiments with my look ranging from smokey eyes, winged eyes, cat eyes, eyes with golden shimmers, etc. along with nude lips and also very bright and bold colours in lipstick shade like red, coral, pink, fuschia, purple and various shades of plum and wine. I do try contouring and highlighting my face inspired by several you tube vloggers and bloggers.
Now coming back to today’s post, let’s discuss everything in detail.Firstly, Colourpop has their own website www.colourpopcismetics.com , from where you can fill your cart and place orders as along with domestic shipping, they have started international shipping too. Of course , you have to pay the shipping charges but then again there are offers that the company is giving all their clients, i.e., for an order of $30 and above, shipping is free in domestic one,i.e., this goes for mainland USA. And the next offer goes for free international shipping of products worth $50 and above. They cater various products in various shades. They even collaborate with celebrities to launch new products and limited editions. There are lipsticks, crayons, lipliners, liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, gel eye liners, eye shadows, blush on, contouring and highlighting products, pressed powders and the list goes on. Today my point of focus includes two categories: ultra matte lip, which are liquid lipsticks and lippiestix, which are lipsticks in tube form!!! We will be discussing the lippiestix first and then will concentrate on the ultra matte lip liquid lipsticks. I bought three products and got one free. This offer was going on the instagram seller Beautyshop_india site. And I went for it. These were in my bucket list for a long time but I wanted my first order to be on COD Mode of payment as I don’t always trust sellers on my first transaction. This insta seller was giving COD with an extra handling charge of Rs 140 only. So I ordered it up as soon as I saw it and within a week got my courier from them– these awesome products.

Colourpop Lippiestix:

Well Colourpop Lippiestix comes in various shades of red, pink, orange, purple, Violet, plum, and nudes too. I got two shades — one is Date Mate and the other one is Frenchie. Date Mate is a complete matte shade whereas Frenchie is more like a creamy matte one. Let me tell you here that Colourpop Lippiestix comes in matte X, matte, satin, creamy, glossy, hyper glossy finish. Being a matte lover my inclination goes back to matte ones only.

Packaging and Price:

Talking about packaging, the product comes in a slim, white self printed, long box with the names of the company and the product mentioned on it and the shade name mentioned in a sticker form at the bottom of the box. Here I should say that the lippiestix Date Mate comes in a slim but blue self printed and with hello kitty printed long box. Now the lippiestix itself is a slim, white tube and you need to twist it up for the lipstick to come out. As the lipstick is in slim format so it is very easy to cover all the nook and corners of the lips with precision making the job very easy. These are very easy to carry everywhere and anywhere. It takes not much place at all in your purse or handbag. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker that’s stuck on the bottom of the tube helping us to identify each and every shade very easily.

These are priced at $5 for 1.0 gram or 0.0352oz. of lipstick. Insta sellers are mostly charging Rs.600 for these goodies. At least Beautyshop_india charged me this.


Before starting, I would like to mention that due to different skin texture and complexion, colours do vary a tad bit in appearance. For everyone’s help, I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in shade NC 25. These colours would generally suit most of the complexions and wearing them will make your teeth look white indeed.


This one has a Matte X finish. The colour is a true pretty pink with blue undertones. It looks very rich , deep and luscious when applied properly and thanks to the tube stick for helping in precise application. In fact, one can easily skip a lipliner. In the swatches below, I didn’t use any lipliner underneath as I wanted to get the actual colours on my lips. It’s a vibrant colour and just the application of this colour will bring out the best in you making your face bright and glowing even on the dull days and even without any base or foundation.

It is insanely pigmented and one swipe does the work perfectly. With a single swipe it gives the actual colour out. It is insanely matte too, a lot like MAC’S retro matte finish. Being a matte lip lover, I absolutely adore this one and in a very short span it became my absolute favourite.

It stays on for a long time minimum 5 hours. It stayed put on my lips for 4 hours as I came back home and wiped it off and the duration was just above 4 hours from the time I wore it on. In between I had light meals but oily they were nonetheless. It surely didn’t affect my lip colour that much. When I drank a glass of water, I did find some transfers on the glass. So basically, it’s not completely transfer proof and it might start fading from the middle part of the lips if eaten heavy meals. Even though I didn’t have heavy oily meals, let me remind you that oily food are the biggest enemy of any kind of matte lip colours in fact any lip colours. And to be very honest I love to do touch ups in the restrooms while freshening up. So basically, I wouldn’t mind much even it fades away as I just heart this colour. Thank God I ordered this one on my friend Sukanya Ray’s advise.

To be honest, this one is drying but doesn’t crumbles or flakes out. Nothing that I noticed. Every matte lipsticks are drying and so it’s advisable to scrub your lips either by a brush or some scrub or Granulated Sugar and honey and then after rinsing you should heavily coat your lips with a lip balm or just coconut oil or olive oil. Then before applying the lipstick gently massage it in and then with a cotton wipe it off. Trust me you won’t notice too much dryness. At least I didn’t.


This is a colour again to die for. A perfect tomato red colour with a moist matte finish. It is red but as it is moist matte in nature so its not completely opaque. It is highly pigmented though. One swipe and you are good to go. For a more denser richer look you need another swipe for sure. And as it is a moist matte, it won’t leave your lips dry at all. You can see in the picture that there is a shine on the lips may be because of being moist matte. It can survive light meals and would leave uniformly after a heavy meal. It does transfers so it’s not a transfer proof lipshade. For this you don’t need to apply any lip balm. If you want this colour turn complete matte then dab some translucent Powder or bloat it on a tissue paper and dab some Powder to get the matte look. Without meals or with light snacks, this one won’t budge. It stayed on me for straight 4 hours, after which I wiped it off. Even then I didn’t feel any dryness at all. But yes as it’s so pigmented that’s why after heavy meals, it would be there on your lips but a touch up would make it look better.

Even though I have to agree that Frenchie is a beautiful colour that too in $5 or Rs 600 , but you can give it a miss as there are many similar shades already available in the market which could be almost hassle free buys. My only negative about this product is that it’s not a true matte like Date Mate. Being a matte lover, even though moist mattes protect our lips from dryness, the craving for absolute matte finish would never die. And this colour could have been a top notch one if it had a Matte X formula. That’s just me and my love for mattes. Please ignore and I would say a must buy for lipstick lovers.



Now we will be discussing the Ultra matte Lip Liquid lipsticks in this section. My apologies for this post being so long. But I wanted to fit all four reviews in one single post. It will help the viewers like me to get the review from one page only instead of searching here and there. Thats entirely my belief!!!


These Colourpop Ultra MATTE Lip ones are basically liquid lipsticks and the name itself gave it away about it’s finish,i.e., ultra matte. Yippee!!! Like true matte, sealed and done with kinda matte!!! Colourpop gave numerous shades on this category with hues of reds, oranges, nudes, pinks, burgundy, wines, plums, more darker shades. Basically you name it and they will deliver you whatever you ask for.

Packaging and Price:

Well they come in slim, white, elongated shaped box with the company and product names written on the body. The ingredients of the product too are added in this packaging. The shade name is written on a sticker that’s at the bottom of the box. You open the box and would find the liquid lipstick in a long transparent and high end looking plastic tube with a silver, twist cap which is the holder of the applicator. The product name and shade name is pasted on the body and at the bottom respectively.

The net weight of these products are 3.2 g /0.1128 oz. And this range is priced at $6 in their Colourpop website and are sold at Rs.700 by instagram sellers. At least I bought them at this rate from #Beautyshop_india. The doe foot applicator is a very good one that comes handy as it covers all the nook and corners of the lips. Thanks to this, the application became very easy indeed.


Before starting, I would like to mention that due to different skin texture and complexion, colours do vary a tad bit in appearance. For everyone’s help, I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in shade NC 25.



Lychee is a beautiful colour. Honestly I didn’t expect it to turn out to be this gorgeous, especially on me. Moreover, this is the first time that I have used such a vibrant colour or should I say a colour of this tone. It’s a purple colour with pink undertones. It is a great shade and will suit us all from fair to dusky complexion. This lipshade makes your face look brighter even on those gloomy dull days. In fact you can pull this lippie off just like that without any foundation and just with some mascara and Kohl if needed. A dab of concealer under the eye area won’t hurt for sure. All these in just one swipe let me tell you as this lippie is insanely pigmented as a matter of fact.

After application, it takes maximum 20 to 25 seconds to dry down and to settle in a retro matte finish. And you need to be carefully quick with your first swipe. We always tend to move our wand for a second and third swipe even after getting a perfect pout…thats in our nature. But in this case, it’s advisable to avoid it, as it dries down so quickly that other swipes might turn it into flaky mostly disrupting the smooth texture of the beautiful lips. Trust me you won’t need a second swipe as these are insanely pigmented giving you a perfect colour in a single swipe. But work it out carefully along the corners and borders of lips.

The formula is of retro matte, very much alike the usual liquid lipsticks. It gives an opaque matte texture. Warning is that and this goes for all the liquid lipsticks that they are very much drying. Matte=drying; so Retro/Ultra Matte = Super Retro/Ultra Drying. So you just need to follow the lip routine ,i.e., scrub-moisturise, before and after application. It won’t set in fine lines if scrubbing and moisturising are done properly. It does flakes sometimes but after 6/7 hours. While wearing it, you won’t feel anything as it’s very light in nature.

It stays for a long long time. If you didn’t eat any oily food then trust me this lippie won’t even budge from their place and you need to remove them if you want to get rid of it. Yes with heavy meals it will start fading from the centre first. Else it’s hard to budge it from its place. A minimum of 6/7 hours goes for this beauties that’s for sure. You need an oil based remover to wipe the lippie off your lips. I always use coconut or olive oil to remove my makeup from both face and lips. I take oil on my finger and start rubbing it on my lips in circular motion giving it a little massage and then with a wet or dry tissue paper or cotton ball wipe it off. Immediately after this I scrub my lips with a toothbrush followed by the same coconut or olive oil appled thickly on my lips.

We all love matte lipsticks and we know how dry they could be to give that opaque pigmented pout. And we also know the consequences of that leaving dry chapped lips. So the key is to take care of your lips in order to wear more matte colours in the future. Simple!!! A colour worth trying for sure!!!


Notion is another dark and vibrant and bold colour that I added recently to my stash. It’s a liquid lipstick again from Colourpop Cosmetics. It is a colour surely to die for. It goes well with the current trend of celebrities wearing this colour and alike. It’s a deep burgundy plum winey shade with red undertones. At times it might look dark brown but actually it is a deep wine shade with red undertones. I never ever used this type of colour and was very much sceptic about using it. But recently saw Priyanka Chopra sporting a similar colour in the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony in Hollywood, where she presented and hosted wearing a golden deep plunge neckline gown and minimal makeup and hair left open. She was looking breathtaking of course. And out of all, what caught my eyes was her dark pout for sure.

And luckily when I got my lippie parcel from Beautyshop_india, I was pretty much stunned with the colour. Before ordering notion, I checked the review and swatches over the net and thought of experimenting with the colour. When I got it and saw the colour in the tube, honestly I got scared as it was so dark. And was in doubt whether I can pull it off or not. But then wore it once and fell in love with the colour. It’s like love at first swipe. It brightens up the face in a jiffy. Honestly, when you are in a hurry and you have to go out yet from inside you just want to hide under that blanket or want to dive into that unfinished book, wear this colour even without a lipliner, apply some concealer if having under eye dark circles, line the eyes if you want to and apply generous coats of mascara and you are good to go. This colour just like the other colour Lychee, brightens up your face.

It’s insanely pigmented. One single swipe does the work. It gives an opaque matte look within seconds after application. The formula is similar to that of Lychee of course. This one doesn’t crumbles or flakes at all nor do they show any fine lines if proper care are taken prior to the application of the lipstick. Once applied, it won’t budge until heavy oily meals. After intake of oily meals, it starts fading from the centre as always. If you are thinking of touching it up , Don’t!!! It’s advisable to wipe it off first with an oil based remover and a tissue and then applying it on freshly. You have to use an oil based remover to remove it. I have used coconut or olive oil for that and the process is similar to the one I mentioned above.

It stays pretty long like for minimum 6/7 hours. I usually wipe my lipsticks off after that, as they are drying in texture,and so it does tend to give that drying feeling. You can apply a balm in that case but I prefer to massage it off.
So a must try-it-out shade it is again. I am so happy that both the colours are beautiful, vibrant, bold, deep and rich in texture. And Oh by the way both of them are kiss proof, i. e., transfer proof. I didn’t see any transfer on my spoon or glass from which I drank water wearing them. So girls go ahead and have that much awaited kiss with these on!!! LOL!!! 😂😂😂😗😗😍😍
So there goes my personal take on the lippiestix and ultra matte lip from Colourpop Cosmetics. These are my thoughts completely explained in my own way. My apologies if you all find any mistakes. This is my first step to another genre other than food and recipe blogging. I hope to improve more day by day and for that I need all of yours advice and suggestions. So do not forget to mention it in the comment section below.



1. The packaging is very much travel friendly. You can easily put it in your bag and carry it everywhere.
2. The texture of Date Mate is pure matte and that of Frenchie is moist matte. Both doesn’t flake or crumbles.
3. Stays for a long time. Need to remove with oil. Scrubbing and moisturising are must.
4. Colour pay off of both are fabulous. Richly pigmented. One single swipe gives opaque finish. Very vibrant colours and can be pulled off by any complexion.
5. Very much affordable and worth every penny for this quality.

1. DATE MATE is drying like any retro matte lipstick. Extremely drying but nothing that a proper exfoliation can’t beat.
2. Availability is a tad bit of a problem. They are available directly from their website but it comes with a shipping charges. It’s better to order in bulk as the company gives good offers on them. You can trust on the instagram sellers and place your orders with them. I prefer COD Mode of payment always. So this insta seller Beautyshop_india does give this option which attracted me to place my orders with them in the first place. So you all can try that out.


1. Awesome colour pay off in a single swipe due to its rich Pigmentation.
2. Very much affordable with high end product quality. Value for money indeed.
3. Easy to carry everywhere in your bag.
4. Texture is that of retro matte giving an opaque finish. It doesn’t weigh your lips down.
5. Comes in vibrant colours that brightens up your face like Christmas.
6. Doesn’t budge at all the entire day. Only oily meals can tamper them. It doesn’t flake or crumbles most of the times if the lips are exfoliated properly before application. Need to remove with an oil based remover.
7. Easy to use doe foot applicator.

1. These are definitely very much drying so proper exfoliation and moisturisation is a must.
2. Availability is a tad bit of a problem.

They are available directly from their website but it comes with a shipping charges. It’s better to order in bulk as the company gives good offers on them. You can trust on the instagram sellers and place your orders with them. I prefer COD Mode of payment always. So this insta seller Beautyshop_india does give this option which attracted me to place my orders with them in the first place. So you all can try that out.

I know there are many reviews available from various bloggers and you can avail the YouTube videos too. Here I have shared my personal opinion using these products personally many a times. And I didn’t get these for any promotional purpose by the company. I bought them for my personal use completely.
I know this review is a big one but this is my first post on this genre and I definitely would improve from the next time. That’s the purpose of my blog Improv and Explore, where I explore uncharted Territory and improvise accordingly. So please show some love here!!!

Please let me know where I went wrong and also share what you think about my post. Also if you have already used these goodies or you are using some other shades, share that too below in the comment section. Like my post and my page if you feel like and do share more and more my post in your social networking sites.

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