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I am back after a big gap. A lot to catch up – yes! No, it was not like I was sitting idle at home. Honestly speaking a lot happened starting the year with COVID19, followed by extreme weakness, then my son’s offline school started and after almost two years, he gave the annual examination offline. Yes it was huge as due to online classes, these kids suffered hugely and they themselves became reckless in studies. Then there was this Grand Meet organised by my Facebook Community – Makeover Lifestyle Stories – which took more than a month to organise. There were back to back contests and prizes and so much more! Now Rik is in Class 9, so you can understand how crucial these coming two years are.

Amidst this, we have to live and party too. Went to a disc with my friends turned family after ages & enjoyed so much at Roxxy. We also went for a short two nights trip to the beaches – Mandarmani with Sumit’s childhood friends. I had so much fun in the pool and the bonus was our very own private beach where we went at around 3 at night too! 

Now coming back to this article today, well it would be a skincare article, am sure you got the hint from the title! Well today I will be reviewing four new skincare products that I received from Bipasa Bandopadhyay, the owner of the brand. Yes it is kind of a collaboration post. Yet I can assure you whatever I will share here would be 100% true & honest. Skincare is something which I am a fan of and as I follow a regular routine, I don’t like to experiment a lot. I do my research work properly before using any new product and I am very careful before trying out anything that I get in my PR package. That is why I am very particular with my reviews too. I even told her that I will use it for minimum 21 days and then only will provide my honest feedback. 

So let’s talk about this brand. I know Bipasa from Facebook communities. For the last 3 years I have known her as the owner of her brand – Elysian – Naturally Crafted by Bipasa. It is her own skincare brand, created with proper research and utmost honesty with natural ingredients. As the name suggests, Elysian is all about the naturally crafted products which are not harmful for our skin primarily. It concentrates on the healing of the skin from the pollution and ongoing climatic changes. 

Over the years, I have heard many reviews about her products – some good and some not so good also. Recently she reached out and asked me to try out her products. I need to be honest that she didn’t ask me to fulfill any kind of deliverables. She just asked me to use the products and give her the feedback. I am the one who decided to share my experience with everyone. She asked me about any kind of skin issues that I was facing then. I told her that I was facing some issues like, dry cheeks, flaking, red bumps on my cheeks and below the hairline & red rashes around the nose whenever my skin gets exposed to heat. 

She had sent me the following :

  • Tango Curdy Detan Facewash
  • Mistyy Calendula Toner 
  • Pretty Thirty Anti-aging & Glow Serum
  • Heavenly Cucumber Gel

To Start With –

Packaging :

I am quite impressed with the packaging. The packaging was a mixed bag of plastics and glass. The serum & the gel came in a glass bottle & jar whereas the facewash and the toner came in plastic bottles. The pump in the dispenser was pretty effortless to pour the products. All the ingredients and usage details along with expiry date and price mentioned properly on the covers. 

Price :

Tango Curdy Detan Facewash : Rs 499 for 100ml

Mistyy Calendula Toner : Rs 375 for 100ml 

Pretty Thirty Anti-aging & Glow Serum : Rs499 for 30ml

Heavenly Cucumber Gel : Rs 349 for 100gms

These products are all non-toxic, plant based, cruelty free & ISO Certified.

Now I will brief you with details choosing individual products. 


So this is a face wash to clean the face of course. You will get 100ml of products at Rs 499. Read on to know whether it is worth it or not. This is a detanning face wash. I get tanned pretty easily all the time in spite of using doctor prescribed sunscreen lotion with spf 50+. 

This product is supposed to take away the tan. Of course that is not possible with just one application or two. Really that can’t happen so don’t even think about it. Consistent repeated application will only result in noticeable changes. I used this facewash for the last 25 days and based on that I am going to share my honest experience. 


Tomato, honey, orange, sandalwood, milk, turmeric, licorice, papaya, vitamin e beads. 


You need to take the required amount on your palm, rub and create foam and then lather on your face and neck. Rinse off with water. 

Description by the Brand:

This facewash helps to maintain your face & gives a glowing clean look. 

My Experience:

After using it for a couple of days, I noticed a fresh & clean glow on my face. After every wash, unlike many facewashes, it doesn’t leave a dry skin even though it did take away all the dirt and pollution that was stuck on my face. And no wonder it left a good fresh and clean glow even after so many days of using it as it is packed with the goodness of tomato, honey, milk, papaya, orange, sandalwood and vitamin e. All these ingredients are very good in repairing the skin and I get to use these everyday packed in one magical facewash. These ingredients are quite famous for taking away the tan and keep the skin hydrated while taking away the greasy dirt, gifting a clear glowing skin.

Rating: 4 / 5


I am very fond of toners and mists. It instantly hydrates the skin in any weather conditions. So I always carry a toner or a mist in my handbag. This particular one became my favourite. Plus Mistyy, which is 100ml in quantity at Rs 375, contains the goodness of calendula. Toner is very much an essential product for toning the skin just after cleansing your face with a facewash. It balances the pH carefully. 


Marigold extract, witch hazel, calendula extract, calendula petals & essential oils. 


Wash your face and pat dry. Then spray the toner all over your face and let it dry. 

Description by the Brand: 

Mistyy tones, purifies and prevents breakouts. 

My Experience: 

Toner is an essential product and I use it thoroughly. It keeps my skin hydrated maintaining the pH balance too. Mistyy is suitable for all sensitive skins and so anyone can use it. Calendula has many benefits as it has anti-inflammatory properties and can help calm redness and ease skin discomfort. Calendula when used on dry skin, it heals and moisturises the skin. When used regularly, it brightens up the skin too while keeping it hydrated. After using it for so many days, I have indeed seen the red rashes calming down. As I was facing dry, flaky skin issues, I think it helped my skin in regaining hydration too. So it is quite beneficial for me. 

Rating: 4.5 / 5


Serums are basically light, easily absorbed water or oil based liquids that we apply on our face. The serums are fused with ingredients to treat specific issues also. Like in this one, it has been created with anti-aging properties and to give a glow, which means it gives the skin hydration too. With this you get 30ml of the product at around Rs 499. 


Watermelon seed oil, pomegranate extract, geranium oil, black pearl protein, AGH, bio retinol, coenzyme Q10, ceramide, silk protein, peptide, marine collagen.


Pump out a little amount as serums are usually concentrated ones and don’t need a lot of amount at all. Rub on the palm and dab on the face. 


It hydrates and gives a glow to the face. 

My Experience: 

Well I have been using it for nearly a month. As I am using the whole routine suggested by Bipasa, I can see a noticeable change. This serum definitely enhanced a glow keeping my skin properly hydrated. For the anti-aging part, well it will take some time and it will continuously work on and will be reflected later on in my 50’s and 60’s. The goodness of the ingredients are quite evident as my red bumps stopped from appearing again and again. In fact the spots faded too. My face looks clean and clear. 

Rating: 4 / 5 


I am quite fond of this particular gel. I use aloe vera gel too. The gel formulation is best for summers, especially to treat rashes which are usually found from heat, sweat and allergies. I used to use a lot of aloe vera gel. But this summer I am using this cucumber gel and I must say, I am impressed! It comes in a jar and is 100gms which lasts for a pretty long time. So at Rs 349 it is quite a catch!  It is


Cucumber extract, chamomile extract, sugar cream extract.


Use on the face and rub gently. Follow it up with a moisturiser. For best results use daily. 


Calms down the face, reducing red rashes. 

My Experience: 

Elysian’s Heavenly Cucumber Gel is a gel formulated to treat red rashes and mostly inflamed skin parts. It calms and soothes the skin maintaining proper hydration too. As the ingredient list suggests, the cucumber acts as the key component to calm down the skin irritation and rashes. It curbs down the heat on the skin and provides cool and freshness. I have been using it for more than a month now.

I have noticed my red rashes are pretty less these days as I use it on a regular basis twice. My face turns red and pink, especially the cheeks, whenever exposed to extreme heat, sunlight and even when I cook. In this hot and humid weather, due to heat, I often rub my face to wipe clean the sweat and that acts as a trigger point for the red rashes to appear too. But I faced it a lot less for the last 2 weeks and I think the reason is this cucumber gel. 

Rating: 4 / 5

My overall experience is really good with these 4 products. Whatever issues I was facing, I saw that got reduced in just 21 days. I am happy that I listened to Bipasa as I was really worried with the issues on my face as that was not very usual for me. I would definitely recommend the products of Elysian to everyone reading this article as they are very much effective and budget friendly too. 

Where to Find? 

You can take consultation from Bipasa to treat your skin issues. And also contact her directly on her number : 98307 23488

Elysian has its own website from where you can place the order! Here is the link :-


So that’s that! Do let me know what you think about this article. What do you prefer when you face red rashes?  I would really like to know! Share your thoughts in the comment section to know better. 

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