Hello Everyone!!! I was looking for budget friendly eyeliner pencils for different shades for quite some time. So after searching a lot in Nykka app, finally chose two shades White & Gold from the L.A.Girl Eyeliner Pencil range. So let’s discuss about their price, colour pay off and total it off to know whether they are value for money of not.


PRICE : Rs. 250 for 1.3gm

“L.A. Girl Cosmetics is a renowned US based brand that focuses on meeting the beauty needs of every woman. They have a wide range of on-trend, innovative and high quality products for makeup enthusiasts all across the world.” — quoted from Nykaa.


Eye definition becomes easier and more exciting with L.A. Girl Eyeliner Pencil. This versatile, long lasting and highly pigmented eye pencil glides on smoothly and helps you achieve various looks from bold to dramatic.

With the most extensive color selection available, you will have the variety you desire, all year round.

1. New and improved eye pencils that glide on smoothly.

2. Offers long-lasting results.

3. Extensive range of colors to choose from.

4. Smudge-proof.


The texture is definitely matte-ish. A subtle sheen can be seen due to the natural oil secretion of our eyes. I won’t say the colour pay off is mind blowing but yes it does the work in 2 to 3 swipes. I mainly use the white one to brighten up my lower lash line or water line to give the eyes a wake up feel. It’s not a neonish white colour. It’s pretty much subtle giving a natural look.

The gold one I have used on my waterline mainly and also on my upper lid just to give some natural sheen on the lids. It’s a pale gold colour so almost like my skin colour and can easily give an extra pop to my eyes. Both of them glide smoothly and very easy to play with. You can start light handedly and can build up from there. I personally love the gold one more than the white one. It accentuates my eyes and make them look brighter and cleaner.

The company does not provide any sharpener. But you can use any sharpener to sharpen them. In Rs. 250 you are getting 1.3gm with above average colour pay off. Plus it doesn’t really smudge.

Of course any liner would smudge if rubbed frequently. Keeping a white and a gold eyeliner along with black ones are very much essential as the application of them can change your tired eye looks completely.


1. Easily available online at Nykaa Here .

2. Easily glides in.

3. Long lasting.

4. Almost smudge proof.

5. Above average colour pay off.

6. Reasonable price.

7. Value for money.


1. You have to build up from going light. So the colour pay off could have been more.

P.S. Am eyeing the browns and the blues from their range.

So that’s all for now. Will catch up soon with many more reviews.

Love and Hugs


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