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Many of my friends often ask me about smudge proof Kajal or eyeliners. Well there are many good stuff in the market being smudge proof in affordable price range. And out of all I have my favourites too.

Nykaa is a staple online site for shopping with a tap of our fingers these days. And for many months they have launched their own set of cosmetic products. Out of many I tried my hands on their Kajal and eyeliner after hearing their reviews. I bought Nykaa EyeM Black Kajal and Nykaa Rock The Line Eyeliner and got a sharpener free with the Eyem one.

SO let’s see what my thoughts are on them !!!


This is the Kajal pencil with which they are giving a free sharpener (and of course I can’t find out the sharpener due to my messy dresser).

Price : Rs. 375 (right now available at Rs. 338 after 10%discount)


Here’s a winning combination! Nykaa’s EyeM Black Kajal Gel Kajal brings you the luxe gel finish in the ease of the pencil! This creamy, no-tug eye pencil can be used along the lash line, or extended to create a dramatic eyeliner flick with its blackest black pigment. Its waterproof and smudge proof formula glides on effortlessly and the rich black pigments stay put for a perfect, intense dark line that lasts all day and all night!

  • Made In Europe
  • Intense black color
  • Super long stay
  • One stroke application
  • Soft and creamy core for easy application
  • Excellent and even color payoff
  • Suitable as eyeliner and Kajal

Nykaa EyemBLACK Kajal Kajal is parabens and preservative free. It is Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested and approved. It is free of any animal derived ingredients.Nykaa EyeM Black Kajal comes with a German precision sharpener, so that your flick is on-point at all times!


Well this is my first gel Kajal pencil. Before this I always used gel Kajal from the pot one. This is a nice kajal with a very dark intense black colour. The finish is a matte one. It comes in the form of a sleek slim pencil which is easy to hold and you can carry anywhere in your pocket or bag.

I personally liked the black colour as its pretty much intense. The application is very much easy and creamy too. It really glides smoothly. It doesnt hurt your eyes too. It settles down to a matte texture. But yes it’s not smudge proof for sure. It does smudge more on the lower lash line and waterline as they are more oily than the upper lid or lash line. It settles in a matte finish in 10seconds after application.

You can easily wipe it off with wet wipes or any makeup remover. Nykaa provides you with a sharpener and it definitely helps to sharpen the Kajal pencil. But I noticed one thing, after finishing half of it, the product in the pencil tends to break more. May be this is my fault while putting too much pressure when sharpening.

This one is best for black smokey eyes look. They can easily be smudged and blended with fingers and brush both. Things to take care of while wearing this one is that you can rub the eyes too often. If you do it might give you raccoon eyes.

The price is pretty much reasonable according to me. It also stays for a long time if not frequently rubbed. It gives a neat look with an intense black matte colour in one stroke. So you don’t have to over do it.

Even though it’s smudgeable, you can easily smudge proof it with some application of black eyeshadow on top of it. Thats the tip of the day.

Overall Likes and Dislikes :


1. Reasonable price.

2. Jet black colour.

3. Matte finish.

4. Best for smokey eye look. It even gives a clean liner look.

5. Easily available on the online NYKAA store Here .

6. Lasts long if not frequently rubbed.

7. It’s paraben free too.


1. Smudgeable if I have to be really picky as most Kajal are smudgeable. Expectations are high with this as it is a gel Kajal.

2. The product in the pencil breaks while sharpening.

RATE : 4/5


This is a retractable pen liner and you are getting 0.35gm in it.

Price : Rs. 199 (available in the site at Rs.169 after a discount of 15%)


Stay gorgeous at all times with Nykaa’s Rock The Line Kajal. Formulated to give you intense all day wear, it delivers triple-black pigment! Packed with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and C, this waterproof Kajal glides on effortlessly. No tugging, budging or smudging! Say hello to your new favorite.

  • Made In Europe
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof formula
  • Enriched with Vitamin E & C
  • Rich color pay-off


Well I really like this product. It’s absolutely jet black in colour. It gives a matte texture after 10 seconds from application. It glides smoothly. You can easily do a neat wing liner with a brush with this liner. It’s very much long lasting.

Its smudge proof on the upper lid. It won’t budge from the place and can be removed with an oil based makeup remover only (at least that happened with me). On the lower lid and water line, due to oil secretion, it can smudge at times and this is natural with every Kajal or eyeliners in this world plus of course it will smudge if you go on rubbing every 15 minutes.

It is completely worth the money and honestly you can avail discounts and redeem points everytime to get it in lower price.

It stayed put on my upper lash line for more than 12 hours. So I frequently use this one. And the plus is just one stroke of it gives an intense colour


1. Reasonable price.

2. Jet black colour.

3. One stroke colour pay off.

4. Smudge proof mostly.

5. Stayed for more than 12 hours on me.

6. Matte finish.

7. It’s paraben free.

8. Available easily on Nykaa store Here .

9. As it’s in a pen shape and is retractable so no wastage of product and slim pen helps in tight and easy gripping of it.


1. It does smudge a little on the waterline that’s again me being extremely picky.

RATE : 4.5/5

So that’s what I have to say about the two products. Nykaa actually is coming up with great products. So which products did you buy from Nykaa and how much discounts did you get??? Do share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.

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