It all started from Class , South Point School. Till Class 9, we never shared the same section even. I was in A and she was in D section. Yet we were the best of the friends from day one. We are the partners in crime. Every single day we used to talk over phone and also in the tiffin time. We went to same teachers, her father used to drop me from school for a long time. We have soo many episodes of laughter and tears. We knew about our first crushes about our first loves. Many came between us. She is a possessive to the core person, envied all who used to talk with me and if i ever chatted with some other girls, she used to fume. She envied her sister too as i gelled with her too much. Then when she came down to my sec A in class 9, i thought i am in cloud nine!!! I was the one who


witnessed her insane love for her hub from day one, i was the one who pushed her to propose him, i was the one who stood as a pillar when all the marriage fiasco happened. About us, She has always been restless impatient and frickle minded one and i have always been more patient silent type. Then there came a phase when we had to separate due to misunderstandings and also due to different fields of studies. The misunderstanding almost killed our friendship, we thought then. But actually we didnt realise then that our friendship is skin deep. We are soulmates. Sisters from different parents. Many came and many went by, but we kept on craving for each others presence in life. The space the hole that our gap created was beyond tolerance level. Finally the day came when we shedded all our egos and past differences and all other miscommunications and started recreating what we used to share before. Pinks i wont lie i wouldnt have initiated if not for Sumit to push me to re- establish what we lost. He only ever went to your place only. I am a very closed person. I dont have loads of friends. I dont like to talk with all too that much. I only be myself with the one i feel genuinely for. Me and pinks started off slowly without letting anyone know as we believed many envied our friendship. We moved on one step at a time. We never pushed each other to step on each others comfort zone. She at one time got angry as i couldnt be in her marriage properly , my reason was i was pregnant then. But i didnt explain anything to her. We used to chat or talk once in a month or so giving enough space to each other. Space to breathe is important in all relationships i guess. I understood her from the beginning, but when she became a mother, after that she started empathising about limitations in life after marriage and baby. Yoz can say her son Kush sealed the last deal between us making our soul inseparable. That day when we empathised about all our hardships, that day we became soulmates. Now we dont even have to talk or chat or utter a word to make the other one understand what phase we are going through. Now we took the blood oath to be remain connected through our hearts and minds, no matter what ,not letting us affect for any other outwardly intrusions. Touchwood!!! Even now when i am all alone without Sumit, Pinks you are the only one who took care of me every moment dedicating the exact lines i needed to hear everyday and night. I love you baby. I know reading all these, a tear or two will drop well it happened with me too, but trust me baby its so worth it. Even if its a dull day, i felt good when i had a talk with you in the morning. Thank you God and thank you Pinks for being there. Please dont let anything ome between us. I will always love you no matter what. Your place is sealed and can never share it with anyone. Live it your side of the promise. Else i might kick you on your delectable derriere for quick mindcheck!!! 

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