Hello,  Namaste, Pranaam, Sasriyakaal, Salaam and a big big thank you to one and all for liking my recipes and my blog. It made me super happy when I got loads of appreciation from you all.

This is not just a blog where I share recipes and write stories, but this is a passion that stir me up from the core and gives me a positive path on those gloomy depressive days.

So enough of the heavy talk,  lets head back to my kitchen to learn more of the easy,  time saver, party saver recipes that can make you nothing less than a master chef.  Today’s recipe is not my invention. The whole credit for the popularity of this dish goes to my Sister -in-law, my cousin brother’s wife, Sahelidi.  I know her from childhood and she is of course a sweetheart. More as she shared the secret of Soya Chicken Wings.

Actually,  last year we (my hub, my son and me) went to their home to attend my nephew’s birthday party. They invited Reeth, my nephew’s, friends and us only. And everything from starter to dinner till desert were made by my brother and sister-in-law at home. My brother ,Indranil Roy (Babinda) ,is a chef by the way!!! Yes i know thats such an advantage to taste occasional new cuisines at the comfort of their home. So in starter there was Soya Chicken Wings, in dinner there was homemade pasta with pork in brown sauce (trust me that tasted awesome) and in desert there was fusion Tiramisu.  I love these kind of food too much.  Out of all,  the soya chicken wings attracted me and my hubby the most and of course to satisfy our tummy at home, I asked for the recipe. Sahelidi willingly shared and it made my day, night,  parties hosted at home and also outside too.

Trust me guys, its super easy to make and awesome in taste. If you try this recipe out at home, your friends and families will finish every servings in record time. These days, all my friends swear by this recipe every where.  Let me warn you about one thing, whenever you make it, keep it in mind to make it in bigger amounts to suffice the taste buds apart from just the hunger.

Few things to keep a tab on:

1.) Originally this recipe was made with chicken wings.  But i often make it with the rest of the pieces of chicken,  as sometimes only chicken wings that too in large numbers ain’t always available. Trust me there’s no compromise done in the taste at all.

2.) Sahelidi also adds Ajinomoto in this dish.  I skip this step as, I have a child at home and when we invite friends, they bring their little kids too. And i think it might be harmful for the kids to feed them ajinomoto through food. I consumed both, with and without ajinomoto, trust me i at least didn’t notice any difference at all.

3.) Its okay if you don’t have chicken with skin. Actually, the skin retain the juices while the chicken gets cooked, keeping the chicken juicy and succulent. But if you don’t have it, be assured no issues to that.

Now lets focus on the recipe at hand. Lets get started in my kitchen to prepare Soya Chicken Wings.


1. Chicken Wings – 6-8pieces (depends on how many you want. I needed this much that day. Please note that all the other ingredients would be according to the number of chicken you are using)

2. Dark Soya Sauce – 1cup (this is the main ingredient so you need to increase the amount with an increase in the number of pieces in the chicken)

3. Black Pepper Powder – 2 tbsp (mostly depends on how hot you want your chicken to be in taste, adjust it accordingly)

4. Salt – as per requirement ( please use it carefully as soya sauce is added in this preparation and it contains salt already)

5. Onions – 3 medium sized pieces cut in ringlets and separated

6. Green Chillies – 8-9 whole pieces finely chopped (depends on how hot you want to eat, we love it hot thus that number)

7. Oil – White Oil for shallow frying

8. Ajinomoto – 1tsp ( optional and i didn’t use it here, just mentioned as it was there in the original recipe)


1.) Clean and towel dry the chicken pieces first and take them in a bowl. This is a habit that i always do is to Pierce the chicken pieces with a fork so that the marination penetrates well into the chicken.

2.) Now add the soya sauce and mix well. It should be like the chicken pieces would be soaked in the soya sauce. So add more if you feel like.



3.) Add the black pepper powder into it. Freshly crushed is preferred more than store bought ones. I use freshly crushed ones always.

4.) Add some salt if needed. Usually i taste the marination and then add it if required. Trust me tasting the marination is very much needed and important to know the taste of the marination, whether it needs anything else or not.

5.) Usually as per the original recipe ajinomoto was added in this part into the marination. Ajinomoto or tasting salt only enhances the taste of the preparation nothing else. Most of the restaurants generaly use it. But if you Google about this product, you can see its banned in many countries as it can cause damage to children and can cause cancer. But then you never know.

6.) Mix all well and put it in the refrigerator, covered for an hour or as per time you have. I kept it for 2 hours. I usually marinate it in the morning and take it out in the evening to fry them up.

7.) Now cut the onions in rings and separate out each rings and chop the chillies too.

8.) Marinate the chicken pieces for say an hour. More the merrier. But its okay if you have got only fifteen minutes to marinate too. What to do if guests turned in without notice.

9.) Now heat a deep bottom pan and add oil into it. Remember we will be doing shallow fry and not deep fry, so add oil according to that and the number of chicken. Do not add much oil as neither its required nor healthy plus chicken release their own fat too. Another thing is you can use any white oil. Like vegetable oil, soya oil, even olive oil and canola oil too. Here i have used canola oil.

10.) Pour the chicken pieces one by one along with the marination in the pan. Toss and turn it once in high for a minute. Now turn the flame to minimum and cover and let it cook. No water needed as chicks will release water too. Keep checking in between whether its done or not.

11.) Say after 12-15 minutes took off the cover, and you will see lot of water. Put a knife in the chicken to see if its boiled perfectly or not. If its done then now is the time to reduce the water in the gravy. If not then cook a little more.


Mine was done within 12 minutes and then i turned the flame into high mode to reduce the gravy.

12.) When you see the gravy coming to 2/3 rd of what there was before, add the onion rings and chopped chillies into the chicken pieces. Mix well. Fry for 2-3 minutes more.  Don’t over cook the onions else the crunchiness would be gone.

In anyways onions would get cooked by the heat from the chicken pieces. The gravy consistency would be that it should stick on the body of the chicken pieces, thats it, nothing extra. Turn off the gas and serve it on a platter hot to the guests.


13.) Do not forget to keep a side plate for wastes handy for the guests. Another thing is while cooking taste the gravy thats sticking on the chicken. If you feel that it needs something more, like a bit more of soya sauce or only salt or a bit more of the black pepper powder, add it then and simmer it for few minutes ,before adding the onions and turning off the flame.

Thats it then dear people. Our Soya Chicken Wings are ready to be chewed and gulped down. Its a very juicy succulent kinda dish. Don’t get scared if you see lot of juice in the pan. It came out of the chicken only and it tastes better than the chicken. You can do one thing. Take out the chicken pieces along with the onions and chillies and drizzle the juice on the platter over the chicken. Trust me the juice is very healthy too. You can see how healthy this recipe is yet its nothing less than any restaurant food.

Once i made it at a friend’s place on a Sunday, and when i served it in front of all, trust me, the whole room fell silent for the next ten minutes, as all were busy eating, chewing them eagerly, even the kids, as if they were hungry for months. After ten minutes, there were two pieces left on the plate, everybody was looking towards each other and doing formalities of not touching it and leaving it for the rest . Finally the kids wiped the plate off. LOL.

So my dear viewers do try it out and trust me you wont be disappointed at all. Let me know you how it turned out and whether you like it or not or whether you added something more to it and innovated the recipe or not in the comment section. Do like and share the recipe in you social sites, if you like the recipe.

Thanks guys for taking out some time and going through it. Sorry i Blabber a lot. But what to do i love to write and interact in this manner. Hope to see you soon with another interesting recipe, my style.

God Bless!!!

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