Hello Everyone. My apologies that I was absent from my blog posting for a long time. I was very busy honestly. And trust me many a times I wanted to pen down everything in store. But then there were so many things going around that I couldn’t. To top it there was a glitch in my website for which I couldn’t open it regularly and couldn’t find many of my posts there.

Anyway let’s forget it and move on to my post today. Well before that, let me inform you that I was busy due to my recent visit to Untied States of America for two months and it took a two months preparation before leaving India. We had to fill up visa forms online, then fixed appointments with the visa interview office, we had to go through the biometrics first then was called for visa interview. Thank God our visa got approved for the next ten years. Then came the ticket booking and hotel booking process. Oh lord, those days I tell you!!! Searching the google for good hotel deals. Surfing day and night for good flight deals too. And then finalising them. And before leaving we had to submit valid applications at our son’s school. Honestly I was very nervous back then. I was having jitters till we landed at O’Hare International Airport at Chicago. Well it was one of the busiest of the airports ever!!! The tensions and stress didn’t just end there. It went on. We travelled a lot and so the boarding, the security check in processes, the packing and unpacking and then again packing – everything exhausted us entirely on a different level. But thank God we got some extremely good relatives and friends, who took great care of us by letting us relax in between.

Now coming to today’s post – today will be posting the recipe of Beef Steak, done medium rare with mashed potatoes, caramelised onions, butter tossed vegetables and egg sunny side up. It is a very famous meal in the American Cuisine. Though a steak is eaten worldwide and used in various cuisines in various ways, I love the simple way of having my medium rare steak. I think a steak needs just the right amount of salt and black pepper and butter cooked on a smoking hot pan. And the juices that comes out of the steak while cooking is the best sauce ever. But of course that’s how i like to have my steak and its not applicable for all. And as accompaniments to complete the whole dish I like green vegetables like broccolis , beans, peas, capsicum, carrots ( that’s not green I know) and mushrooms along with a big dollop of loaded creamy mashed potato and caramelised onions. I love a runny fried egg on top of it. And slicing the egg along with the steak and mopping the yolk and the buttery juices with the steak create havoc in my mouth with every bite. Ahhh just thinking about it made me hungry!!!

As this is my favourite dish so when I was in USA, thought of creating it in my brother in law’s kitchen, which I literally claimed for those 20 days and experimented with meats and flesh, as many as possible. Plus the availability of fresh meat and vegetables added to the charm on a different level.
Anyway let’s not get into all that. I have already bored you guys. So let’s start the menu.

Beef Steak With Greens, Mashed Potatoes, Caramelised Onions and Fried Egg Sunny Side Up ( served 4) :


Beef – 4 Steak pieces ( Angus if not Rib Eye)
Vegetables – Broccoli, Carrots, Beans, Frozen Peas, Capsicum
Mushrooms – 200 gm
Onions – 3 medium sized sliced in ring shape
Eggs – 4
Butter – 200 gm
Salt and black pepper for seasoning and for the steak rub
Garlic Seasoning Powder ( optional)
Cheese Cubes – 4
Potatoes – 500 gm
Milk – 1 cup
Canola Oil – 1 cup (white oil can be used too)


• With a paper towel soak the moisture out of the steak pieces . Make a mixture of salt and black pepper. Now rub this mix on the beef steak both sides properly. Don’t over do the salt else it might become too salty. Refrigerate this for minimum 2 hours max overnight. I kept it for 2 hours.

• Boil the potatoes and then strain them and keep into cold water for a while. Now mash them properly dissolving the pieces into the mash. You can sieve it through to get rid of any hard pieces. Add butter into it and mix again. Then add milk. Keep a tab on it. Do not pour into the whole cup. Adjust accordingly. Grate the cheese cubes into it and mash and mix again. Now add salt, pepper and garlic powder ( optional ) into the mash and keep mixing everything properly. Taste the seasoning. Add if needed more.

• In a frying pan add some canola oil and fry the onions until caramelised and even charred. In the same pan, fry up the eggs individually. Don’t break the yolk part. You should do all these just 15 minutes before serving.

• Boil some water in a deep bottom pan and add the broccoli , carrots and beans for 4 minutes. Take them out and instantly keep them in cold water for a while. Now in the same pan, heat a tablespoon butter ( you can mix canola oil if thinking about health ).

Now add the diced mushrooms. Fry them for a minute. When it starts sweating, then add the blanched vegetables in it and fry for 3 minutes on high flame. Add the frozen peas and season them with salt and pepper and mix properly. Fry for another minute. The vegetables should be crunchy on the plate.

• Take out the marinated beef steak 30 minutes before cooking. Now heat an iron skillet, non-stick frying pan or grill pan. Let it smoke. Now place one steak on the smoking hot pan on high flame and start searing. Drop a dollop of butter in the pan and keep on frying. It will take 3 to 4 minutes maximum each side. Turn the side and add another dollop of butter . You will see a nice reddish brown charred colour coming on the surface. And the steak would release juices and it will get mixed with the butter creating an aroma to die for. My steaks took 6 minutes in total to get done to medium rare.

It depends on the cuts and varies from one piece to another. You can check with a food thermometer the required temperature that can predict whether the steak is rare, medium rare , medium or well done.

• The temperature Chart as follows-
Rare – 52°C
Medium Rare – 57°C
Medium – 63°C
Well Done – 71°C

• If you want your steak well done then keep it for 9 to 10 minutes. Then I think you will get your desired doneness. Remember one thing, until you cut through the steak you can only guess how much its cooked. The quality, the size, the shape, the heat and the portion from where its carved out – all these affects every single steak pieces.

• Once done, finish cooking the rest of the steak pieces. Now wrap them in a n aluminium foil and let them rest for 3 to 4 minutes. Some theories negate this technique completely. Well i just kept it for 2 minutes as we were very hungry. This technique helps to retain the juices and keep the meat tender and juicy. My steak was very much tender and juicy.

• Next in a plate place the steak on one side. Beside it start putting the butter tossed greens and mashed potatoes. On the steak put some caramelised onions. Now you can place the egg on top of the steak or beside it. Season them all with some salt and pepper again lightly. Now pour the juices on top of it and you can also add a dollop of butter on the steak.

• Serve hot with some wine and dinner rolls or bread rolls. I preferred to have it without any bread at all as it’s itself very filling and a whole meal with proteins, fibres and carbohydrates.

So that’s there My Version of Beef Steak. I just loved it both cooking and eating. I love eating steak whenever possible. I love my steak medium rare. I love to see my meat pink in the middle and juices running on the plate when cut through the steak. I don’t need a sauce with it.

But if you guys want a sauce, you can always buy a steak sauce from the market as it’s easily available these days or you can prepare a mushroom sauce by frying some onions and mushrooms together on a pan with some salt and pepper seasonings and then adding chicken stalk in it. Let that come to boil then you need to reduce the stalk to half. Let it cool and blend it all in and again bring it to a boil , check seasonings and serve hot with the steak. If it becomes too thick then you can add water in it to make it runny.

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys will try it out in your own kitchen soon.
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