Hello everyone!!! Today’s Dish– Stuffed Calamari. Calamari means squid and am sure you all know that by now!!! I tried this dish out getting inspired from My Kitchen Rules Australia Series, that’s been aired in Colors Infinity channel on a regular basis. Being a fan of Squid and as I cook squid at home, I always search for new interesting easy recipes that I can try out at home. This one falls in that category for sure. Yes fewer of the ingredients in this dish might not be palatable for many due to mental blocks and some are found in specific stores. But the rest of the process is actually a lot easier that expected. The key to a good Stuffed Calamari is not to overcook or undercook the Calamari. In both cases, it would then taste like rubbery like a shoe. So that is what should be kept in mind. So let’s start shall we !!!

Calamari/Squid Tubes – 6-7 pieces (big/medium depending on the availability)

Squid Rings – 200 grams, finely chopped but not minced

Small Shrimps/Prawns – 150 grams (devilled and washed properly), finely chopped but not minced

Cuttle Fish – 100 grams, finely chopped but not minced

Onions – 2-3 medium size, finely chopped
Lemon Juice – 2-3 tbsp

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

White Oil to fry

Rosemerry Herb – 1 tsp, hand crushed

Thyme herb – 1 tsp


1. Clean the squid tubes and rub lemon juice on them along with a pinch of salt. Keep it aside for 15 minutes maximum. It’s sort of curing the squid to avoid any kind of smell and also to make the flesh tender. Over doing it might turn it rubbery too so be careful.

2. Now in a flat bottom pan, heat some oil and fry the onions in it for a minute.

3. Add the chopped shrimps, cuttle fish and squid rings into the pan and fry them till they are almost tender like for 3-4 minutes. These proteins doesn’t take too long to get cooked. Add seasonings like salt and black pepper along with crushed rosemerry and thyme. Stir and mix well.

4. Allow the stuffing to cool. Not take the squid tubes and put the stuffing in with your fingers or a spoon. Donot overstuff it, else it might split and the stuffing will come out while frying. You can seal it with toothpicks. I didn’t as it was my first time.

5. Heat a grill pan or normal pan too. Grease it with some oil or you can use the oil sprays too if available. Now put the tubes one at a time on the pan. Donot over crowd the pan. Then fry them on high for a minute first. Turn the flame to medium. Cook them on each side for 2 minutes. Higher the flame again and fry them to get a nice char on the skin. Donot burn them or overcook them. Be careful. Do a tester in case you are not so sure about it. Use some common sense keeping the given time frame in mind.

6. After it’s done take them out and let them rest for couple of minutes to stop the cooking from inside. Now chop them into round disc shape.

7. Serve them as starters with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Green Chilli Sauce, Red Chilli Sauce or simply Tomato Sauce.

Try this out at home. Play around with the flavours. Add more flavour into the stuffing if you feel like. It’s all upto your tastebuds. Don’t play safe. Remember No Risk No Glory!!! Am sure you all will create better dish than me.
So bye to all for now!!! Have a safe weekend and enjoy the last week of 2016. Have a blast fellas!!!

Yours truly,



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