Robibarer Bengali Style Mutton Kwosha

Sunday Mutton Curry – Bengali Style

Mutton Kwosha Bengali Style

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Finally got some time out to post. Currently in this pandemic thanks to COVID19, I am getting tensed by each day and with so many things happening all around, at times the feeling is very creepy. Thus facing writer’s block too. Trying really hard to get past it. Without much blabbering that I always do, will share what I thought to share while writing this out.

Well I am a Bengali and Sunday(robibar) means Mutton(Goat Meat) in our menu for both lunch and dinner. I usually make some mean Goat Curry with very simple and minimal spices. I thought making a makha makha that is dry curry was not my cup of tea. But giving up is never my forte. So I tried and tried and finally came up with this after going through many recipes online and of my friends and with help from family and few close relatives too. And most importantly I wanted to slow cook the mutton till it becomes succulent and soft and falling off the bones in a wok and not a pressure cooker. This sunday it was a hit finally.

Basically it is a slow cooked in a wok Mutton Curry which we call Kwosha, which again means browning of the spices on a low flame for hours without adding a lot of water to get the protein boiled. So let me start with the recipe.

Mutton Dry Curry Bengali Style

Ingredients & Process :
Mutton – 800gm (curry cut)

🍽 To Marinate you need :
Onions Paste – of 5 medium sized
Ginger Paste – 2 1/2tbsp
Garlic Paste – 2tbsp
Curd – 200gm
Turmeric Powder – 2tsp
Kashmiri Laal Mirch Powder – 2tsp
Cumin Powder – 1 1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder – 1tsp
Shahi Garam Masala Powder – 1tsp
Mustard Oil – 4tbsp
5 to 6 green chillies paste
1tbsp lemon juice

🍽Marinate the mutton with all these and keep it for an hour minimum.

🍽Fry 2 medium sized sliced onions and make a paste and keep aside.
🍽Fry the potatoes marinating them with turmeric powder and salt.

🍽Now in a deep bottom wok, heat some ghee and mustard oil.

🍽Now temper the following –
1/2tsp Shah Jeere
6 to 7 green cardamom
2 big black cardamom
2 cinnamon sticks
8 to 10 cloves
1/4 tsp grated jaifol(nutmeg)
Few strands of javitri(mace)
3 to 4 bay leaves
6 to 7 pepper corns
3 to 4 whole dried red chillies
5 to 6 white pepper corns

🍽Now temper all these and wait till you get the fragrance from them. Add a tbsp sugar and let it caramelize.

🍽Now add the fried onion paste in the wok and keep frying for 7 minutes. Then add the marinated mutton along with the marination in it and fry for 10 minutes on high flame. Mix properly.

🍽Lower the flame after 10 minutes and slow cook the mutton until tender. Now meanwhile keep checking whether it sticks on the bottom or not. Keep sprinkling water frequently and slow cook the mutton.

Bengali Style Mutton Kwosha on a Sunday Dinner

🍽Now this will go for about 1 and half hours. Then add the potatoes. And add a cup of water and further slow cook until the mutton and the potatoes are tender.

🍽It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to be exact. Do check the seasoning. If needed add salt.

🍽Once done completely and you see the meat falling off the bones, turn off the gas and then drizzle some ghee(clarified butter) and very little amount of shahi garam masala and keep it covered for some time after turning the gas off.

🍽 Serve with Gorom Bhaat(Steamed Rice) or Handmade Roti or parantha, naan, tandoori, Indian Fried Rice, Indian Pilaf, Basanti Pulao, Jeera Rice, Peas Pilaf.

Sunday Binge with Mutton Curry

This dish is very rich indeed and not for faint hearted ones or for those with high cholesterol or alike difficulties. Once in a two month is okay. In general I won’t make it every week too as it’s very very rich. The meat used here includes both lean meat and full of fat meat too, else the taste won’t come at all. Patience is the key to get the right texture and flavour. So don’t rush and only cook this when you know, you have time to invest in. At times due to too much fat in the meat, it might seem that the oil started separating from the spices within a very short period of time but honestly to get the perfect mutton curry you should brown the spices with the meat for straight 1 hour minimum. Then only you will get that unique taste of a mutton curry.

I would like to give credit to Gupshup Munch by Debarati Dasgupta, my Aunt Atreyee Deb and my brother-in-law Pallab Guha and of course my husband Sumit Sarkar, my mentor for finding the right texture and technique and flavour for this particular dish. It really means a lot.

Would like to share the link of Gupshup Munch –

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I did a Live in my Facebook Group, after my girl gang literally pushed me to do one. Sharing the links to join my group and watch it, in case you might wish to!!!

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Hope you like my recipe. What is your way of cooking it, do let me know in the comment section below.

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Till then Goodbye and Take Good Care of Yourself!!! Wear Masks, Use Soap to wash hands and sanitiser to sanitize. Do not go out without reason. Avoid containment zones. Restrict your visit to the market from grocery shopping or other food related shopping once a week. Do not mistreat COVID19 patients. Do not panic. Help your helping hands, your maids with money and awareness. Even in pandemic, do not forget your empathy and humility.

God is always with us!!!

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