Hello everyone! I am back after a long time. The daily lifestyle is keeping me really occupied to concentrate back here. So today I will be reviewing about two products that I tried out from a skin care hair care brand by a dear friend Deepika Das accompanied by her co partner Deepthi Chetan. The name is Sutra Essentials. It is based in Bengaluru mainly but they deliver all over India. The products are customised and made using natural ingredients and are chemical free, safe and cruelty free too. They run this business online and they have a facebook page, a facebook group and instagram profile to touch more people and help them out. They are in you tube too. I quite like their approach as they call you up and listen to your problems and then give you a detail to how to combat the issues and then only they custom made the products to fight individual causes. I got benefitted from their hair care consultancy before too.

So coming back to today’s review – a month back, I ordered from them the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo bar and the Honey & Oats Bar for myself and they did cost me only Rs.150 each. I never used shampoo bar before , so was intrigued to try them out plus I do suffer from dandruff sometimes so opted for them. And I never used any body soap with oats in it so that intrigued me too.

So let’s start with the detailed review now.


Image Courtesy : Sutra Essentials

What the brand has to say about Shampoo Bars and why we should opt for them according to them?

Shampoo bars are natural conditioning shampoos in a solid bar form used to cleanse the hair as it is mild and effective. Shampoo bars are super rich with cold press oils, unrefined butters, fresh herbs, therapeutic essential oils and are made in small batches using recipes meticulously developed to naturally clean and condition the scalp and leave the hair soft, shiny, clean and most of all healthy.

Where as commercially available shampoos are soup of chemicals made out of synthetic ingredients like preservatives , detergents, foam boosters, fragrance oils and synthetic colors; which will leave the hair brittle, dry, and scalp irritation.

Benefits of Shampoo bars

  1. They are all natural, SLS and paraben free ( free of chemicals).
  2. Most of the time they are package free.
  3. They are concentrated and hence require less product usage.
  4. They are great for travel.
  5. Shampoo bars are multipurpose (can be used as a body bar and used to wash clothes)
  6. They leave the hair leaving clean.
  7. Environmental friendly.
  8. They do not add chemical built up on hair.

What is My Point of View on the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bars?

Well to start with the most important thing which is mentioned is that this bar is SLS, Paraben free. This is much needed for the health of our skin and hair both. I wasn’t aware about this before and used to use all the shampoos which are available in the market with all of them in until I myself started facing major issues like excessive dandruff and hair fall that it stirred me up to really take matters on my own hand. Anyway , so I ordered and got them real quick and then used them for almost a month and then thought of penning my thoughts down. This shampoo bar works against any bacteria. The key ingredients are tea tree oil, olive oil and ACV. In general the ingredients are used to be known to combat dandruff issues. So first reaction and impression was it smelled delicious. Second in spite of no sulphate, it still was very much foamy and lathered up on my scalp and hair well, which was actually surprising more may be as this was my first experience with shampoo bars. I always use shampoos twice to rinse my hair properly and did the same with this one too. I noticed my scalp was clean. I didn’t use any conditioner after the shampoo bar as mentioned by the brand before. Yes after every wash, my hair felt a bit on the drier side but soon it picked up on moisture, considering I have extremely oily hair. And usually all anti-dandruff shampoo makes our hair dry to combat the dandruff issue I believe. So cutting it short, I would say I almost don’t have any dandruff with regular cleaning. Why I say almost no dandruff as it is a cause of personal food habits and lifestyle choice plus other health issues. One bar lasted almost 25 days and I need to order my second bar.

Pros :

  1. Affordable
  2. Easily available
  3. You get personal consultancy
  4. Great behaviour of the brand makers
  5. Does help to combat the issue
  6. Smells good
  7. Lasts a good amount of time
  8. Have natural conditioners
  9. Paraben and sulphate free and Natural ingredients used

10. Anti-bacterial with tea tree oil,                  olive oil and ACV

Cons :

  1. Dries up the hair

I would definitely suggest those who are suffering from dandruff to give it a try at least once and know it yourself.



What is my viewpoint on this particular Honey and Oats Soap Bar after using it?

Along with the shampoo bar mentioned above, I ordered this honey and oats soap bar too, as I was curious to use a soap with oats in it plus I wanted to use a handmade soap with natural ingredients in it.  To start with, this bar is Paraben and SLS free too. It is made up of Oats, Honey, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. All these ingredients are in general very good for our skin, so a concoction must give good results. I loved the way it looked. It smells of shea butter. They gave the soap bar a honey comb look which actually initially acted as a scrubber too. Of course, after use it started loosing that shape due to melting as it has ingredients like butter and oil. The main purpose of this soap bar is to make the skin soft, gentle and moisturised. And after the use, I can say all the points were ticked right! After the use for some days, the oats were seen too in the soap and it works as a natural scrubber too. Scrubbing our body is very much needed and important as it helps to exfoliate and clean the skin, which means the top most layer of the skin gets purified and new skin develops too. So these soaps are cured so they have a validity time for use too. Plus they have a time mentioned from when it should be used. Please ask the makers about that in case they forget to mention this. They are humans too after all. This soap bar melts very quickly though. These bars are kids friendly too.

Pros :-

  1. Affordable
  2. Easily available
  3. SLS, Paraben free
  4. Have oats, honey, shea butter and olive oil
  5. Softens and moisturise the skin well
  6. Looks beautiful
  7. Good packaging
  8. Handmade with natural ingredients
  9. Smells good

Cons :-

  1. Melts quickly

I would again recommend you all to try them out to know the goodness yourself.

It is very sweet of them to gift me a cucumber toner. I carry that in my purse and smells cucumber and feels fresh when applied on face.

So go ahead and try them out. Attaching their social handles to contact them. Let me know if you purchase any stuff from them or not and do share your views if you use them or already used any, be it here or in my facebook group, page or instagram handles. They have many products, such as different types of soap bars, hair maks, serum, oil, cleansing oil, compact powder. Do visit their site and check them out.

Rate : 4/5 

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