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Hiya Guys, I am back today with yet another recipe that was cooked few weeks back. Before that, let me introduce you all with my hubby, Mr. Sumit Sarkar.  We are married for almost ten years now, well we will complete ten years this year, in the month of December. It was a roller coaster ride, and we also are proud parents of an almost eight years old ( well he will be eight in the next month) son who we lovingly call Rik ( a name given by my mom in law ).  By the way, 
his good name is Sreyansh,  which means the best part,  which he is surely…. the best part of us. Anyways,  wandering why the introduction with my family???!! Well because my hubby, dear Sumit is the person who cooked up this easy simple recipe with the mushrooms, that was lying idle in my refrigerator, and some other ingredients. Rik’s introduction is a bonus. Lol.

So it was a Thursday and i  was sitting and surfing channels in tv, when Sumit asked me whats there to satisfy the mid evening hunger pangs. I said of course nothing and honestly i was not in any mood to cook. So, the dominant Foodie inside my hubby, couldn’t be bowed down. So Sumit opened the refrigerator and started his hunt. Well he came across a can of button mushrooms. Well a friend gifted us that. We don’t use canned mushroom soaked in brine at all. He asked what to do with it. I said whatever I don’t mind, as long as I don’t have to move. Lol.

Well then what, he pulled back his sleeves ( well not exactly as he was at home in the evening with his home wear on), and started exploring and the rest is history my friends. Well we’all get back to it soon. I didn’t pay much attention while he was preparing it, I pay no heed even when he asked me to taste it after he brought the first batch out. But then I had to taste it as, being a die hard mushroom lover ( in fact in my house we all are mushroom lovers), how can i say no to anything thats mushroom. And as I put one piece into my mouth, that’s it,  then and there I  knew I have to share it with you guys.  Its a little globule full of a variety of tastes. And it was awesome not to forget its super easy to prepare and cook.
Okay enough of the story, lets get back to the main recipe,  else you guys might stop reading it altogether.


1. Mushrooms – 1 can full of button mushrooms or you can use fresh mushrooms too (25-30 pieces)
2. Curd – 150gm
3. Ginger-Garlic Paste – 1 1/2 tsp
4. Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tsp
5. Kashmirilaal Mirch / Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp
6. Cumin Powder – 1tbsp
7. Shahi Garam Masala Powder – 1tsp
8. Salt – For seasoning.
9. Oil – 1 cup
10. Butter / Ghee – as per taste and completely optional.


1.) Take the mushrooms out of the can and wash off the brine thoroughly under tap water.  Discard the brine too. Now towel dry the mushrooms and Pierce them  with a fork so that the marination get inside the mushrooms,  else it might taste very bland.  This is one thing with mushrooms. As it is bland by nature, so its very important to soak it in marination to bring some salty zing in it. Usually in functions and marriage receptions, we face this common problem in tandoored mushrooms. This happens more when we keep the mushroom intact and doesn’t dice it.
2. ) Anyways after forking it properly keep them aside.
3.) Now in a bowl add the curd, the Ginger garlic paste, the turmeric, red chili powder, cumin powder and shahi garam Masala together and mix it well.
4.) Now add the salt as per taste.
5.) Mix 2tbsp oil in it and mix everything well. You can use butter or ghee or white oil or canola oil. You can use olive oil too. Here my hubby used canola oil. Thats what we use in everyday food these days. Very light and healthy.
6.) Now add the mushrooms in the marination and mix well. Please keep a tab on the fact that each one of the mushrooms should get coated  well with the marination,  so that the spices get into the pierced mushrooms. It will enhance the taste on a different level.
7.) Now keep it off like that covered for fifteen to twenty minutes. 
8.) After that, grease a micro safe flat bottom bowl or pan or glassware or plate with oil, butter or ghee.
9.) Place the mushrooms over the greased pan and add the marination into it along with the pieces. The water in the marination will help to maintain the juicy ness of the mushrooms.  Else usually micro cooking leads to make food dry as it evaporates the water from the food. Place the mushrooms and keep spaces between each of them. Make it in two batches in that case. Do not let it crowd over the pan .
10.) Now put the pan inside the micro wave oven in combi mode(micro +grill) in high mode,i.e., 100%, and cook it for 5 minutes. After five minutes , take it out and check if the colour changes or not. Like from brown to golden brown or red.  Now if not then cook it on the same mode for another two minutes and then on grill mode  only for another one minute. Keep it inside the oven on stand by, after the machine pings back after a minute,  and leave it there for another minute. Well its a standard micro wave rule i guess. I have a microwave oven  in grill mode only.
11.) Now finaly take it out and serve hot as starters in parties or for those midevening cravings. Goes well with both of soft and hard drinks.
12.) Please adjust the measurements as per taste. It might vary from person to person. Sorry i couldn’t attach step by step pictures along with the write up. I didn’t take pictures at all. Trust me i didn’t expect it to turn out so delicious.


So here it is Tandoori Mushrooms friends by Sumit, my guest chef!!!

Way to go hub!!! Trust me he is a born foodie. Honestly its for him mainly that i know how to cook and cook at all. I never ever cooked a single thing in my entire life before marriage. Always noticed my parents. Yes both my parents and my aunts and grandmother are great cooks. But i never learned anything or cooked as a matter of fact before marriage. After marriage, i learned cooking from mominlaw.  But with time i realised my hubby is a big Foodie and loves to explore into various cuisines. So i started exploring too,  watching you tube videos,  blogs, channels and innovating and creating new stuff every time i enter the kitchen. He is my taster. I feel nervous and incomplete if he doesn’t taste and comment on it. He is my biggest critic. He always criticise while everyone else in the family and friends always go GaGa about my cooked food. If i get a compliment from him that means the food tasted really good. Phew!!! Tough job living with a tough man. But its adventurous too to beat the monotony of the life.

Anyways enough of me, please guys do try it out at home and like and comment and spread the word to the world if you like this dish.


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