Hiya Fellows!!!!! I am back with another recipe of a very healthy dish to garnish all your dinner and/or starter menu : The Cheesy Chicken Green Peas. I did it with chicken but if you like to include some other meat, you are most welcome as it would taste better and better no matter what meat you add into it. You can use mutton chunks or minced mutton, minced beef or pork, minced or chunks too. You see experimenting with your food is very important in order to cut back the boredom not only in your food habits but also in your life. After all variety is the spice of life. 

It’s not my innovation at all. I got the idea of this recipe from a club restaurant, that I often visit with my family and I tell you it’s a hot favourite among the lot. Well considering the fact that my hubby is a big foodie just like me as loves to eat variety food, so I had to try it out after his initiation. In fact, he was the one who made it first at home. Yes he can cook too at times. So when I felt how easy it was to cook, I thought I need to try it out myself and  blog about it too for you all. It’s really very very easy considering it only needs a bit of a preparation. All in all the recipe would hardly take fifteen minutes max to shape up including the prep time. And trust me it’s indeed a healthy stuff to feed on as starters and you can even add into your lunch or dinner with some bread slices and a bowl of hot soup.

So let’s get started, shall we !!!


Green Peas: 1 cup

Button Mushrooms: 4/5 pieces

Olive Oil: 1 1/2 tsp

Cheese: 2 cubes

Chicken: 2 leg pieces

Salt and black pepper powder: as per taste for seasoning 

1. Blanch the green peas ( you can use fresh ones or frozen store bought ones too) and strain them. The blanching should be done for just 30-60 seconds at the max.

2. Boil the two chicken leg pieces and shred them off once they are in room temperature. Keep them aside. Now slice the button mushrooms in average size chunks.  Keep them aside. It’s time for chopping the two cheese cubes into small pieces. Do not grate them at all. 

P.S. You can increase the quanta of all of these according to your requirement. I took chicken legs as it was available then. You can use any part of the chicken . You can use minced chicken too. I repeat you can replace it with beef, pork or mutton too.

3. Heat a nonstick pan and pour the oil in it. After few seconds, add the sliced mushrooms and stir it for 2-3 minutes or till it softens a bit. If you want you can blanch the mushrooms too and then slice them before using them too. 

4. Now add the shredded chicken pieces into the PAN along with the mushrooms and stir fry them for a minute.

5. Add the blanched green peas now to the PAN and mix them up well. Stir for a coulee of minutes.

6. Now add the chopped cheese cubes into the mix in the PAN. Add salt and black pepper as per your taste. If you like it too hot increase the amount of black pepper powder. Stir fry it for 3-4 minutes or till the cheese starts melting. You can see that on the PAN itself.

7. Try not to cover the PAN up as then you will lose the vibrant green colour of the peas. Just taste the seasoning. Add if needed. Serve hot with or without accompaniment . 

This is pretty healthy in itself. You may use butter instead of olive oil. You can use canola oil too. Yes you may say that eating cheese ain’t much healthy for the people who are on diets. But cheese is not only tasty but healthy too. Most importantly when shared with others, you will hardly get to eat three four small pieces of cheese in total may be. So stop worrying and dig in to the palate to uplift your mood and your taste buds. 

Signing off today with only one thing in mind….. Say Peas or Cheesy Peas fellas!!!!

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