The Earthy Ways Brush Review

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How are you all doing? In Kolkata, it’s almost summer time but to be honest, the heat is killing me. And in this weather, it’s almost impossible to use any kind of makeup product other than lipstick and mascara. This winter too I suffered a lot. I was almost admitted in a hospital. Thank Lord for the Nebulizer machine that stopped that from happening. I was in steroids and cough syrup and nebulisation due to excessive cough, cold and an abrupt drop of oxygen level in my body which caused in short breaths. Hubby bought the machine and oxygen meter for home and I was almost bed rest for 6 days straight. I was banned from kitchen too. The side effects of steroids made me hungry and irritated. But thankfully my oxygen level shot up in 3 days and in a week my cold and cough came under control. Due to chronic sinusitis I am prone to dust allergy and this year Kolkata was in its peak in dust pollution.

Anyway enough of the sad story. So today I am going to review The Earthy Ways Makeup Brushes for Beginners. I got them from their website . This brand belongs to Somdatta Mitra, who is a very dear friend of mine, a purest soul. We met in this vast virtual world – Facebook Community 2 years back and now she launched her own beauty brand and am so proud of her.

So lets get back to the subject now. There are many who loves to do makeup be it daily or occasionally. We do have eye shadows, concealer, foundation, blush, powder and alike. But often it’s been observed that we neglect the tools for application – The Makeup Brushes. To get flawless look, good brushes are must haves and if you don’t have the right tool then your look will be half hearted too. Now in the market, you can get a number of brushes at various price ranges. There are high end brands like MAC, Sephora, BH Cosmetics, Morphe, ABH. Similarly there are drugstore brands too like Colorbar, Vega, Miss Claire, Wet n Wild, WiseShe Nykaa and alike. You will get Puna Makeup Brush kits too at a very nominal rate. Out of all these, there are many which are expensive and some which doesn’t work properly unfortunately. So in this scenario, TEW launched their very first set of products which covers face makeup and eye related makeup too. Let’s dig in deep to know more.
The TEW Advanced Makeup Brush Kit :-
AN06 – ANGLED LINER – Rs 358
AN04 – SHADER – Rs 547
AF01 – BLUSH – Rs 691

So let’s hear what the brand has to say about their each and individual brush first and then I will sight what I felt using them personally.

AF02 – Buffer Foundation :-
“Satin Smooth! Densely Packed! Multitasking!
Get an absolute flawless finish to your look! Your makeup kit is incomplete without this tool!”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

AF05 – Buffer Concealer :-
“This is a cute little thing for all those blemishes and spots! For the under eye dark circles! For any unevenness that you want to correct!
Super soft! Blends like dream! And leave you looking fresh and flawless! This is a multitasking brush as well!”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

AF01 – Blush :-
” Velvety Soft! Super Smooth! Multitasking!
Feel the natural flush of blush on your cheeks! Or apply your pressed powder foundation or setting powder flawlessly! It has never been this easy before!”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

AN04 – Shader :-
” This is the perfect brush to pack colors on your eyelids!
Thanks to its unique design, it can also be used for blending and smudging small areas.”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

AN03 – Crease Blender :-
” Define your crease! Blend like dream!
This is a must have in your makeup bag for any kind of eye look!”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

AN06 – Angled Liner :-
” Thin, Angled, Sturdy! Multitasking!
Works for eyes, eyebrows and other cleaning purposes.”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

AN08 – Angled Definer :-
“Dense! Soft! Sturdy! Angled! Multitasking!
Works for eyes, eyebrows and other defining purposes.”

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

All the Brushes protected with a protective brush nets in small beautiful pouches.
Full Brush Length ≈ 6.7in
Pouch Dimensions – 8in x 1.5in
Pure Synthetic Hair, Aluminium Ferule, Wood Handle, Cruelty Free

It is advisable to clean your makeup brushes after each application. If not possible, then at least once a week is absolutely necessary. This is for your personal use.
If you are using the brushes on others, then it’s very much needed that you clean the brush after each use. It’s not hygienic otherwise and can cause serious skin problems later on. This is applicable for any makeup brush.
Treat your brush hair as your own hair and you will never look back again.


  • Cold Water
  • Gentle Shampoo, you can also use baby shampoo or shampoos meant for brush cleaning
  • After cleaning thoroughly, keep the brush under natural sunlight and air to dry out completely.
    NOTE: If your brush hair is stained with stubborn color, you can also apply coconut oil, massage a bit, wait for some time and then use the shampoo. Just like your hair. The stain will go away quickly.

    After cleaning, put the protective brush net (that are supplied to you with the brush) and leave the brush to dry where there is ample daylight and air. The brush net will hold the brush hair together and at the same time will allow drying since it’s a mesh. When the brushes dry up, you would notice that the original brush shape is beautifully maintained. This is particularly handy when it comes to natural hair brushes as their shape is difficult to maintain.

Now I got these brush set kit with all these brushes in a lovely red leather pouch while it was under an introductory offer. You will still get the introductory offer if you shop now from their website. I got them and used properly for a month and a bit more. Did my makeup be it daily or on special occasions and also cleaned and dried them following their instructions.
My first impression was – These brushes look very stylish, high end and classy.
After a month – Do you want to know what I feel????
Read on then !

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

There is a very classy edge on the brushes. With the black and steel handle and dual toned bristles. They looked in every way very much like any high end brush. All the brushes come with a protective net mesh which helps to retain the shape of the bristles after use and after washing and drying too. And you can easily put the brushes in the travel friendly red leather pouch and also carry in your bag wherever you want too. The quality of the brush handles are extremely good along with the pouch.

The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar
The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar
The Earthy Ways Brush Review by Improv and Explore by Pamela Sarkar

In general, minimal fall out, great blending, bristles pick up the right amount of product and so can easily buildable, easy to clean too. They comes in separate pouches if you are buying them separately. And the brush mesh helps to keep the bristles intact which is very much needed. There is a discount of 25% going on as an introductory offer full site wide and shipping is free for a purchase of Rs 500 and above.


One of my most favourite brush from the lot. The foundation be it liquid or creamy or powder , glides so so smoothly on the skin, removing any lines and pigmentation and didn’t turn cakey too. Currently am using this for foundation application and as compact powder application too. And they are fab. I am in love with them. It is so so easy to buff out the foundation properly. It glides smoothly. And the bristles are densely packed and so soft when you touch them. I am skipping the beauty blender these days absolutely. Not only that it easily blends the powder too. You can use this for baking too. I would say this is a must have in your kitty and with a price of Rs 637 only which is again got slashed down due to the sale going on in their website – Man this is a steal deal.

AF02 – TEW Buffer Foundation Brush

The second favourite brush in the series. Well previously I always dabbed the concealer with my finger. I do have a concealer brush from Puna , but never as such used it. But with this cutie in my stash, I am only using this to blend my concealer be it under the eyes or over or anywhere on my face. It blends smoothly and the bristles are so so soft and densely packed. Plus it is a multipurpose too. You can easily highlight your nose, cheeks, forehead, chin with this brush. At Rs 493 and of course plus a discount it is a must buy. Trust me you won’t regret it.

AF05 – TEW Buffer Concealer Brush

AF01 – BLUSH :-
It is a multipurpose brush. You can apply blush, highlighter on cheeks and even can do contouring – that is how this brush is made. Beginners who are new in learning makeup and trying out at home, can easily skip buying a contour or a highlighter brush and instead can use this one. Priced at Rs 691 plus a good discount, it is a very good buy. It doesn’t pick up a lot many product and you can easily build up to make the look intense.

AF01 – TEW Blush Brush

AN04 – SHADER :-
This is really good to apply the shadows on the upper eye lid. It doesn’t take a lot many product which means less fall out and easy build up. The bristles are made in such a way that you can easily soften the edges till the crease from upper eye lid with this Shader brush. The bristles are soft enough yet tightly spaced to ease up the blending process. Priced at Rs 547 plus added discount for now, I would say it’s a must buy for all the Makeup Lovers.

AN04 – TEW Shader Brush

When I got the product, initially I was finding difficulties to blend it much. But I had full faith. So I started trying out more with it. And then I realised I was doing it all wrong. I was putting a lot of pressure which was not needed. As they are made of animal hair, this happens. I started going with easy moves while blending my buffed out shadow on the crease and even on upper crease area. So go slow and light and adjust in. No fall out at all – Yes that’s what I observed with this brush and it blends like dream. It is very important always to soften and blend out all harsh edges on the crease to make the eyes look natural. That is the key of a good makeup look. And this indeed will make that easy. So hurry up, as it’s still on discount. The actual price is Rs 583.

AN03 – TEW Crease Blender Brush

This is a multi purpose brush. Yes it’s true. What do women need the most?? To draw perfect wing liner, to draw and fill the eye brows — all problems solved with this one brush only. Yes it’s true and not a dream. LOL! This is an angled liner brush with a sharp, thin, slanting shape with densely packed bristles which help in drawing precise lines with gel kohls or normal kohls/kajal. You can draw wing lines on your upper lid and lower lid both easily. You can clean the edges of the liner with this brush by dipping in some concealer or even baking powder. You can easily draw the outline of your brows with it and even fill it with lighter strokes. It’s a must have in your stash and can take away your worries of a good brow or a liner any given day. Priced at Rs 358, it’s a steal deal and oh it’s again on discount too.

AN06 – TEW Angled Liner Brush

This brush is again a multipurpose brush. Thinking How???
Well you can smudge with this brush, you can fill your brows, the denser areas with this brush, you can smudge and extend your liner to give a rough smoky look, you can smoke out the liner and it’s outer edges too with this brush to give the soft smoked out look. The bristles are densely packed and a bit thicker in size that the Angled Liner brush which helps in smudging. You can contour your nose with this brush too. And yes it has a slanted angled sides too. At Rs 385, it’s a must buy. And go grab it in discounted till stock lasts.

AN08 – TEW Angled Definer Brush

Cleaning these brushes are really easy. I took some baby shampoo in a deep bottom bowl and filled it till half with water. Submerged the dirty used brushes in it. Now after 10 minutes, I took my brush cleaning egg and took some more baby shampoo on it and slowly in circular, clockwise, anti clockwise, zig zag way cleaned the bristles until they comes out with clean bubbles sans any colour. I rinsed them in water and then kept it on a plate to dry on it’s own. With the day light, they dried up real quick and then I did put them back in the protective mesh and now they are ready to create a fresh new look. I didn’t notice any shading or fall out of bristles at all. And that made me super happy.

TEW Brushes

After a long time, and after a long wait, finally I can say I got a brush kit which is perfect for my makeup routine that too in India. I would highly recommend these brushes to everyone. Try it out – you won’t be disappointed at all.



  1. Available in India at affordable price range.
  2. Glides smoothly.
  3. Densely packed bristles.
  4. Almost no fall out and no shading of bristles.
  5. Blending became easy with this.
  6. Easy to carry.
  7. The protective mesh helps in retaining the shape.
  8. Easy to clean.
  9. Easy to build up.


Waiting for their Pro Kit please!!!Nothing that I know yet.

A short brief about the brand. Well The Earthy Ways is a Facebook Community with more than 20K members and strictly are for women. It is a closed group. And you can only join on request. Somdatta Mitra , the owner stays in Belgium for her job and worked day and night to bring out her babies – these brushes. TEW is in Instagram and Facebook. Do follow them to know more about their products and upcoming ones.

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Website :

That’s it for now. Let me know what you think about this post. Do you already have these brushes? Share which one is your favourite? Don’t forget to Like, Share, Subscribe in my blog. Share this blogpost more to spread the joy and awareness too.
Will be back soon with a delicious recipe post!
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On my Lips, have used ABH Lip Palette

Review of The Earthy Ways Brush
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