“ I’m beautiful in my way,
‘cause God makes no mistakes –
I’m on the right track,
Baby – I was –
Born This Way!!!” – Lady Gaga

What is Love?

Love is an emotion through which we show how much connected we are with something or someone.

What is Self Love?

When you choose to love yourself, take care of yourself, give yourself some quality time, give yourself the value, the respect you deserve – that’s Self Love.

Is it easy to Self Love?

Ummm no it’s not easy but not impossible too. Why not easy if you may ask – well from my own life experience I have observed how most women choose to give importance to others and care for others before caring themselves, even if they are bleeding with a cut on the hand or in the heart. Why not impossible even if you ask – would say is it difficult to see yourself in the mirror for 10 minutes per day? No right! That 10 minutes in front of the mirror does change the outlook.

I am a home maker, a full time mother, a nagging at times wife, a confused daughter and a trustable daughter-in-law. Above all I am an Empath. I like to observe people and notice their traits. And in this process, there was a time I neglected my own self. I was so much consumed with doing this and that and running around son and husband, I somehow forgot myself. I started getting into depression very much unknowingly. I started becoming too nagging, I always stayed irritated. I hated myself. I used to sleep and then in the morning I used to feel exhausted and tired.


Slowly I started hating myself more as I didn’t know what went wrong as I was still doing all my duties. One day I realised life became monotonous. I lost my appetite for sex too. Then I was sure something was very much wrong with me. But I didn’t have anyone to help me as from outside I was looking fine.

Then came Facebook as a help. I stumbled upon a famous Facebook group Makeover Madness by Sreenanda Shankar. It was about makeup. She used to post several makeup looks of her in the group as pic tutorial. She used to share good uplifting posts. Slowly that part of creating new looks attracted me. I started to buy little drugstore stuff and created looks on myself following her tutorials. I used to post them in that group too. And then I started getting appreciation from women. Constructive appreciation.

I can’t express how much it changed me in a fortnight. It gave me a new direction. That group changed me for good and changed my mindset too. That a woman can dress up and do makeup just not to look good and get compliments from men, but to get appreciated by women because of the effort and not just good looks made me see myself on a different light. I realised from that moment that I started loving myself.

Of course we always love ourselves but just loving doesn’t help, we need to do something to maintain that right!!! From that day some 7 years back, I took the very step to maintaining that love for myself. And trust me that was indeed very much rejuvenating.

I learned cooking for my husband as he is a foodie. I started with trial and error process but slowly I started acing it. I always loved to read books and I used to write diaries too. So then I thought of opening a blog to blog my recipes and about my life. So I opened an account in WordPress where I used to blog my recipes and now I own my own website for blogging and earning little bit too. This really gave my confidence a very good boost.

All this happened when I looked into that mirror which told me I am beautiful and I am worthy of everything. This is what God gave me and I should value it and take good care of it.

Going by the words of Lady Gaga in her song “Born This Way” , it’s so true that God created us and God is the ultimate power. God can never do wrong. I am what I am. This won’t change. This might upgrade , but wont change what I am already as I am Born This Way!

I know I am not perfect. I know I have flaws. But I also know I am the only one who understand my own soul. I also know that I am the only one who love myself unconditionally. Perfection is boring. Being Imperfect gives you chance to progress in life. Life is all about growing. Its not static. This world and this universe are not static. All are moving. So the dynamics rule our lives and enough a reason to love yourself as much as possible.

“In the religion of the Insecure,
I must be Myself,
Respect my Youth!!” – Lady Gaga

Another major trait that hinders inner growth is insecurity. We all are insecure in some way or the other. But to let that insecurity win is something we need to fight out. Insecurity leads to jealousy, hatred, envy, guilt, pride, ego. The key to a healthy life is being humble and grounded not forgetting own roots and self love. Insecurity mostly murders self love and pushes us to be jealous of others.

God gave each one of us enough. We should be grateful for that. Instead if we let insecurity rule then we will only insult what God created and gave us. We can never love ourselves if we let insecurity take a prime seat in our life. Rising above the situations always make us succeed. It is the success to achieve the peace of mind. The moment we know we are more than enough and happy with that, we start loving ourselves and we achieve peace of mind which is the most important thing to attain in this stressful world.

Today in spite of a truck full of stress in my life, I find some time for myself where I give myself priority and love myself and that is why I see a glowing and radiant Me before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning.

This International Women’s Day let’s take a pledge altogether to give ourselves a bit more time and love it deserves. Start with reading books, writing in a diary, talking with friends, creating looks, creating new dish in the kitchen, taking care of your hair or taking care of your skin (which am obsessed currently) or shooting videos or travelling or walking or doing yoga or gym or zumba – just do anything with yourself and see the glow on your face. Seeing that glow I can vouch that You can’t stop yourself from falling in love with yourself again.

Happy International Women’s Day to you and to all wonderful women in this world!

It brings me immense pleasure to share that 30 bloggers across the globe are celebrating International Women’s Day with a twist and I am a part of this beautiful blogathon too.

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