14th February of every year is the Valentine’s Day, when all the lovers in every possible degree are authorised to show their love, affection,care and tenderness for each other publically. In today’s world we believe in universal love,i.e., love that could be celebrated between anyone. It could be a mother-daughter love, a father-son love, BFFs love, two girls loving each other or two boys loving each other, a teacher-student love and a man-woman love.

There are so many ways to love,so many ways you can show your beloved how much you adore them and love them. Even though I believe in total display of love and affection every single day, I don’t mind to celebrate this auspicious occasion too especially to shower our love for all those special ones. In fact in today’s world, where terrorism in every form,i.e., be it bomb attacks, sabotaging temples and schools with humans of varied ages, continuous rape and molestation cases, we definitely need more love and compassion to spread all over.

Enough of the heavy talk i guess. And no i am not going to discuss about the origin and history of this day as its all over google and wikipedia. If you are looking for that, go find there. So today my write up is about how to show your gratitude, your love and compassion toward your loved ones. Honestly you can choose your valentine on your wish. It can be one and even more than one. It could be your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife or any from your blood relations or your best friend too. What is of prime importance is that how much your pocket could afford!? After all it is The Valentine’s Day so its definitely all about that special gift and that special way to make that chosen one feel special. It is a clear funda no drama here. LOL!!!!

In recent times, I am a bit annoyed to go through posts in various social networking sites, where it has been highlighted how much men has to spend on buying gifts for their women as if women don’t buy stuff for their loved better halves at all. I guess women are just a bit more excited about all these. Its so wrong to pull in the inequality of gender even in this case. Even if a girl buy a five rupees worth rose and a ten rupees worth kitkat as a gift, it still considered as a gesture of her love and concern for her The Man. So if a guy reciprocate in the same manner, I dont think any woman would feel low or something. Yes she might feign up to be sad but trust me boys they are anything but sad. At the end of the day, she will keep the rose so safely beside her pillow as if her life depends on that and am sure she might be gulping down the chocolate at that very minute keeping the foil in her wallet safely as a token of her love. Yes, even if we women pull legs about gifts and all, still we are this much sentimental to cry and laugh just looking at that old crumpled chocolate foil paper or dried rose petals.

We women want and crave for gifts just to frame every single moments spent with their loved ones. This is a way to secure future when they are alone may be. So if a guy is confused about what gift she wants that he can buy for her which will let him see that 1000mega watt smile on her face, just go with your instincts and your intuitions, and your observations done on her. Just put a little pressure on your brains if its too much to remember those moments where she by chance mentioned something about that particular thing she is craving for a long time. Yeah you might come across many such moments, you see we have a taste for every good thing so we always crave for including them in our collection. Hey! Thats not a criminal offence!!!

Those who just don’t have time for such oversentivities, please stay low. Invest in some good flowers, perfumes and chocolates and a card may be. Always the safest way to handle any situations. But with a note…a love note, saying how much you love her and what she means to you. No you don’t have to be a poet or Shakespeare for that. Being yourself will suffice am sure.

By the way, all the above goes for both the genders. Yes Ladiesss please follow through. Please remember we ladies should put on effort too and just not sit idle dwindling our thumbs hoping to get that super surprise from our The Man but not reciprocating that and talk about revolutions for gender inequalities. And most importantly be lenient. No point in burning a hole in each others’ pocket just to celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t forget you have anniversaries and birthdays and many other auspicious occassions left to celebrate every year.

The married couples charge yourself up because you surely do fall in this category to celebrate this day very much indeed. Be it with or without kids, marriage can never come between you two from celebrating this day. Rather married couples are more entitled to carry over this legacy. Surprise your spouse with a late morning surprise breakfast on bed with or without gifts but a chocolate or two and some fresh flowers and a mandatory love note. Thinking to be too filmy, well been there done that, so i know exactly what am preaching. It is a lovely feeling i swear. So no cheating the Valentine’s Day hubbies and wifies. A special mention goes for the elderly people too. If your parents or grandparents are still together then do know that they are in for an eternal love with everyday kind of frictions. So please organise something sweet and surprising, for them too. Yes they might say this is too filmy or blush extensively or feel embarrassed, still trust me at the end of the day they will sleep with a serene smile on their face.  Thats worth more than any platinum diamond bands right!!

With this i would like to conclude with a happy note that even though My Man is far away today from me and that I was all tears the whole day still he managed to courier me a bouquet of roses and chocolates. Yes he is a safe player always. I do have my Little Man My Son beside me loving me more every minute. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO EVERY SOUL IN THIS UNIVERSE. Stay loved and spread love.

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