Hello fellows!! How you all doing these days?? I wasn’t very regular these days with my posts, due to some health issues and mostly due to extreme exam pressure thanks to my little kiddo at home. In my childhood I used to think studies are the worst stuff ever like everyone, but after maturity in my adulthood I firmly believed one should never stop studying. But now , with all the exam pressure at my son’s school, I am back feeling exactly what I used to feel , when I was a child!!! Oh gosh I so empathise my little prince. God these days the pressure and the competition is at extreme. But I believe and try to nurture him in a no competition, healthy, learning the basics , strengthening the base kinda environment. Trust me that’s a must for all the children. When I come across parents questioning their kids and scolding them for getting low or even scores like 19 out of 20, I feel like slapping them and asking them, what the hell do they think they are and how much did they get when they were in his class!!! I mean Seriously guys Grow Up!! High Time!!!

Anyways enough of the motherly rants!! Apologies!! 

Let’s get back to today’s menu. Today am gonna share a very easy recipe, a favourite again at my home, with you guys. It’s the famous Grilled Chicken. I do it with a whole one. I grill a whole chicken marinated in soya, oyster and rosemary herb mostly. Today my post shows two variants of a single dish. One with skin on and the other one without skin and an additional twist. My son and hubby absolutely love it. Of course if you have an OTG, then you can use to grill this chicken up. But if you don’t, like me, then a normal Microwave Grill Oven would suffice the job satisfactorily. Recently I have shared these pics in Facebook and many people requested a recipe. Sorry I know I am a bit late, what to do, exams and packed schedules keeping me away from writing. So here it goes. One thing I would like to mention here, is that, select the whole chicken according to the size of your oven. And select the measurements of the ingredients according to the size of the chicken. I have used oyster sauce here as I have it at home. Honestly many might not get oyster sauce as it goes off the rack in the hyper markets just like that. In that case skip it. It won’t change the taste much. If you are looking for oyster sauce then check the Spencer hyper markets. I got it from there only. Oyster sauce is a thick sauce and not runny or watery at all like Worcestershire sauce. So be careful when you are buying it to avoid fake stuff. 

So let’s head back to the main menu.


Whole Chicken – mostly of 700-800gm after discarding the feathers and stuff with or        without skin

Oyster Sauce – 2 tbsp

Dark Soya Sauce – 4 tbsp

Fish Sauce – 1 tbsp ( optional )

Salt and Black Pepper for seasoning

Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 tbsp

Rosemary herb – 1 tsp

Parsley herb – 1tsp

Lemon Juice – juice of one big one or two small onesLemon Zest – grate the peel of the lemons to get the zest

Worcestershire sauce – 1 tbsp ( optional )

Coriander sprigs – finely chopped a handful

Honey – 1 tbsp

Olive oil – half cup ( you can use canola or white oil, in that case two tablespoon)


1. Wash the whole chicken properly. Soak it and dry it with paper towel. Pierce the chicken with a fork throughout, so the marinade gets to penetrate the core. Now rub lemon juice and salt on the surface of the chicken properly like giving a message to the chicken. Rub the lime and salt into the cavity too properly. Leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. 

2. Now in a big bowl put the soya sauce, oyster sauce, ginger garlic paste, Rosemary, parsley, lemon zest, Worcestershire, black pepper powder, fish sauce, honey and coriander sprigs. And mix them well.

3. Now at first rub the whole chicken and the cavity with half of the olive oil mentioned above. 

4. Now rub the marinade properly and slowly in the chicken, so that it penetrates well and make sure that every surface is covered with it properly. Put the marinade in the cavity too.  The honey will help the marinade to get stuck to the skin and also it will give the awesome glaze outside when it’s done.5. Be careful about the salt part as most of the sauces have salt in them, especially fish and soya sauce, so when adding salt as a rub in the beginning, be careful about it. You can always add salt later if needed. 

6. Keep the chicken in the fridge with the marinade rubbed all over for at least an hour or two or even over night. Drizzle more olive oil over it if you want. 

7. Now after an hour or two, or even after keeping it for over night, take it out and let it rest for ten minutes.

8. Now in the utensil you wish to use, I generally use borosilicate glassware for microwave cooing and it’s the best I believe, put the chicken along with the marinade in. Coat the chicken once again with the marinade. In this stage, you can do few innovations. Like you can insert half cooked rice or a boiled egg or gizzards or liver of the chicken in the cavity with a whole lemon and stitch the cavity up. I didn’t do it. But you can. It’s safe. You can try it up. Putting a whole lemon inside enhance the taste to another level. 

9. Anyway, now put the marinated chicken , breast side up, in to the microwave grill oven in combi mode in 80% power for 20 minutes. I didn’t use high power so that it get cooked slowly and due to combi mode the skin doesn’t get crisp up before the inside getting cooked properly. 10. After twenty minutes, take it out and reverse the side of the chicken and cook it further for another 15 minutes.

11. Now after fifteen minutes, reverse it again after taking it out, and grill it with only grill mode on for ten minutes. 

12. Points to be Noted: Every chicken cooks differently. I didn’t get it right in the first go as I never learned it from any cooking class or Masterchef. It’s all about using your own experience and trial and error process. So in your case, the chicken might take at first twenty five minutes and later twenty minutes and might get grilled within five minutes. It depends as well on the oven you are using. To check whether the chicken is cooked or not, insert a knife and look in to that gap whether it’s too pink or not. If it’s too pink then it’s raw inside. If it’s whitish pink then it’s just done and tender and juicy. Don’t forget , it will keep on cooking even when taken out of the oven due to the high temperature. Always let it rest before eating.  Those who have OTG, you can google it up and mix and match with this recipe. 

At the end, you will get this roasted caramelised gorgeous colour. You can see in the beginning that there are two pics. One is with skin one without skin and some little changes here and there.

This one is with skin on and I didn’t add fish sauce and coriander sprigs in it.

This one is without skin and I didn’t add Worcestershire sauce in it. But tweaked it up with some fish sauce and fresh coriander sprigs. 

Tip: There will be much juice left at the bottom of the PAN . Keep it and pour it over. It will be very useful when you gonna reheat the chicken, if it turns cold. Pour the sauce and pop it in the microwave for a minute, juicy chicken will come out in no time.

I am a very spontaneous cook. I keep on experimenting with the ingredients in my kitchen. My husband is a constant support and a great taster. In fact, he is my inspiration for this recipe. I kind of imitated the cooking procedures of the chicken from his very famous chicken tandoori recipe, that am gonna share some other time. So the credit goes to him too. Actually , he is a pro with the oven and I am not. I feel more comfortable with the gas oven rather than the microwave oven. So even when I was writing this article, I asked him about the timings, as I have a very bad memory and am just bad with numbers. So, here try this recipe and let me know how it went in your kitchen. Was there some smoke and fire there or you nailed it in the first go!?? Hope you guys rock it and please please please do like the post and comment here and like my Facebook page Improv and Explore too!!!

Warm Regards and Much Love


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