Hello Everyone. Back after a long time. Won’t make it too long. Coming to the point, we all love good makeup brushes but we all know that good brushes mean a good amount of money. Why?? Well I have used both high and low end and the difference lies in the finishing and also the smooth and softness of the bristles. I like to experiment a lot. Recently when I saw so much raving about The WisheShe Cheek, Contour and Powder Brush by Anamika Sureka, then it was very hard for me to resist myself from buying it. I have always been an ardent follower of WisheShe among few genuine Blogs. So when she launched it and talked about it in details in my group #MSB , I honestly had to buy it.

I bought it from Amazon and in a discount too, that’s going on currently. I will attach the link below. I have used it for quite some times now and so can share my take on this product.


First thing first, it’s a multiutility brush. As the name suggests, it’s one answer for Powder, Cheek and Contour applications on face. And honestly the claim is perfectly correct. I did dust some compact after applying the foundation, I applied the blusher on my cheeks, I contoured my face with a contour powder product too with the same brush. And trust me , this brush did deliver a soft, smooth, dewy kinda finish to my looks. It won’t deliver high coverage and people who are looking for that, might skip. But it’s perfect for daily wear makeup. Ladies who goes to office or who goes to pick up their children from school, or to go for shopping or say some quiet date night- this brush can come very handy. It settles down the product smoothly. A little bit of product on the brush is more than enough.

My love for this brush went up, when I did a bit of more multitasking with it, like, baking with a regular talcom Powder, applying highlighter and also buffing the wet foundation after applying it with a foundation brush. And yes it worked beautifully. So you see this brush is the “father of all brush” . Plus I love the packaging. The look of the brush is unique. I love the handle of the brush…its so earthy and tribal type. And the brush in itself is so light. The soft synthetic bristles make it feel so so smooth and soft. You wont feel the burden of a brush at all and can carry it anywhere you wish to. Don’t forget to carry it in your bag. You can also add few other important makeup brushes in the box beside the WiseShe Brush and you are sorted for your holidays. It’s a must buy for all the beginners and the ones who are in for daily makeup and hardly get 10 minutes to deck up. Plus they can quickly use it to touch up in office or theatre as it would be there in the bag as your best friend. What I also like is the packaging and the size of the box. Like when am travelling, I can easily carry #Wiseshe #WisesheCheekContourandPowderBrush by #AnamikaSureka in that box and also can fit in my two to three important eye brushes, spooly and lip brush. And am sorted for the trip. And it takes a very little amount of place in the bag. 

It’s handmade in China. It’s priced at Rs.700 only. Right now if you buy it from Amazon you will get at a discounted price at Rs.550 only. Those who have Amazon Prime won’t have to pay the shipping charges but for regular Amazon customers you need to pay Rs. 50 extra for shipping as the minimum free delivery criteria of Amazon is Rs.599. 


🔥Easily Available

🔥Very Light weight. Multitasking device

🔥Saves money of three other brushes

🔥Ideal for daily uses

🔥Reasonable Price

🔥 Easy to Clean.

🔥 No shedding of bristles till now.


💥It takes up a lot of product

💥It is best for medium coverage and not high coverage.

I would definitely recommend this brush to all the budding makeup lovers who wants a cost effective, budget friendly good product.

RATE: 4.5/5 ****

You can get it in this link


Attaching a collage of mine with full face makeup done by WiseShe Cheek, Contour and Powder Brush.


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