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Winter is about to hit Kolkata and this is the best time of the year with a lot less heat and humidity and finally it’s time almost to enjoy the sun too. And this is the season of weddings and different occasions and of course Christmas. Basically with Winter comes a lot of Celebrations. And thus this is when I take out all my magic brushes to create some art , heavy or simple, on myself without sweating it off.

Now to get good flawless makeup, just a good base with skincare and primers and concealers and foundations are not enough. You need a little bit more. BRUSHES!!! Yes, as mentioned in many of my previous posts, the application is vital and for that proper brushes are much needed in order to get well blended flawless makeup.

So today, am sure you must have guessed by now, what I have planned to discuss about, is a brush – a foundation brush to be precise. I will be discussing about the Foundation Brush (cream & powder) from WISESHE beauty styling brand by Anamika Sureka, a very famous YouTuber and Blogger in recent times.

So about the brand – well if you check out my previous posts, you can see how loyal a customer I am and how much I have used their products. This brand mainly caters fabulous makeup application tools, like face and eye brushes, beauty blender, eye shadow brushes, false eyelashes and eye lash curlers. I am already using their Cheek Contour Blush Brush, their Eye Shadow brush sets and their beauty blender(review of which is coming soon) and of course their latest launch – the sleek crisp looking Foundation Brush.

Product Name: WISESHE PRO Foundation Brush Liquid, Cream, and Powder Buffing, Blending Face Brush Full Coverage Price: Rs 1200 (Rs1100 on offer now) Availability:

Brand Claim:

“Wise She Base makeup brush has extra strong ferrule with top quality synthetic fibre hair. There is no shedding , no smell because of its premium quality bristles. It has Super Dense bristles which are perfect for buffing and blending. Give Seamless,Air-touched and full coverage without much of time and effort. VEN, STREAK FREE & PATCH FREE APPLICATION – Achieve a flawless look every single time. Far superior to using a beauty sponge or blender. This makeup brush is cruelty free & Vegan and is made from unique technology .One use and you will realise how luxurious the quality of this brush is. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – Made with premium quality synthetic fibres – as soft as real hair, don’t absorb foundation into the brush itself, and are easily cleaned. Can be used for powder and blush application easily. It undergo a 7-step process during manufacture to prevent shedding.”

My Thoughts For WiseShe Pro Makeup Brush :-

🌟 I am super impressed by their PACKAGING to start with. Sleek, easy to carry, protects the product perfectly with attention to detail.

🌟 It has a protective mesh which not only protects the brush, but also protects the bristles and help in maintaining the shape of the bristles even after wash.

🌟 It is made up of synthetic fibres with the feel of natural hair. The bristles are extremely soft and surely helps in blending makeup without much effort. Thank God the brand looked after the vegan and cruelty free criteria.

🌟 After many applications, I am quite satisfied with this brush. I love its cool black body with rose gold holder for the bristles. It gives a luxurious feel.

🌟 I didn’t need a lot of product to be honest. Just two pumps of my favourite liquid foundation on the back of my palm and then application from there with the brush in a smooth pattern, gives you a good base. I won’t say it was flawless every time. After applying the foundation with the brush, couple of times I did further blended with WiseShe Blender.

🌟 It didn’t lead to any patches or doesn’t make the face look cakey at all.

🌟 The best part is it can be used to apply powder foundation and compact too. That is not that smooth like a cream foundation but just that you need to blend a bit more to work with powders which is quite obvious for a tight bristled brush. Rather I would say, I am loving to use it with my powder foundation.

🌟 I have used it to apply my blush too, both cream and powder. I would say blending cream blush is like magic with this brush due to its soft yet tight bristles.

🌟 There is absolutely no shedding of bristles while washing the used brush. I washed it in normal water with some baby shampoo and rubbing on my palm. And after rinsing it properly, what I love is that the bristles retain the original shape as it’s asked to be put into the mesh again.

Wise She Pro Makeup Brush Review By Improv & Explore

🌟All in all I am quite liking this brush and after several uses over a month, I can definitely recommend it to everyone, be it beginners or pro and even to those who use high end brands like Morphe, MAC, etc.

🌟WiseShe Brand catering high end quality is the best thing that happened in recent times.



a.) Easily available

b.) Made of synthetic fibres

c.) Vegan

d.) Cruelty Free

e.) Gives a smooth seamless base

f.) Works with both cream and powder foundation and blush

g.) Blending is fun with this.

h.) Sleek and sturdy packaging

i.) Addition of the protective mesh is a bonus

j.) Absolutely no shedding of hair

k.) Available in India. Most importantly it’s also available in Amazon Store! 


a.) Ummm yes can say price is on the higher side as I am a customer but I wont complain much to pay 1200 for this brush as it serves my purpose pretty well.

b.) Sometimes it becomes a bit of a work to blend more.

c.) Can’t think of any!

So double Thumbs Up for this brush from WiseShe by Anamika Sureka. I won this brush in their Instagram Giveaway and am so thankful to Anamika for giving me this opportunity. I am a lucky person indeed. So go ahead and grab this brush now as it’s on discount now!
Rating this product 4 out of 5 stars! 

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Anamika Sureka Instagram Handle :- https://instagram.com/anamikasureka

WiseShe Instagram Handle :- https://instagram.com/wise_she

In general and after promising to be not biased at all, I can say that Wise She is a very good and humble brand, especially because the owner Anamika is really trying hard to cater quality in India. Wise She is just not a brand to sell, but it empowers many women by it’s thoughts and works. It’s a delight to go through their Instagram stories on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend you all to look back on the links below where I reviewed their other products.

I will be back soon with more product reviews as I am using so many new products.

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